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  1. DetroitBoxer

    Anyone else with this problem? Long...

    Sometimes we use the "leave it" command. Although he's not about to "take" the other dog, it still helps them to not become fixated on the other dog.
  2. DetroitBoxer

    What can you do when your dog does not "come?"

    When working with Carter on recall he usually does a pretty good job of coming when called. However, there are times when distractions get the best of him. So what do you do in these instances when they "ignore" you. I was told not to keep repeating a command that they are not responding to...
  3. DetroitBoxer

    Adding to the Family

    Carter just turned 1 yesterday, and on his first birthday we adopted a 9 month old miniature pinscher boy. They seem to have fun together, but I want to make sure this is a smooth transition for both of them. Does anyone have advice on how to add another family member in a way that is most...
  4. DetroitBoxer

    Adding a Yorkie puppy?

    Does anyone have experience with a boxer and a yorkie? Carter is almost 1 now and my fiancee wants another dog, a small dog. She has really been looking into Yorkies. Does anyone know if a boxer/yorkie pair would work? Any advice or comments are greatly appreciated.
  5. DetroitBoxer

    big, happy dogs and wood floors?

    We are thinking about getting our floors refinished and the guy that will be doing them said it is probably best to add a 3rd coat of finish to the floors to protect against scratches. So it probably depends a little bit on that also.
  6. DetroitBoxer

    Any boxers parents in the Detroit area?

    I'm in Detroit. I would love to get together.
  7. DetroitBoxer

    Whose Boxers are the only kids?

    Carter is our only kid right now, children are in the plan in a couple years hopefully, but he gets along real well with all the neices and nephews.
  8. DetroitBoxer

    Boxer beat to death!!!

    This tragedy is absolutely sickening. What kind of person can watch themselves destroy a living thing like that? I hope and pray that they are caught before other helpless creatures have to suffer.
  9. DetroitBoxer

    Was I freakin' out for no reason?

    The only thing I know about her credentials is that her mom used to be a trainer. When she teaches she reads from little index cards and anything that you ask that forces her to think outside of the scope of what she has written down she seems clueless on. As far as the playing thing, people...
  10. DetroitBoxer

    Was I freakin' out for no reason?

    Tonight we had our intermediate class at Petsmart. It is just Carter in the class so the trainer brings her dog in from home. Well last week her dog was not too tolerant of Carter, she kept snarling at him, and ended up biting him in the nose. So this week she brings another one of her dogs...
  11. DetroitBoxer

    Do any of you have your dogs outside for any amount of time?

    Carter goes outside a few times a day, mostly for potty breaks. But often times he doesn't want to come in after he goes to the bathroom so I let him stay out there until he wants to come back in.
  12. DetroitBoxer

    betting "boxed" in the face

    Carter does this a lot when we play tug a war. When I reach for the toy he ducks back and comes back at me with a right jab. It really is like he's a "boxer."
  13. DetroitBoxer

    Training at Pet Smart?

    I took Carter to puppy class at Petsmart and loved the trainer and found the information very useful. He starts the intermediate class next week, but unfortunately has a different trainer who I do not feel is very knowledgeable. If the training techniques are not written down on her note cards...
  14. DetroitBoxer

    Happy Pea, is this a normal male boxer problem?

    [ I am no expert, but i definitly think there is a big difference in the two instances. I agree. The first time I ever saw my dad's yellow lab she peed all over herself and looked very scared. Carter peed for the first time when I got back from being gone for 5 days and I first saw him...
  15. DetroitBoxer

    Whats the best kind of floors for boxers? how are wood?

    I have hardwood floors, but they have not been refinished in a while so I'm not sure the damage a boxer would cause on newly redone floors. I am going to get mine refinished soon so I am interested to see other people's opions on this as well.
  16. DetroitBoxer

    Training to bring things to you?

    How would I train Carter to bring stuff to me. He knows take it when it has to do with his treats. If I put a treat on the ground he will wait to get it until I say "take it," but I haven't really figured out how to get him to grab other stuff. I know that people are able to get their dogs to...
  17. DetroitBoxer

    Pitbull attack

    Sorry you had to go through this. My fiance just called me because I am out of town and told me that her and Carter were "attacked" by two dogs today. She said she hit one of them in the head with a stick and they both ran off. I hate having to walk in fear that some idiot doesn't have their...
  18. DetroitBoxer

    Protective & Showing Agression

    Carter has not become agressive like you have described, but he does differentiate between me and my fiance like you explained. He has never barked at a stranger when I'm home, but my fiance said a couple of times when he's seen someone and it's just her and him he will start barking and...
  19. DetroitBoxer

    Training Secrets for Boxers

    I saw it, but didn't read it either. I'd be interested to know how their training tips would be boxer specific. If you get a chance to read it please keep us posted!
  20. DetroitBoxer

    What to do? (long sorry)

    I would agree to go see him, but if you are afraid of being impulsive I would not say yes or no until after you see him and leave. Then, make a decision while there isn't a cute dog in your face, and then go back to get him if you decide to.