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  1. rainyday

    KC area vets?

    I am moving back to Shawnee, KS and I am in desperate need of finding a GOOD boxer vet. Rowdy has some medical issues that aren't typical. I love my vet here because he actually takes the time and pays attention and treats us like he cares instead of just another number. Any help is much...
  2. rainyday

    Boxer pup and toddler w/ Down syndrome

    I don't have kids either, but I used the "ouch" idea with Rowdy. Anytime he nipped me as a puppy I let out a little yelp and he learned very fast. Also, he has a sixth sense almost about children. My friend with a 6 y/o daughter come over quite often and he acts completely different around...
  3. rainyday

    Leaks No More?

    Thanks for the tip on "bladder control". I'll have to go check that out. Rowdy is giving me a hard time with the drops. I can understand why...they definitely have a smell to them. Almost like tea tree oil if you can imagine.
  4. rainyday

    Leaks No More?

    Thanks for all the great advice. The Leaks no More in the water isn't helping. I think I'll try it in yogurt instead. He didn't like the taste of the drops alone. Someone mentioned Prion....does that have long term affects? I'm afraid of keeping him on medicine like that for too long.
  5. rainyday

    sleeping with me?

    I think one of the best things about Boxer's is their snuggability. ;) Rowdy was the same way with the crate. Whining for after about a week of that we just let him out and he's slept with me ever since. I will say, now that's he's sixty pounds I certainly have to claim my spot...
  6. rainyday

    Leaks No More?

    I'm trying to help Rowdy with his incontinence problem by using any natural techniques first. I bought product called Leaks No More in liquid form. You add it to their water and it's a natural herbal remedy. Does anyone have any experience with this? Thoughts and comments are...
  7. rainyday

    Beau-Beau-Butt Videos

    I loved them so much....I think Rowdy needs a new sibling. I forget how hyper they are when they're that little. I liked his tail. It's nice to see that not all breeders dock them. Thanks for sharing!
  8. rainyday

    UTI Persistence vs. Recurrence

    Rowdy had persistent UTI's as well. He had some fluke where his bladder was attached by a little tendon to his abdomen. His bladder was tilted and he wasn't extracting all the urine....therefore the urine would sit in his bladder and develop an infection. My vet after 3 different vets did a...
  9. rainyday

    Discharge from eyes

    Rowdy is also on Innova. I forgot to put that in the first post. His boogies are worse in the morning and as long as he doesn't show his face in public with those huge things then I don't mind that he has tears sometimes.
  10. rainyday

    Excessive Drooling

    I think I'm just a worry wart. Cuz Rowdy is fine now. I tend to worry as he's my first child, with anything new or weird that I see. First I call my sister a mother of two boxers and then I get on Boxerworld. Thank god for these forums.
  11. rainyday

    Excessive Drooling

    Rowdy is having the same issue. I haven't seen him get sick on the carpet, but for some reason he is drooling today. He never drools without food being in front of him. He seems to be acting ok. I do know that he was given some "people food" over this last weekend and I'm hoping he just has...
  12. rainyday

    Discharge from eyes

    I think some dogs just have more discharge than others. Maybe if their eyes droop a little more. Rowdy usually has goop in his eyes too. I don't worry about it unless of course it's a funky color (like green, or really yellow). Also certain things like wind, or a sandy day at the dog park...
  13. rainyday

    silly boxer nick names!!! LOL

    Rowdy Skeeter: Row-Row or just Row Skeeter Skeeto Cheeto - the usual one Cheetohead Cheese Cheesy Toes Chucklebutt Stinkbutt - on exceptionally gaseous days ;) and Lil' Man - my other favorite
  14. rainyday

    Final weigh in for 2006

    Rowdy is 16 months old and weighs 54lbs. I'm thinking he'll gain 10 or 15 more once his chest drops and he thickens up.
  15. rainyday

    boxer mix or not boxer

    good call I was gonna say the same thing. American Bulldogs sometimes look a lot like Boxers. When they are younger they even have some goofy traits too. But their snout is longer, black and white are common colors and the are larger than the Boxer standards.
  16. Smiles


    Rowdy was completely pooped in this picture. I love it! Such a happy boy.
  17. rainyday

    Boxer sizes - Weight and Height

    small boxer In the last 2 months I've had about 3 people tell me that Rowdy is small. But according to the rest of you Boxer lovers, he's right on track. I think people just have a mis-interpretation of the size of boxers. Rowdy is 14 months old and weighs 56lbs. He is too curious about...
  18. rainyday

    Clifton Park, NY Boxer/Bulldog needs new home

    If anyone is interested in adopting a sweet 3 year old male, take a look at my gallery for pictures of Mixer... To anyone interested I will give more information. Thank you, this was a very difficult decision, but I can't just give him to a shelter.
  19. rainyday

    Soon to be moving to Washington State

    Thanks guys You have all been very helpful. Sorry it took me so long to get back on here. Ok, I took some advice from some of our Navy buddies in WA, and they all suggest we live in Poulsbo, on the Kitsap Pennisula. I guess it's much closer for us to live there and easier to get to Bangor...
  20. Rowdy and Mixer

    Rowdy and Mixer

    This is what brotherly love is all about.