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  1. tucker_weeks

    Problems with rescued 2 yr old

    Similar Problems with Rescue 18mos old Your story sounds very familiar - we rescued a female boxer about 2 months ago and since that day we've lost 3 couch cushions, 1 bench cushion, couple pieces of fabric off the couches, my daughters $500 retainer, my barbecue brush, all of my 3 year old...
  2. tucker_weeks

    Gas a sign of underlying problem?

    Major Gas our big guy Tucker gets awful gas when given rawhide to chew on. no rawhide less gas
  3. tucker_weeks

    He ate his blanket !

    My big guy Tucker had done very little destruction of things until a few weeks back - in the space of 2 days he destroyed 2 dog beds, my wifes foot wiping rug, about 3 books and my daughters new wool jacket. He is crated during the day when we go to work but we have a dog walker come in and take...
  4. Check out my Bandana

    Check out my Bandana

  5. eats and sleeps red sox

    eats and sleeps red sox

  6. tucker_weeks

    Canidae retailers in Mass??

    Canidae Food I was able to find a location on the Lynnway in Lynn - called pet express I believe. I also just ordered a 40 lb bag online at for 29.99 plus s/h - very reasonable. I had the d-mange mites with my little guy about 6 weeks ago and someone had mentioned changing...
  7. tucker_weeks

    demodectic mange

    It is the non contagious according to the VET so I've got to hope she's correct. The spot on his shoulder isn't getting any worse so I assume the Mitaban dip has worked, I just don't know if I need to subject him to 1-2 more as the vet said. Will the hair return on his shoulder? It's not red at...
  8. Super Tucker

    Super Tucker

  9. tucker_weeks

    demodectic mange

    D-Mange Tucker came down with this about 6- 8 weeks ago (4.5mos old) - the vet recommended the mitaban dip which i allowed not knowing any better. He's had 2 dips and now they say he needs a 3rd after which they will scrap him again to determine if he needs a 4th - i don't like this dip think...
  10. tucker_weeks


    time outs worked My little guy Tucker was brutal the first 6 weeks we had him (7-13 wks old) he was constantly nipping and mouthing especially at my wife and kids shoes and bathrobes or nightgowns, we started with the ignoring but it did not seem to help much but timeouts in the bathroom on a...
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  12. tucker_weeks

    Newbie here

    What a great site Thanks Brynn - i've checked and found a tip that seems to be working - he is at least letting me hold his head and move it around and I think i may be able to get him to learn how to open his mouth for me. Only been a couple of sessions so far but we are making progress. I...
  13. High Five

    High Five

  14. Excuse ME!!!!

    Excuse ME!!!!

  15. tucker_weeks

    Newbie here

    Hello all - finnaly had some success loggin onto the board been trying off and on for a couple of months. We've got a 5 month old boy that is just a ton of fun - he's so damm smart and at times stubborn but he's a great dog. I'm hoping to poke around in here and find tidbits of info. We've been...