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  1. exk23

    babies r us coupons???

    When you purchase something from Babies R Us, they ask you for your phone number at the register and then they will send you the coupon book by getting your address in the phone book. That's how we got ours. The same goes for Toys R Us and they may have your crib a bit cheaper. We got ours at...
  2. exk23

    Dog Sitting Is Making Me Very Sad!

    Just a thought since you said you've done it, could you possibly train Pookey so that when your friend comes back she sees that Pookey is trainable and won't treat her as bad? I know you said you have a full plate now but just a suggestion. Or maybe show your friend that you have crated Pookey...
  3. exk23

    cravings in pregnancy

    I hated peanut butter and cereal before I was pregnant, when I was pregnant I wanted peanut butter on toast and cereal. Now I like them again. E
  4. exk23

    How much do you pay attention?

    I got 21, can I round up the radio dial to 88 since it's 87.7? Then I got 22 right
  5. exk23

    Do they know

    Maybe it's me, but I'm due next month and both Ruby and Lily doesn't seem to care. I point to my tummy, tried to have them lay on my stomach when the baby kicks but they don't seem to be paying any attention. E
  6. exk23

    Happy 11th Birthday Ginty....

    Happy Belated Birthday Ginty, one of my favorite boxers on Boxerworld!!! I didn't know she's 11!!!! Here's to many more Ginty... E
  7. exk23

    Take a look at this boxer...

    Do you have any more info on that, I would like to go see it at Madison Square garden too. Thanks E
  8. exk23

    Henri visits London

    Indeed awesome pictures. I wish the US is more tolerant of having pets on trains, buses and other public areas. Thanks you sharing, Henri is a hansome fella. E
  9. exk23

    Bumps inside the ears

    My Ruby has some bumps that looks like heat bumps on the inside of both natural ears. It looks like dry skin but they're bumps. I've been washing them with peroxide and putting Neosporin on it nightly but it hasn't gone away yet. He had them for about 5 days now. Any thoughts?????? I first...
  10. exk23

    Have a chance to adopt a greyhound playmate for Max

    I personally would get a female because I heard about same sex getting aggressive as they get older, but there are many members here that has same sex furbabies with no problems. Best of luck. E
  11. exk23

    A Better (Boxer) New Year's Resolution

    This sounds like a good idea, thanks for the suggestion, I will definitely look into this and make it my resolution. E
  12. exk23

    Question about dog cold.

    I believe my Lily has a cold. At times, I can hear her congested and then at times, her nose is runny. I called the vet to get some suggestions but all they want to do is put her on Amoxacillin (sp). I do not want her to be put on medications so is there anything I can do to help her? Any...
  13. exk23

    Why Me?

    My two does the same thing with food and going out. My husband could be sitting next to them on the couch watching tv and me sleeping upstairs, they would come up and sit by the bed to be let out. I'm not sure about them seeing me as the authority figure but definitely the care giver. Boy...
  14. exk23

    Does your boxer dream?

    I know Ruby dream once in a while because I see his legs moving and he was doing low growling. I've never seen Lily does it yet. I once read in an article written by a supposed expert that dogs don't dream. I guess he's never seen dogs growling or running in their sleep.
  15. exk23

    10 Dog Peeves about Humans

    Oh how funny, 9 out of the 10 things I'm guilty of. Very funny... E
  16. exk23


    I've searched the search engine and did not come up with much on hypothyroidism. Last year Ruby had this ring shape discoloration on his side and my vet checked him and said it was seasonal alopesia (sp?). It went away after a month or so. This year he started getting the same discoloration...
  17. exk23

    Question about general diet

    My baby Ruby was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism this week. I did some search on this and one of the articles I read mentioned that they need more protein in their diet. I need more info on this. My question is, are dogs like human where if the diet is change they get better? I'm not talking...
  18. exk23

    Are females fiestier??

    I have the same observation with my two also. Ruby enjoys his walks and Lily looks for other dogs to confront. She's the one who barks when some one or something walk across the house. She always have to have the last woof when we're trying to tell her she's a bad dog for doing something she...
  19. exk23

    Hair Loss

    I have the same problem and my vet said it's Alophsia (sp), some kind of seasonal allergies. Last year, it was just a small ring shape (It is not ring worm, he tested him) This year, it is a huge lower back area and it hasn't gone away. By this time last year it went away. The vet gave us...
  20. exk23

    chin break-out

    My Ruby had it too and I was told they are like acne by my vet . I usually wash them with peroxide and keeping that area clean helps too. It went away then came back several time but now they're gone. My vet was not concern with them at all. Best of luck with puberty. E