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  1. MartyJohnson

    My new best friend Zeus

    Bless your heart. I'm very glad you found each other. And I wish you the up most best.
  2. MartyJohnson

    a little gross !!!

    I'm so thankful Fawn does not drool. Love the pic.
  3. MartyJohnson

    Our new puppy Roxie

    Welcome to Boxer World. She is adorable. Congratulations.
  4. MartyJohnson

    The eccentricities of a Boxer mind

    Fawn loves the shower water also. But given the chance she will come into the shower with me to get the water coming down. But if it is raining you have to push her outside to go.
  5. MartyJohnson

    I don't want to wear them!

    That is adorable.
  6. MartyJohnson

    new boyfriend!

    Thanks for sharing.
  7. MartyJohnson

    My favorite pic!!!!

    Love that face. Thanks.
  8. MartyJohnson

    My silly boy!

    Thank you for sharing.
  9. MartyJohnson

    It's Been a While Since You All Have Seen Hugo - Running on Snow

    Love it. He looks really big. I forget how small Fawn is sometimes. Thank for sharing.
  10. MartyJohnson

    Introducing my new "great-niece" Layla

    Yep, your right. Awww
  11. MartyJohnson

    5 month old innocent little angel....NOT

    That is too funny.
  12. MartyJohnson

    Introducing Leroy!

    Love them. Great looking boy.
  13. MartyJohnson

    Guess who's Gottcha day it is today!!

    Love the photos. Thanks for sharing.
  14. MartyJohnson

    What a difference a day makes...

    very sweet. Sometimes I'm glad to just be up here in the cold. Fawn seems to do better with it. But the minus degree days she did come in a little faster then normal.
  15. MartyJohnson

    A must see video true Boxer spirit

    Not a lot in life brings tears to me. But that little guy made me choke up. Just so happy looking. Bless his little heart.
  16. MartyJohnson

    First Snow!

    Love the pic. As you all heard Upstate New York just got its first big snow fall for the year. Fawn went crazy this morning playing in it all.
  17. MartyJohnson

    Casper and is ball

    that is adorable. I'm glad its not my slipper also.
  18. MartyJohnson

    The Grinch

    I love it. Its so cool she will sit still for that.
  19. MartyJohnson

    Buddy and Baxter

    They are very good looking. Thank you.
  20. MartyJohnson

    Pictures of Allie and Dante

    Love the photos. Thank you for sharing.