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  1. Blitz's Mama

    OMG nine litters

    So i was looking on this popular website just at all the pups and kittens for sale/to give away (for boxers of course lol). I come across these pups that all have photos posted with this same paw print background so you can click on the posters other adds to see if its the same person. And nine...
  2. Blitz's Mama

    Unfriendly boxer owner =(

    I completely agree she was being unfriendly. But the whole thing with her dog being off leash, I think anyone who has a dog trained like that doesn't want them to go up to other dogs while being off leash. So maybe if you were at a park or in another setting? Just like seeing eye dogs aren't...
  3. Blitz's Mama

    For those of you who've rescued...

    Well I'm in the city in NS. So it's a bit of a drive. I usually look at the listings for the surrounding areas too. That's how I knew about it. ;)
  4. Blitz's Mama

    For those of you who've rescued...

    Just wondering did you just get her from a website that starts with a 'k'? I think I almost adopted the same dog. She's brindle with some seperation issues? Also a little underweight? If it's the same dog I;m glad you have her. I know she'll be in good hands with you. :)
  5. Blitz's Mama

    Casper's lead

    They have a few of those at a little shop here. I'm getting the grass one. But another one I bought there a few months back for christmas says "sloppy kisser" I love it.
  6. Blitz's Mama

    Bubble bath anyone?

    I have to tell you all about this, I was dying. My only regret is not having taken a picture. So this morning I gave Blitz a bath. Which he doesn't mind but wont hop in until you tell him too. So that was fine, then i clean up the tub and decided I wanted to take a bubble bath to relax a bit. So...
  7. Blitz's Mama

    New pics

    I just put some new pics up of the little man. Take a look if you like. :)
  8. Blitz's Mama

    Can we use him as a stud??

    My boyfriend ran into a guy like this the other day. He asked if we would stud out Blitz and then proceeds to tell my bf that he has a mix greyhound something that he would love to breed him with and that he's trying to create his own new breed. I told my bf he should of said "that breed has...
  9. Blitz's Mama

    Had to laugh

    That's so funny Blitz just met his first great dane yesterday at the park. He kept looking over at him just watching to see what he was doing. He just had this confused look on his face like he was thinking " I go over there or not?" Then after leaving the park they were walking in the...
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  15. Blitz's Mama

    New Favorite Toy

    I bought the 2 ring version. It was destroyed in about ten minutes. BUT Blitz loved it for the short time he had it.
  16. Blitz's Mama

    What goes through a boxers mind?

    He's so funny, I love the second pic. He looks like he's trying so hard to get up there. :lol:
  17. Blitz's Mama

    They Finally Caught Him!!!

    OMG I really have goosebumps after looking at his pic. If he showed up at my door I would have nightmares for life. Hopefully just knowing that your dog wouldn't let anyone get near you must make you feel so safe and proud.
  18. Blitz's Mama


    This might be a really dumb question, but I was sitting here looking at some posts and noticed alot of the moderators are from different locations. Just wondering how do you end up as a moderator? This is the only chat forum thing that I use so maybe I'm a little out of the loop. Maybe there are...
  19. Blitz's Mama

    New Photos of Tre

    Nice pics. How did you manage to get the shadows just right?
  20. Blitz's Mama

    Finally got some new pics up

    Well I finally figured out how to resize my photos in my new editor. So I put a few up. I feel bad for not posting more often but everytime I figure out how to resize my pics we switch to another photo editor. If Blitz ever found out I wasn't bragging about him as much as the other boxer...