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  1. bucksteemom2

    9 years old and an angel now!!

    After an extremely rough weekend with Steeler we decided to get a boxer puppy! Steeler was hurting himself he was so distraught!! He wasn't eating, sleeping, crying all the time, ramming his head into objects so much he tore his cheek open!! We got a 9 week old Fawn boxer girl Zoey!! He...
  2. bucksteemom2

    9 years old and an angel now!!

    Thank you everyone! It is very hard and I wish I could explain where Buckeye is to our other boxer Steeler. He is taking it so very hard and making us worry about him!! We are hoping with time he will be ok!!
  3. bucksteemom2

    9 years old and an angel now!!

    Today we lost our sweet Buckeye:( He was nine years old and would have turned ten in December! He died suddenly and unexpectedly! The vet thinks he had a mass in his spleen that ruptured:( My heart is breaking into a million pieces amd i wosh i could just wake up from this!! Buckeye was the...
  4. bucksteemom2

    Any experience with this?????

    We have struggled with many different health issues for years! My boxer Steeler has pancreatitis and colitis. We give him 2 tbs non fat plain yogurt with each meal. He also gets 20mg famotidine twice a day. He is on a grain free diet and only gets ice for treats! Steeler is 9 years old and doing...
  5. bucksteemom2

    Diarrhea/Tummy Upset & RMBs

    Just saw this post and hoping they are ok by now. However, if this happens again I usually add some no fat plain yogurt or can pumpkin to their normal diet for the day. This usually does the trick before you totally change their diet. If those dont work I switch to the 24hrs of no food, then the...
  6. bucksteemom2

    Stomach/Stool Issues - Please Help!

    It is so scary to deal with them but I can tell you from 7 years experience with Steeler that once you find what works for his system it will be like night and day. Steeler has suffered from Colitis and Pancreatits his entire life. We have been through several foods and many meds. We finally...
  7. bucksteemom2

    gurgling noise in stomach

    You can try no fat plain yogurt and see if that helps calm their stomach. If not a medicine like famotidine or Omeprazole 20mg can work also. If it is a continuous thing it may be good to have a vet check for Pancreatitis or Colitis.
  8. bucksteemom2

    Need a flea/tick preventative

    I use Trifexis and love it!! I have not found one flea or tick on them this year:) It also does heartworms, hookworms, roundworms and whipworms. I hated putting on the topical stuff each year it made such a mess and never lasted a full month.
  9. bucksteemom2

    pancreatitis - again ??

    Yes these can be signs she is going to have an attack. You can try things like one tbs yogurt twice a day, start out with a 20mg famotidine tablet once a day and if that doesnt seem to help she can have up to 40mg a day. Another medicine you can try is 20mg Omeprazole once a day , this is a...
  10. Buckeye and our baby Pug Otis

    Buckeye and our baby Pug Otis

  11. Otis and his new shirt

    Otis and his new shirt

  12. Our New baby Pug Mix-Otis

    Our New baby Pug Mix-Otis

  13. bucksteemom2

    How do you know when it's time :(

    This is the hardest decision I have ever had to make in my life. I had to make the choice to let our Milo go last October. All I can say is you will truly know it is time when it comes. I can't explain it but I promise you will just know!!! I struggeled so hard with this but the day we put Milo...
  14. bucksteemom2

    The health scares never end...

    Thats great I am so glad he did well:) It sounds like you have a good vet!!
  15. bucksteemom2

    Anyone have an older dog with osteoarthritis?

    I agree with the Fish Oil and Vitamin E. We also give ours Glucosamine & Chondroitin. Pain control they get 75mg of Novox Caplets a day. They run, jump and play like puppies again:) My boys are both 7 years old and have been on these for 3 years!!
  16. bucksteemom2

    Ruptured Anal Gland and heartworms

    WOW that is a great price!! I paid $800 for Milo to go through just the heartworm treatment!! It is so hard to watch but with lots of love and cuddles he did great:)
  17. bucksteemom2

    Red Mange and Promeris

    Poor girl mange is so hard to deal with. So happy she is healing and getting her fur back:)
  18. bucksteemom2

    New Baby

    Oh wow poor baby!!! Thank you for saving her and giving her a good forever home:) Maybe with time and trusting you she will let you start to touch her feet so you can put meds on them. Can't the lack of a good diet cause many different types of skin reactions especially in their paws? I hope you...
  19. bucksteemom2

    puppy broke her tooth

    Can you call your vet just to see what they suggest? I know it is a baby tooth but the possible infection would worry me. My Buckeye just went through major dental surgery and I felt so bad for not catching things sooner!! As for her crying while your gone, does she have anything to keep her...
  20. bucksteemom2

    Boxer started Limping both Legs, Abdomen pain?

    Sending you lots of prayers)))))))))) I hope he gets better soon!!