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  1. DantesDad

    I can't believe he said that!! (kinda long)

    wow that is horrible.
  2. DantesDad

    Curious what you feed your Boxers

    I feed Dante Chicken Soup dog food...he does really well on it.
  3. DantesDad

    Easter Basket??

    my mom still gives me an easter basket...haha. I am sure she will come up with something for Dante too.
  4. DantesDad

    Stella the Mystery Dog

    that is really cool, I didnt know they could do that. I am anxious to hear what it reveals!!
  5. DantesDad

    Cleaning up...

    I pick it up and put it in a plastic bag and throw it in the garbage bin....havent had a problem w/that yet.
  6. DantesDad

    Louie is a ladies' man

    glad to hear he did well!
  7. DantesDad

    Does your boxer dance??

    Dante does this with my mom and little sister when they visit.
  8. DantesDad

    BIG ole scardey cat!

    Dante will bark when someone comes up to the door, but once they are inside he is all wiggles.
  9. DantesDad

    Your Favorite Casserole recipe

    Tator Tot Casserole 1-2 lbs of hamburger browned 1 can cream of mushroom soup 1 can cream of chicken soup 1 can of milk 2 cans of corn 1 bag of tator tots layer hamburger, soup mixture, corn and then tots....bake at 400 until tots are brown and crispy. I always put ketchup in mine.
  10. DantesDad

    Puppies are Here!!!!

    congrats on the new one!!
  11. DantesDad

    Do you think this is scary?

    I wouldnt do it either.
  12. DantesDad

    Boxer as Bait

    that is great he was so well behaved
  13. DantesDad

    I got my jacket back!!

    looks great!
  14. DantesDad

    Happy Birthday Dante!!

    Dante turns 1 today!! I made doggy safe cupcakes last nite for him (to the laughter of my GF). I have a couple toys hidden away for him and some bully sticks. My brother is bringing his two dogs over and the neighbors are taking theirs over as well. I hope we all have fun!!
  15. DantesDad

    Cper the Dalmation

    oh wow...what a yucky surprise.
  16. DantesDad

    Puppies- Where did they sleep?

    Dante is crate trained during the day, but he sleeps with me at night.
  17. DantesDad

    dog sunscreen

    I use kids sunscreen on Dante.
  18. DantesDad

    Do ya ever wish you would have taken a pic, and you didn't???

    haha sounds like Payton had alot of fun!!
  19. DantesDad

    Impala vs. Altima

    I love the looks of Impalas, and I have always had great luck with GM vehicles.
  20. DantesDad

    Bigger and Bigger pals!

    Dantes favorite pal is a big great dane at the dog park...its so funny to see this big dog being chased by Dante.