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  1. dizzydogmom

    Nursing School

    I went for the whole four years right out of college, and I think that for the traditional student, that's the way to go. But since you already have a bachelors, I know there are a lot of BA/BS to RN programs where you go for two years and get your bachelors in nursing. I have a friend who's...
  2. dizzydogmom

    Anybody else reading the Twilight books?

    Mmmmm, James . . . I think all the eye candy in the movie was worth the price of admission (twice ;) ). But over all, I didn't really like the movie. Rob Patterson is cute, but he's just not Edward. Of course, I read the books first. They were awesome. I also really like Stephenie Meyer's other...
  3. dizzydogmom

    Using the Gentle Leader but only sometimes?

    I use the GL's for my dogs when I walk them together as they easily outweigh me and I feel the GL's give me better physical control of my dogs in case of trouble. Otherwise, they rarely get them put on. It doesn't seem to have phased them at all to wear them sometimes and not always; they're...
  4. dizzydogmom

    Lamb femurs?

    Thanks. I wasn't sure how *hard* the bones would be since it's just a lamb-if they'd be edible or not for my dogs.
  5. dizzydogmom

    hit on head

    Just write it off as payback for all the times he's jumped up and cracked your lip (I can't be the only one that happens to, right?) :lol: :o
  6. dizzydogmom

    Lamb femurs?

    I have the opportunity to pick up some lamb femurs for a little more than $1 per pound, but I can't figure out what they'd be. Are they a meal? Recreational bones? Wrecker bones? Has anyone else fed them?
  7. dizzydogmom

    Which to do first?

    It sounds like you've got a good idea of what you want to do already! I'd really recommend finding a good trainer who's got a few titles on a dog to take classes from. It's really invaluable to have someone around who can tell you what a judge will be looking for and how to fix any problems you...
  8. dizzydogmom

    think I intervention?

    The best cure I can think of is to get another boxer. ;)
  9. dizzydogmom

    Help with Gentle Leader

    Piper Ann had the same problem your describing, and we wrapped the nose piece in mole skin. The kind people use for shoes that case blisters? I bought it at target, and we haven't had a problem since. :)
  10. dizzydogmom

    Head Collar?

    I use the gentle leader on all three of mine from time to time as the situation calls for it. It's a tool that I like personally, but there's a fair amount of very valid criticism out there for it as well. For example, if you don't use it properly, you can do a lot of damage to the dog's neck...
  11. dizzydogmom

    Anyone use toys instead of treats?

    I'm lucky enough that Piper Ann is fairly toy driven, and I use it a lot as a supplemental reward in training. I don't necessarily use it all the time as it's a lot faster to pop a treat in her mouth than give her a certain amount of play time, but it definately help keep our training...
  12. dizzydogmom

    It's official now!

    Congratulations Gary and J.C, way to go! :fiestaicon:
  13. dizzydogmom

    Dog Parks

    I second (er, third) this option. I just don't trust people and dogs I don't know.
  14. dizzydogmom


    We do turkey necks or drumsticks fairly regularly and have never had a problem.
  15. dizzydogmom

    I Passed!!!

    Congratulations! I'm an RN, too, and know how boards are more than just a little stressful and hard ;) . Such a high score is quite the accomplishment!
  16. dizzydogmom

    Our first trial

    Great job! That is really weird how Oscar's jump height changed. It's not like he's a puppy. Still, it's awesome that the higher jumps didn't throw him off on the first run. A 100 is fantastic! I can just imagine Oscar's ears flying around the course. Good luck today!
  17. dizzydogmom

    Trial time again!

    Congrats on two legs at least! Two is better than one. I'm glad to hear J.C. is feeling better about obedience. Where do you find the UKC show listings? I've been trying to keep an eye on the ukc website, but they never seem to have any shows posted for the area. I didn't even know there was...
  18. dizzydogmom

    Our first trial

    Good Luck!
  19. dizzydogmom

    How do you make cats get along?

    There's a behaviorist named Pam Johnson-Bennett who has an awesome series of books on cat behavior. One is called "Cat vs. Cat" which was a great resource for living with more than one cat-a definate "must read" before you get another. Her other book that I really like is "Think Like Cat," which...
  20. dizzydogmom

    Here we go again...

    Well? How was obedience? Jeez, keeping us in suspense here. ;)