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  1. rvngal

    What are you eating / drinking this very minute???

    I'm eating a nice cool Creamsicle. YYYUUUMMM
  2. rvngal

    So proud of Rocky

    I had to work at a different location today which meant I wouldn't be able to come home all day. Rocky out grew his kennel so we just let him have full run of the house nd to our surprise he did great. No chewing, nothing destroyed, and he didn't have any potty boo boo's either. He was out...
  3. rvngal

    Anyone watch Idol finals?

    I think Jordin nailed it tonight. Boy her last 2 songs were awesome. I hope she takes the title tomorrow.
  4. rvngal

    ANy grooming tips for boxers.

    I am a retired groomer and spring and summer are natural times if the year for dogs to shed. There is really not much you can do about it but brush more often. As far as bathing goes, dogs should not be bathed that often. It takes away the natural oils from their skin and coat. If needed...
  5. rvngal

    Puppy Size

    I loved it too...
  6. rvngal

    Followed by a coyote

    Yesterday early evening when I took Rocky for his walk we came almost face to face with a coyote in the neighborhood. They both stopped and stared at each other for about 30 seconds. Usually they run off in the opposite direction when they see people, but this one kept following us from a...
  7. rvngal

    Anyone watching Idol?

    I think Jordin will take it. Shes my hometown girl and adorable at that.
  8. rvngal

    OK...DH and I are stumped

    Who can name all of the characters in the show "The Adams Family" from back in the 60's early 70's?
  9. rvngal

    Grossest thing ever eaten?

    Horse poop...YUK!!!
  10. rvngal

    Very Whiney Puppy...HELP!!

    LOL...Believe me...I think we have all been there at least once. I really thought my DH was going to kill him one night, he whined and howled and made every LOUD noise he could. I told him I would let him out only after he stopped crying. Well after about 20 minutes, which of course seemed...
  11. rvngal

    Early summer pics

    Love those pics, Henri is so gorgeous...and quite a nice garden too.
  12. rvngal

    Where do they sleep?

    I voted in their bed, but he's in our room next to me not in another room.
  13. rvngal

    Indy at work

    Mine works like that almost all day too.
  14. rvngal

    You let your boxers sleep in your do you

    I don't let Rocky on the bed at all. He has his own bed (large doggie pillow) that is next to me on the floor. He loves it. I do however allow our old 11 year old poodle to sleep with us, but he does not shed. Occassionally the chihuahua's are there too, but they sleep with Rocky too. He...
  15. rvngal

    Snifing question.

    Mine makes noises for everything he does. You should hear him first thing in the morning when he wants to go out. I swear he is going to start talking one day.
  16. rvngal

    A walk through Riker's life...

    He looks like a totally different pup from 9 weeks to 12 weeks. They grow sooo fast...right before our eyes. He is a gorgeous pup. You have every right to be a proud momma.
  17. rvngal

    Rocky's goin campin next week

    I am so excited to take Rocky camping next week (Monday thru Saturday) for the first time. I hope he loves it as much as we do. Maybe he'll catch a crawdad with those loose jowls of his. OUCH, that would probably hurt though. 2 adults and 4 dogs in an RV. This should be interesting! I'll...
  18. rvngal

    Starting to loose the rounded puppy look

    I really think Rocky's legs are at least 1/2" longer than they were yesterday. My DH even mentioned it, and he hardly notices anything unless I point it out first. My baby is getting so big so fast.
  19. rvngal

    Good Day to be a Boxer!!

    Sounds like you both had a great day...good for you!
  20. rvngal

    Snubby passed suddenly

    I am so very sorry for you and your family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Hugs from Arizona...