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  1. Julie Davis

    Names what are your answers?

    There are so many names on Boxerworld that I love, that I just couldn't narrow it down. I'm partial to names starting with "B", so any dogs in my future could possibly be named..."Buck", "Brady", "Brody", "Buffy", "Bandee", "Boone", etc. Actually, one of my kids cracked me up today, because I...
  2. Julie Davis

    Update on Pep(Jamie and Bailey)

    Thanks for asking. :) Boomer is much calmer and less mischievious than he used to be. He's still the same food thief he always was, and still gets into the kitchen garbage, but he never chews on things he shouldn't anymore. Turning two was the turning point in his behavior. (Thank goodness)...
  3. Julie Davis

    Update on Pep(Jamie and Bailey)

    Jamie, Joe, Joe Jr, Gage, and Bailey arrived in Pensacola on Thursday. The whole family is so sweet!!! I love them all to pieces. The little boys get along great with my 4 year old son, and Jamie and Joe are awesome! :) Bailey is an absolute angel! I'm keeping him for a few days until they...
  4. Julie Davis

    Bailey has arrived in Pensacola

    Jamie (Pep087)and crew have arrived!! Most of you know that Jamie's husband joined the Navy and that she was waiting to move to Pensacola with the kids and Bailey...well, they made it! They arrived a couple of days ago safe and sound, and found a house today! I've been keeping Bailey while...
  5. Julie Davis

    Do You Have a Favorite Boxer on BoxerWorld???

    I have two questions/comments...first, "Dave23"..where are you in Arkansas? I used to live in Jacksonville. And my next comment is, how in the heck could I pick one , two, three, or even 25 boxers who are my favorites? ALL OF THEM ARE GORGEOUS!!! :D:D:D Julie
  6. Julie Davis

    Bailey was hit by a car!!

    I talked to Jamie this morning, and she's on her way to pick up Bailey from the vet. She has been horribly upset over all this, as if she doesn't have enough worries with getting ready to move several hundred miles away next month. She will be moving down here to Pensacola (her husband has...
  7. Julie Davis

    Just Curious . . .

    I don't get on the boards too much anymore...don't have as much time I guess. I used to be extremely bored at work last year, and spent a lot of time "slacking" and playing on the computer...which meant a lot of posts to BoxerWorld! However now, I have a job where I don't use a computer, and...
  8. Julie Davis

    a smile at the end of the day

    What a surprise!! I bet you laughed your head off. It's the little crazy things that keep us sane! :D
  9. Julie Davis

    I need HELP!!!!!!!

    Happy birthday and anniversary! Whatever you decide to do, make absolutely sure that YOU don't cook's your anniversary, and you should not have to cook!! :D
  10. Julie Davis

    YIKES!! My 17 year old got engaged!!!

    CONGRATS, TAM!!!!!! fiestaicon Julie
  11. Julie Davis

    YIKES!! My 17 year old got engaged!!!

    Thanks for all the input and support you guys. :) I am still freaking out over this, but I guess what will be will be. They will do what they want to do no matter what I say, and it might push them into it quicker if I yap about it. So, I'm going to keep my mouth shut and pray for the best...
  12. Julie Davis

    Boomer doesn't like my Stetson...

    My Boomer doesn't like hats either. Whenever one of the kids wears one, he runs away, comes back, barks, then runs away again.
  13. Julie Davis

    YIKES!! My 17 year old got engaged!!!

    My 17 year old son, Chris got engaged to his 17 year old girlfriend this weekend. And, no, there is no baby on the way. They will both be 18 soon, and are both mature for their age, but good grief, they are SO YOUNG!!! I am so scared they are going to rush into getting married, although they...
  14. Julie Davis

    Favorite Movie

    Re: New twist on an old thread I looked at our old thread, and I guess my favorites are pretty much still the same....STRIPES, BULL DURHAM, and THAT THING YOU DO. Those three movies are ones I can watch repeatedly and never tire of them. I can add a few more to the list, though...SHREK...
  15. Julie Davis

    News on pep0987

    I talked to Jamie a couple of weeks ago, and she's very excited about the move. She will be living just 10-15 minutes from my house! She's relieved that there will be someone (me :) ) to show her around and help her get situated. I'm hoping to take a couple of days off work when she gets here...
  16. Julie Davis

    Do you know your Boxer's exact birthday?

    Boomer's birthday is February 18, 2000. And yesterday, the craziest thing happened. I went to IHOP to drop something off for my husband (who works there just as I do), and he told me there was a beautiful white boxer in someone's car in the parking lot...after talking with the gentleman, we...
  17. Julie Davis

    Happy New Year

    Thank you Carrie. :) I plan to only let Boomer outside to quickly do his "necessities" I'm afraid the firecrackers and such will scare him witless.
  18. Julie Davis

    Did Any Other Boxers Have Too Much Christmas?

    I think Boomer is glad everything is back to normal. He doesn't like his routine changed, although he does like family to visit...I think he's also glad when they leave...(Just like his skin Mommy! )
  19. Julie Davis

    had a good laugh!

    :lol: How appropriate!!!! :lol: I would have laughed my head off fact, I'm laughing right now picturing it!
  20. Julie Davis

    Getting Our Boxer Tomorrow

    Congrats on your impending arrival! And how wonderful that you're going the rescue route! Let us know when you get him/her. Julie