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  1. neecy911

    Foxtail and Heart Murmur!!

    Well over the weekend we noticed that Falko started refusing to jump up on the couch/bed, and when he did jump up he would yelp a little. So, first thing Monday morning my DH called the vet and made an appt for 3pm yesterday. We figured it is just a strain or something since this did not...
  2. neecy911

    You know you're a boxer owner when____??

    You know you're a boxer owner when.... ....the most important part of the day is getting home from work and seeing their smooshy faces against the front window as you walk up to the door.
  3. neecy911


    Happy Birthday Isis! Hope you are spoiled today! birthdayic
  4. neecy911

    My fraidy girl

    So last night I had to walk down the block and check our mail, and I thought it would be a great time to let one of my babies walk with me off leash. So, I chose Annabelle because out of all 3 dogs, she'd be the best listener. Well it took some serious begging to get her to leave our front...
  5. neecy911

    surfing update

    Hi guys, it's Hunter again. (the non-boxer, you know the German Shorthair with the long nose and skinny butt) Well, I think I'm in BIG trouble because I had to spend the day in the crate today. I guess they got really mad at me yesterday because when they got home from work they saw the mess...
  6. neecy911

    Happy "Snarling"

    You need to have camera in hand when you walk in the door and capture that, sounds very cute. When we get home we are greeted with Mr.Wiggle butt, beaning so bad I think he's going to snap in half! Then there is Annabelle, she goes to get her "baby" (a toy that she carries with her EVERYWHERE)...
  7. neecy911

    surfing update

    Hi guys, this is Hunter. I'm not a boxer, I'm a German Shorthair Pointer, but my brother and sister are boxers. (let me tell you that my mom always makes fun of my "long nose" and "skinny butt"...I think it's as if she likes boxers better.?.?) Anyways, about this surfing stuff...don't they know...
  8. neecy911

    Boxer Kisses

    HI. My name is Denise, and I am a boxer-kiss-a-holic. I just cant seem to get enough of my babies precious lovin kisses.
  9. neecy911

    white boxer owners

    too funny... well we had the computer guy at the house doing some work, and he asked me how old my dalmation was. He told me that his parents breed dalmations, and thought mine was very cute. OK, so Annabelle has a lot of spots, but dalmation? Please!?!?
  10. neecy911

    Medication with prednisone question

    You do not need to feed your baby any more food than normal. This is just a side effect of the medicine which will go away when he stops taking the medicine. Another side effect is drinking more water, like you mentioned. Along with being thirsty and drinking a lot of water, come a lot more...
  11. neecy911

    Still shaking his head!

    Wouldn't you know it! I just went home on my dinner break (9:30pm) and Falko is fast asleep on the couch...meanwhile I have to come back to work for another 4 hours and I am SO tired from him keeping me up all night. I hope he sleeps well, little booger.
  12. neecy911

    Falko the pit bull!

    So I took Falko to the vet today for an ear problem, and could not find his manly black leash. So, as I was rushed out the door to be on time, I grabbed what was in sight, and that was Annabelle's pink camo leash. It is actually very cute, but I doubt Falko appreciated having to be led by a...
  13. neecy911

    Better Than An Alarm Clock!!

    5am, no sooner, no later. I think our boxers would sleep till around 7 or so. It's the GSP 9german shorthair pointer) that is up and waking up the others at 5am. As I stumble out to the kitchen to feed them, they are bouncing around in the living room so happy and excited. Do they not get...
  14. neecy911

    New White boxer question(s)

    You are a wonderful person to take in this sweet baby, enough to put tears in my eyes. Good luck with your baby, you are an angel!
  15. neecy911

    My boxers always fight over the same toy?

    I have wasted so much money figuring this out. I normally buy 3 of everything, so they can each have their own toy. But go figure, they will argue over the same one. What is even more funny, is I bought them each their own bed. A nice big $40 bed, for a grand total of $120. Yes, $120. I...
  16. neecy911

    How are boxers with strangers?

    Oh my, this is a several step process. 1. When they see you pull up they bark like crazy, Hey mom, somethings outside!! 2. When you walk up the walkway, they back off to the far side of the living room, growl, jump up on the couch (their couch) and whine 3. When you get TO THE...
  17. neecy911

    Still shaking his head!

    Well Falko kept me up all night with his head shaking, and whining! I had taken him to the vet about a month ago for shaking his had and redness in his ear. She said he had some yeast in his ear and sent us home with some ear cleaner and ointment for the flap of his cute little ear.....Cleared...
  18. neecy911


    Falko is a big time beaner leaner! It's so funny to watch him
  19. neecy911

    Inyd's first wound

    Glad to hear he's doing good!
  20. neecy911

    Under the couch

    aw, what a funny story. I have never laughed as much as I do with my 2