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  1. MD_Boxer

    Our new puppy came home last night

    After what seems like months we got to bring our new puppy home last night. He is adapting quite well with his 2 sisters and is busy chasing them and the cat around the house. Only whined for the first 5 minutes in the cage last night. Also after much dicussion we were unable to figure...
  2. MD_Boxer

    Messy Eater...

    :D Hannah does the same thing. And then she will not eat any of the kibble that goes on the floor. :D So then the cat will try to sneak over and eat it off the floor. With the cat being diabetic we can't let her eat any so we end standing by Hannah until she's done and then cleaning up her mess...
  3. MD_Boxer

    Here's Hannah and the new pup

    Paula, yes I know her lines but not all of it off the top of my head. The Father is a Champion from the JoPa Kennel in Waldorf, MD by the name of Gus, he is owned by Pat and Joe Rush. The Mother is a wonderful dog from the CarDon Kennel in Falls Chruch, VA by the name of Trouble. She is...
  4. MD_Boxer

    Headline:Boxers Enjoy 5 Minute Plant Raid

    We don't have any real indoor plants (not a green thumb) so I have no advice for you but can pass on a funny story that is a little related. We had the entire backyard and around the house landscaped when we had the pool put in last spring. One evening we notice Hannah running with something...
  5. MD_Boxer


    check out how they tape the dogs ears up. It is a different approach than sticks and tape. I'm going to give it a try when the pups ears are done.
  6. MD_Boxer

    Can Koolba SMELL our city??

    :) Hannah and Daisy know when they are going to Doggie Daycare/ the kennel (they love the kennel) because it requires us to do a U-turn followed by an immedaite sharp right hand turn. They jump up and get real excited. So of course we were traveling awhile back and I missed by turn so I did a...
  7. MD_Boxer

    Here's Hannah and the new pup

    Here is Hannah and the new pup. We are still trying to figure out a name but I am leaning toward Mikito....:D
  8. MD_Boxer

    Naming a puppy

    Since I was unable to attach them to a thread, I added them to the boxer gallery. Heres the links.
  9. MD_Boxer

    Naming a puppy

    Thanks....I have pictures of the Hannah and the puppy but am having an difficult time posting. According to the bottom right corner of the page I am not allowed to attach photos. Any one have any ideas???? Also what do you all think of Mikito? Japanesse for The Prince....
  10. MD_Boxer

    gender pairing? M/M, F/F or F/M does it matter?

    We are adding a Male this time. We had Daisy when we added Hannah and they get along great. We had a Male in the house for a week and they did great. That convinced us to add another boxer to the family. The breeder we are getting the pup from has 3 (Mother, Daughter, & Aunt) female boxers...
  11. MD_Boxer


    Hannah's took about 3 months to look decent and then another month to get them right followed by taping the edges for a couple weeks. We were wrapping her ears every day, Daisy would try ripping the tape off. We are going to have the pups ears done and are looking for advice on how anyone...
  12. MD_Boxer

    Beware of street children!!!

    Wow. People never stop to amaze me. Wonder where the girl got the idea that biting a dog was OK? I'm glad everything turned out OK. Could have been alot worse.
  13. MD_Boxer

    questions about rescued boxer female mix

    Hannah is 45 pound at 1.5 years. If I remember correctly she was 35lbs at 9 months. Of course I have been trying to put a few more pounds on her but she is so active and runs all day outside with Daisy. Good luck
  14. MD_Boxer

    Naming a puppy

    My wife and I need your help. We went to meet our new puppy last night and we can't seem to agree on a name. I chose Nikko and I thought we decided that would work but now she is having second thoughts. She likes Jonah, Jonus, or Luther but I love Nikko. Anyone with any suggestion. It was...
  15. MD_Boxer

    Nervous New Papa

    I would agree 5 weeks is way to early. I had to convice Hannah's breeder to let me pick her up a day before she was 8 weeks old. Every breeder I have spoken to has said that 8 weeks is the earliest a pup should be removed from her mother and littermates unless there is a problem. I would...
  16. MD_Boxer

    Male Boxer WANTED (Maryland)

    If you havn't found a Boxer to rescue yet, check out They are a boxer rescue in MD and have plenty of boxers available. If you do speak to them inform them I (greg) referred you. I assist them with their home visits in Southern MD.
  17. MD_Boxer

    Puppy at home during the day....

    We had the same issue, we both work 9 to 10 hours a day and commute atleast a hour each way (got to love DC traffic). We were advised that a puppy has to go to the bathroom every X hours, with X being the puppies age in months +1. We staggered our work hours and hired a petwalker to come in 2X a...
  18. MD_Boxer

    Puppy crying

    for both of our pups we put the crate right by the bed and attached a leash to it, everytime the pup cried throughout the night I would gently shake the crate with the leash (that wahy you don't have to get out of bed) and say "go to sleep". After 3 or 4 days they caught on. Now when I say go...
  19. MD_Boxer

    Therapy dogs needed!

    Where do you live? My wife is wanting to do this with our Lab mix as she is so sweet. We are hoping the Hannah calms down a little so we can take her as well. My wife found a phone number for an organization that does dog therapy visits in MD and she is trying to track down some information.
  20. MD_Boxer

    Boxer Version Survey

    Name: Hannah Age: 1.5 yo Weight: 48lbs Color: Flashy Fawn Sex: Female Marital Status: married Living Arrangements: Indoors with a doogie door to the outside (3 acres enclosed with an invisible fence) Location Of Birth: Falls Church VA Do They Watch T.V.: no Where Have They Traveled: PA...