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  1. Chopper'sDad

    Picky Puppy Eater)

    Try canidae good food you feed them less cause they digest more less poo (good thing) Also the company gaurantees they will love or money back. My dogs loved it. Lots of good natural ingrediants.
  2. Chopper'sDad

    Eukanuba for puppy

    I have found one of the best foods my dogs love it I like how there coats have gotten nice it has no corn in it or other crappy fillers. Try canidae. My dogs dont drop as many stink bombs on it either. We can actually go on car rides with our boxer and forget he is in backseat:) It also produces...
  3. Chopper'sDad

    Need crate training help...

    I have mixed feelins on the whole thing about time. I think it all depends on the puppy. Mine is 12weeks and sleeps in crate 8-10 hrs at night with no accidents. He lets us know when he needs to go. Usaully isnt untill kids wake up. Then during day he will stay for couple hour stints with no...
  4. Chopper'sDad

    need advice for a big mouth boxer :)

    Maybe you should try some behavior classes and a good training collar. I have always had good luck with both I used to be able to walk my german sheperd unleashed he never broke and ran he was oblivous to the other dogs or people when we were together. but it took almost 6 months of constant...
  5. Chopper'sDad

    To Crate or not to Crate

    I dot recommend letting your puppy sleep with you unless your a light sleeper my parents did this with there puppys. They slept on there bed 4 accidents in 1 night one was on my dads chest and it was solid so I say crate. I usaully start mine in card box till they get a little older seems like...
  6. Chopper'sDad

    Not house broken yet (8 months)

    Have you taken dog to the vet to have his health checked? Also remember if he drinks lots of water there is lots of pee. Dont let him get in hurry to get back in, my dogs used to pee then come right back in after peeing and go in the floor. I would make them stay out longer they would end up...
  7. Chopper'sDad

    Finally got my pics up!!!

    I dont know if he can take many more he is pretty spoiled by all right now. But I will try and wedge in a few more for you.;)
  8. Chopper'sDad

    Finally got my pics up!!!

    Well I finally got my pics up. That was a feat im no picture editor thats for sure my cam takes them to big so had to edit down. Not sure how everybody else does theres but mine dont enlarge when you click on them. Hope you like my baby still trying to get some more on here. Thanks for...
  9. All tuckered out!

    All tuckered out!

    Chopper and William after long day of terror.
  10. Chopper in the laundry again(6weeks)

    Chopper in the laundry again(6weeks)

  11. 6weeks


    Chopper at the vet.
  12. Chopper_sleeping_with_his_moose


    Chopper sleeping with his moose.
  13. DVC00052


    Chopper at 4weeks
  14. Chopper'sDad


    Does anybodys babies have to have a pillow to sleep? Every time Chopper is going to go to sleep he goes and finds something soft like hand towel bath towel socksreal pillow if one is in floor and sleeps with his head on it. Either laying on side if it is small or sitting up if to big cuttest...
  15. Chopper'sDad

    My baby is so upset with me...any tie-out ideas?

    The spot he eliminates in isnt in your yard you must have a happy neighbor. I used to get a little chiuaha pooping on my sidewalk by my garage door I loved it. I can imagine your neighbor with big boxer poop on his lawn.
  16. Chopper'sDad

    Rawhide treats??

    I have found that all my pups have enjoyed stuffed animals throwing them and tugging on them. When they too old and can tear it up I go with those really tuff rope dolls with the big hard ball for body they have got alot of play time out of them and never seem to tear them up or the big ball...
  17. Chopper'sDad

    Puppy twitching while asleep

    My little furbaby does it we have come to the conclusion he is chasing rabbits. Cause it looks like he is running on his side and he barks to. If you wake him while he is doing it he looks lost. (kinda like were the crud did you come from. )
  18. Chopper'sDad

    My Puppy is Allergic to his boosters!!

    If they catch it can it kill them or can you make it thru it with tlc. Im just scared if it is left out could it be life threatening later?
  19. Chopper'sDad

    Sad update on Memphis

    Just curious but how many seizures is your dog having per day? My parents have a peke who seizes 1-2 times day. (5 years now) They have spent thousands on trying to help him. They have talked to everybody the only thing they get is dont med them. It shortens there life and really only stops 1...
  20. Chopper'sDad

    My Puppy is Allergic to his boosters!!

    Has anybody heard of this? He got his boosters on friday that night it was tender he was very playful though. Saturday it swelled up in his neck. ( I gave him good dose of childrens benedryl.) swelling went away, kinda. Sunday he whimpered when ever you picked him up wrong. Monday I was basket...