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  1. tygerlilly

    anal glands

    My girl had all kinds of problems with her anal glands, her poops were never big enough/hard enough to expell it on her own so I had to learn to do it myself at home. I could tell when they would start bothering her (alot alot alot of licking her butt) Sometimes it was 2 times a month but...
  2. tygerlilly

    Sonnie's Coccidia

    He's been eating some home cooked. I am trying to get him off of the kibble. I have been giving him boiled chicken and hamburger. I'm trying to stay away from the grains even though the vet said to give him rice. He seems to squirt worse when he's eaten rice. So yeah, I am on my way to...
  3. tygerlilly

    Sonnie's Coccidia

    Ok, well we just had his 1 month follow up to his coccidia problems. The coccidia is gone and he still has never had a normal poop. I just don't know what to do. He constantly is having watery bm's. Since I have had him he has never had normal poop. I haven't changed his food. The breeder...
  4. tygerlilly

    Vent about a breeder

    I was just upset about the fact that someone that can state that "I have been breeding boxers for years, I feel that I know everything there is to know about boxers and breeding, I have made boxers my life" can still do what she does and have other breeders who claim to be responsible and do all...
  5. tygerlilly

    Vent about a breeder

    yes i am just as passionate about irresponsible breeders, maybe I should have stated that also in my vent. But in all my research for the past 7 years about boxers and everyone I've ever talked to that has them has always stated you never ever breed a white. I have no problem with the white...
  6. tygerlilly

    Vent about a breeder

    I was looking around online today browsing on different breeders websites and I happened to check out a breeders site that the breeder I got Sonnie from recommends. I think steam started coming out of my ears. There's a breeder in Cedar MN that is breeding her white female with various males...
  7. tygerlilly

    Broke 2 teeth

    No hard bones at all. The only bones he has is puppy ziggies and they aren't hard. I'm not sure how he broke the top one (worse one) but the bottom one he was trying to bite my mothers pants while she was walking and broke the bottom one off. The only one I'm worried about is the top cuz I...
  8. tygerlilly

    Broke 2 teeth

    Sonnie's only 11 weeks and he's broken off both of his K-9's on the same side, top & bottom. Top one is just below the gum line and today he broke off the bottom one just the tip. Should this be happening? I never had this problem with my other one. Any advice? Sonnie 11 week...
  9. tygerlilly

    My New Baby Sonnie

    I finally got pics up of the new baby. Its hard having a new one just 2 months after I lost my angel, but he makes my heart happy. And he's gotten into the routine of lighting candles for his sis Lilly at night. He probably can't understand this whole Lillly thing and why I talk to him about...
  10. tygerlilly

    Puppy Poop Question

    Results Well thank god its not parvo, but i'm pretty upset anyways. Its coccidia and a few other paracites. I'm so p.o'd at this so called "great" breeder I got him from. Vet thought it was all pretty advanced in his system and she said that without a doubt he's had it since I got him. I...
  11. tygerlilly

    Puppy Poop Question

    Going to the Vet Well... He just went again and it was very bloody. Called the vet and we are going in an hour. Its really difficult to scoop bloody water out of the grass but I think I've got enough to bring along. Lets hope its nothing too bad, hes just a baby.
  12. tygerlilly

    Puppy Poop Question

    Hi, Well we got Sonnie on the 20th of July and after a few days of being home he's had diarrhea. First just off and on and now its terrible... Not exactly diarrhea, now just watery. He's still eating normally. He's so thirsty though. Constantly drinking water. He's been on Canidae since...
  13. tygerlilly

    Sonnie has arrived

    We knew after losing Lilly we needed to love again. Its only been a month since she went to the bridge, it seems too soon but when I saw him, I couldn't pass him up. He's 8 weeks and just awesome. I wish his sister was here to see him. She would have just loved him. We got him on Friday July...
  14. tygerlilly

    My Little Girl that Passed On...

    I finally got an album of her pics up on photobucket... If you'd like to check it out. Its been almost a month since she went to the bridge. Maria
  15. tygerlilly

    silly boxer nick names!!! LOL

    Lilly's nicknames were: Lilly Pad or Lilly Pad's Lil Miss Lilly - Only gramma called her this Stinky Stinky Butt Wiggle Butt Bubba or Bubba Girl - I think that these 2 were her favorite... She'd extra wiggle when we called her either of these. We called her this more than her...
  16. tygerlilly

    My little one went to heaven today

    Thank you all so much (kinda long) Thank you all for your kind words. It really helps. Its really so hard and I have not been able to move any of her things yet. The house is still exactly how she had left it. I sleep every night with her little stuffed tiger that she loved so much, it...
  17. tygerlilly

    My little one went to heaven today

    It started out such a good morning. We played and cuddled. Then she got off her chain and bolted out into the street, which she knew better and never ever left the back yard, got hit by a car at 10:00 am this morning. I flew her to the vet and they took x-rays and checked her vitals and said...
  18. tygerlilly

    Foot wash

    We do the Epsom Salt and Benedryl spray.. but i've heard listerine can do many strange things. Sounds interesting maybe worth a try.
  19. tygerlilly

    Please look at this picture

    Lilly always gets that when she's laying in the grass. It never seems to bother her and goes away fairly quickly. Must just be an allergy to the grass.
  20. tygerlilly

    Just a Question

    My little Lilly has taken quite a liking to eating deer poop. I'm constantly trying to keep her away from it but its hard when there are deer in our yard every night. Is deer poop bad for her? What do I do? Thanks...