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    Son's Hamster

    Hi everyone: I just want to share this with you - My Son left the cage to his hamster open 2 days ago and went off to school. When we got home no hamster to be found anywhere - I was thinking the Cat got her or My Boxer and Mastiff used it as a toy. Watching the Leafs game against Florida...
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    Hi: Posting for a friend who just got her first boxer - My boxer just has always walked fine on a leash. She has a boxer from a shelter and is not good on a leash . Anyone have any ideas to help get this guy to walk good on a leash Thank - you.
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    Hi Everyone - Just Want To Vent. My Wife And I Found A Boxer Running In And Out Of Traffic On The Highway - We Brought Hin Home Fed Him And Kept Him Warm For The Night. The Next Day Called Vets - Shelters - Bredder Anyone That Someone Might Call Looking For There Wonderful Looking Dog. We...
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    Missing Hair

    Hi everyone: Any ideas - Pride has bald spots on his head from him and his sister playing with each other - she likes to grab his head when playing. What or is there anything I can put on him to get his hair back. Thank You.
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    Why'd you name your boxer that?

    Name I have No idea how I came up with the name but his papers are - Sir Kavanaugh's Pride - We just call him Pride.
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    Looking for Boxers in Toronto!!

    Very Interested Live in Orillia- Well 10 Min North. Looking for a dog park or just a place for Pride to play with others. Thank you.
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    Hi Everyone: Two questions if you don't mind. First off does anyone on this site live in Ontario - Near Orillia. I have been looking for places for my boxer to go and play with other dogs but can't find any - I lived in the country so all he ever had to play with was his sister who is a...
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    Bell-training HELP! What to do now?

    House Training Hi all - Would like to learn more about this bell training, sounds great, How old is to old. My Mastiff can stay in the house all day and never pee but the boxer can be outside and for walks - some days he lasts hours with out having accidents then other days he is back in the...
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    Drinking From The Lake.

    I Will Try. I Am Always Trying To Get Them To Stop But Thats All They Want To Do. Thank You I Will Try Harder To Stop Them. By Drinking The Water What Can Happen To Them.
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    Drinking From The Lake.

    Pride A Myself Would First Like To Say Hi. I Was Wondering How Bad It Was For Him To Drink Out Of The Lake When He Goes Swiming. There Is Times I Think He Is Going To Drink The Complete Lake But I Stop Him From Drinking. What I Get Thinking About Is The Zebra Mussels. Thank You From...
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    Bad Breath

    What Is The Best For Pride's Bad Breath I Brush His Teeth But Still There.
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    Bad In Public

    Pride Is A Great Dog At Home. When Ever We Take Him Out And There Is Other People Or Dogs, I Have To Almost Sit On Him To Get Himto Settle Down. Any Ideas To Help. I Have Had This Problem Sense He Was A Pup.
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    Thanks What Type Of Fish Is The Best And Is Fish In A Can O.k , Just Wondering
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    Thanks What Will Fish Do For Them.
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    I Was Just Wondering If It Wa O.k To Feed Boxers Fish, I Have Not Given Him Any.
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    Hi Everyone : I Was Just Wondering If Everyone Has A Boxer With As Bad Gas As I Do. He Can Clear A Room And Is There Anything I Can Give Him Or Is It Just A Part Of Living With Great Dogs.
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    Just A Question

    Thank You All Thank For Your Help Everyone, Pride's Pee Does Not Smell Or Anything But When I Bring Him For His Check Up I Will Ask The Vet. Thank Again.
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    Just A Question

    I Was Wondering If Any One Else Has A Boxer Like Pride. When I Take Him Outside To Do His Business, He Will Pee ( Sorry ) For 10 Min Straight Is This Normal Or Could He Have A Blader Infection I Don't Know. Pride Will Do This Everytime I Take Him Out Even If Its 1 Hour Apart.
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    Autumn has cancer.

    My Heading Was Going To Say - Boxers Are Strong
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    Autumn has cancer.

    Bo My Boxer Pride Got Cancer At The Age Of 4 And We Went Through Alot With Him. There Was Times When I Thought It Was Better For Him To Let Him Go Th The Other Side. I Am Glad Everyday That Pride And Myself Did Not Give Up On Him. Pride Is Now 6 And Is Living Life, I Hope You Have The Same...