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  1. uno

    Full Grown?

    Dempsey (who just celebrated his fourth birthday on Saturday - with Frosty Paws of course) didn't fully mature to his current lean and muscular 75 Lbs. until he was three years old. Marcie at 16 months is about 47 Lbs. She's due for a vet appontment this month so I'll get an accurate reading...
  2. uno

    How much do your Boxers box?

    Dempsey is like Mac. He'll box for anything he wants or just to play. Marcie is like Princes. She pretty much only boxes when playing. If she wants something, she whines.
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    Any Blood Donors Out There?

    I'm glad to see so many of us give blood. It is truly THE GIFT OF LIFE . The blood drive for Robby is not until the 30th from 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM. The goal is, IMO, ambitious. We're shooting for 200 pints. That's 25 gallons! If any New York or New Jersey folks are headed "down the shore"...
  4. uno

    It's a boxer thing!!

    I'm guilty too. I umpire baseball & softball and was doing a game a few weeks back. Well during the game a woman with a white Boxer came and sat in the stands. Nauturally between innings I went over and spoke to her and her "little rascal". I don't remember the woman's name but the Boxers name...
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    When do I get a new Boxer baby?

    Dempsey was 2 months shy of being 3 years old when we brought 8 week old Marcie home. He'll be 4 this Saturday. There was some dominance posturing by Dempsey for the first couple of days. It was mostly standing over Marcie with her between his front paws. Now they're inseparable, and Marcie...
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    Isn't this a Boxer?

    I think so. It looks like a Boxer to me. Docking the tail, if I'm not mistaken, is outlawed in many parts of Europe. Correct me if I'm wrong European members.
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    Pepsi Blue

    Only the packaging is changed I have to say that there is no difference. All Pepsico has done is change the packaging and not the product. Why they would change from Red White & Blue, especially in these times, I have no idea. But that's all that's different.
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    Only a boxer Mom!!

    Been there, and done that Oh how I know what you went through. May God save us all from the dreaded hanger!
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    Poll Spay and Neuter all pets that are rescued? I understand that policy...but....

    Kassa, What a wonderful post. This is why I love this board, and why I don't mind swimming against the current. I had almost given up looking at this thread because the answers to my question while good intentioned didn't get to the heart of what I was looking for. Your answers did. They were...
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    BoxerWorld Calander : Yes or No?

    I think this a wonderful idea. My hope would be that there are enough pictures to have a daily calendar. I have a daily Boxer calendar on my desk that my sister gave me for Christmas, and I love it. I have to restrain myself from peeking to the next page. It's tough, but I've been able to do it...
  11. uno

    Any Blood Donors Out There?

    Tucker's_mom I would say that you can't because of medical reasons. Tanyaj77 you're a TRUE HERO! Keep up the good work. I wish I was that dedicated. I'm one of the ones that answered I do it when there's a drive at church/work. Right now Robby's oncologist doesn't want Janice and I to give...
  12. uno

    fast food lawsuits (vent)

    As sleazy as the lawyers are, what in heavens name is wrong with these juries? How can they be so stupid as to award these outrageous damages? Please all of you remember this if you're ever called for jury duty.
  13. uno

    favorite cartoon character

    I love Mickey Mouse. He's easily my all time favorite. Next would be Bugs Bunny, but as much as I love Bugs, he's not even a close second to Mickey.
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    Any Blood Donors Out There?

    My church is running a Blood drive in honor of Robby and it got me to wondering if any of you are donors. Donors can give blood every 8 weeks. Donors must be healthy, at least 17 years of age and weigh at least 110 lbs.
  15. uno

    Poll Spay and Neuter all pets that are rescued? I understand that policy...but....

    I'm trying to take my own advice and heed I'll answer your questions, but please answer mine. My reason is just as I said to "improve the breed". Dempsey is of championship lineage and would be where I would want to start MY line. Of course any female would have to be health checked. I...
  16. uno

    Poll Spay and Neuter all pets that are rescued? I understand that policy...but....

    Why the female & not the male and other stuff The reason I chose to have Marcie spayed and not yet have Dempsey neutered is a biological, and not a sexist, reason. It's simply because Dempsey can't have pups. Now as to why I haven't had Dempsey neutered yet it's because I may still want to...
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    Finish this sentence

    Having a Boxer means always having a true friend. Having a Boxer means my tears will always be kissed away, and my joys will always be shared.
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    Poll Spay and Neuter all pets that are rescued? I understand that policy...but....

    I'm with Zsara. Prior to getting Marcie I attempted to go through Boxer rescue to adopt and give a forever, loving home to a deserving Boxer. When they found out that Dempsey wasn't neutered I was rejected. How short sighted is that? A deserving Boxer didn't get to a happy home with us, and I...
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    Where would you like to go?

    There are 2 must visit places on my list, Australia and Alaska. Matt and Krikkit throw some shrimp on the barbi when we get down under. As for Alaska, I made a stop-over at the Anchorage airport on my way to Japan when I was in the service and fell in love with the mountains vistas. I'm...
  20. uno

    He is everything you guys said and MORE!!

    Kathy, Welcome to the wonderful world of being owned by a Boxer. I'm not sure if I saw this here on the board or somewhere else, but I loved it so much I now have it hanging on the wall in my cubicle at work. It says "If you want a dog in your life, get a dog. If you want a dog in your heart...