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  1. Austin's Mom

    Heidi has passed

    Really? That's sooo nice! It's nice to know he hasn't been forgotten. I know in my heart they are together <3
  2. Austin's Mom


    It's funny because me and my daughter were just talking about how Austin used to do that! He would spin around in his business then charge into the house like his butt was on fire!
  3. Austin's Mom

    Heidi has passed

    Carin I'm so sorry about Heidi. I'm sure her boyfriend Austin was right there waiting for her at the Bridge.
  4. Austin's Mom

    Twitchy when touched/petted

    Megan recently started doing the same thing. Twitiching and the leg going when you touch her back or her sides. I haven't changed her diet but she also has been scratching and chewing on herself a lot latey too.
  5. Austin's Mom

    Droid vs iPhone

    iPhone here. With AT&T you can get a 4G but not with Verizon they are only 3G. With an iPhone you really don't even need a computer. You can even send something to a printer from it. And pictures look great!!
  6. Austin's Mom

    Not treating cancer?

    Hi. I haven't been on here much but hopefully you remember me. I have been following your story and just want to add my 2 cents. Austin had a spindle cell tumor on his side. It was pretty big and I also thought it was a fatty tumor due to his age. He ended up having two surgeries for it...
  7. Austin's Mom

    My poor Dad...

    I'm sorry to hear about your Dad. Sending lots of prayers and positive vibes for a successful surgery.
  8. Austin's Mom

    How old are your Boxers? Curious on oldest dog here

    Megan is 3 she will turn 4 on June 12th. Austin was probably around 11 when he went to the Bridge. Being a rescue I'm not sure of his actual age.
  9. Austin's Mom

    A limp and now a lump!

    Have you had her tested for Lyme disease?
  10. Austin's Mom

    Need smart phone help

    I recently got an iPhone and since I didn't have unlimited data with my last phone I don't have it with this phone. I only get 2g per month. But....if you have internet at home and you have a router, hook up to your own wifi and it won't go against your monthy gigs. Also places that offer...
  11. Austin's Mom

    Prayers needed for my Mom

    Thoughts and prayers coming your way. ((hugs))
  12. Austin's Mom

    Prayers & healthy vibes would be appreciated

    That's awesome news! When will he be able to go home?
  13. Austin's Mom

    Prayers & healthy vibes would be appreciated

    You and your dh have my prayers! I'm also a pessiment so I know how you feel!
  14. Austin's Mom

    the new neighbor......

    I'm glad he's moving but I feel sorry for the women in the next place he lives. That's an awesome landlord you have to put the safety of his tennants before collecting rent money. Kudo's to him!
  15. Austin's Mom

    Please say a prayer for my Dad.

    My Dad also had two heart attacks and a pacemaker but never had to have surgery. Sending lots of prayers for your Dad I hope all went well with the surgery and he has an easy recovery.
  16. Austin's Mom

    My MIL makes me want to SCREAM!!!!

    Wow after reading all of these in law posts....I am truly blessed. I love my in laws and they love me! All of my dh's brother's are awesome, and honestly sometimes I get along better with them than with my own husband!
  17. Austin's Mom

    Possible to be allergic to glucosamine/MSM?

    I wasn't able to give Austin glucosamine/msm because it would give him bloody diareah. Not sure if that meant he was allergic or not but he definately couldn't tolerate it.
  18. Austin's Mom

    6 years off life expectancy ?

    I dont know about the whole life expectancy thing, but there is a high risk of testicular cancer if you don't have him neutered. It's much healthier for him. And then there is the risk of an unwanted litter should he get out when another dog is in heat.
  19. Austin's Mom

    I think he's time has come

    I'm so sorry. It's never easy. When I had Austin I always prayed he would just go in his sleep when he time came but it didn't happen that way for me either. But we take the pain so they don't have to. Yesterday when I was driving home from the shore up the Parkway I passed exit 109..the...
  20. Austin's Mom

    old age and teeth

    My Austin was also around 9 when he had a dental check up. As long as your baby is in otherwise good health there shouldn't be any problems with anastesia.