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  1. bucca

    singing boxers

    Spanky has the final word no matter what the subject is. He actually holds converstations with us which we love and when you tell him he has been a bad boy he follows you arounds and lets you know he is not happy he has alot to say :)
  2. bucca


    when spanky is in a mood because he didnt get what he considers enough attentions we call him cranky spanky otherwise my husband calls him pudding head( dont know why) and i always call him monstro.
  3. bucca

    long time no boxerworld

    hi everyone been quite awhile since i have been on here. Been really busy and just wanted to see how everyone was doing. Spanky is doing great, he is still his mischievous self and i wouldnt have it any other way:) His stones are in remissions with the new diet he is on, I took him off the...
  4. bucca

    worst day ever

    i am very sorry for your loss
  5. bucca

    Beau Chased By a Goldfinch!

    :lol: :lol: made my morning, thank you
  6. bucca

    RIP Angel Collie

    you did nothing wrong it was an accident so please dont beat yourself up, im sorry it had to happen to you. the only animal ive ever hit was a squirrel ( three of them) and i cried every time, damn things run across then turn and run back the way they came if only they would have stayed on the...
  7. bucca

    Prayers and vibes needed for a member of my training club

    my heart breaks for them and i will say a prayer for them during this horrible time. may their beloved dogs and cat r.i.p angelicon
  8. bucca

    Sarge got bit at the dog park

    sorry to hear about your baby hope he is feeling better. same thing happened with spanky last year thats why we stopped going, he was playing and this dog i found out later who is known for biting and nipping bit his ear since he was bleeding i took him home and cleaned him up and no other...
  9. bucca

    He's a whopper!

    big boy like my spanky :) he has to go in for frequent trips to test his urine with his stones, and he is 87 lbs vet said he is solid like a rock and tall so she is not concerned with his weight as she said he carries it well :)
  10. bucca

    A trip to the bank..priceless!

    spanky loves the machine that takes the canister he watches it go up and waits because he knows treats are coming back his way, he gets so excited especially when they talk to him, while we wait,through the intercom his nub and butt go crazy, when it comes back with the biscuits we have to pull...
  11. bucca

    Abbie made out with my date!

    :lol: too funny
  12. bucca

    Dog Tricks

    1 and 1/2 years and im still working on sit as if that were a major trick to learn :lol:
  13. bucca

    dumb question?

    not a dumb question at all :) ive wondered the same thing, there have been a few times when we were all sick that the dogs have come down what we thought were colds too.
  14. bucca

    Our Brave Porter, A Fighter to the End

    i am so very sorry to hear of your loss, but im so glad he got to run and play and have a great time on the island before his new journey began. you will see each other again one day until them i hope the memories you have of porter and your time together help you through the pain you are going...
  15. bucca

    A Bittersweet Day

    what a lovely tribute naming your daughter after her, i thought that was beautiful :) may you always have the wonderful memories in your heart of lexi..and im sure she is sitting right next to that highchair waiting for morsels that fall :)
  16. bucca

    Cosworth bit someone! But not really...

    poor cosworth getting such a rep!!! i can see being attacked with kisses, but a nip? what i dont understand is, and i remember when you broke your ankle, is that this happened in the time frame you were out of commission which was for three months right? and then they show up at your door...
  17. bucca

    Lyme Disease Question

    i sorry i cant help advice wise but i just want you to know how very sorry i am for your loss.
  18. bucca

    duclaw help!

    i hope your baby is feeling better :) its so heartbreaking to see them like that, but he will be up and back to himself in no time. :)
  19. bucca

    Eye Discharge

    i would take a warm cloth and gently wipe the discharge away and keep doing it and watch to see if it starts to disappear if not have it looked at could be anthing from a piece of dirt in there to maybe she scatched herself as long as both eyes dont have it i would watch it for a day or two.