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  1. frankied

    Saved Joe!!!

    That is terrific! I am so happy things have worked out for you!
  2. frankied

    Low down on Bostons & Min Pins, please!

    We have a boxer and a BT and they get along so great! They are matched in the energy level and we always call Frank our little honourary boxer. He and Angel play and he can take whatever she dishes out and even gives her a run for her money! He doesn't seem to have any bladder issues. He goes...
  3. frankied

    Pacifica Puppies at 5 weeks

    OMG! They are all sooo cute! Especially that little white girl with the "black eye" what a cute marking! hehe
  4. frankied

    Looking for a new tv Plasma or LCD

    I can't blame the store as it really is the tv that is too blame since the part is on back order (what does that tell you!) and we recently met a guy who's tv did this two times in 7 mos and they let him bring it back as obviously new technology isn't always good technology at first. It is a...
  5. frankied

    Looking for a new tv Plasma or LCD

    Still waiting for the bulb to come in for my LCD. Apparently it will not come in until March 3rd so it looks like I will likely be returning the tv as that is just ridiculous! No tv for a month? I mean I have a 4000.00 paperweight in my living room! I had it out with the store manager and she is...
  6. frankied

    The O.C.???

    Seth should be with Summer! I agree! And shame on Sandy! On Valentines Day and everything! Even DH could not get past that one! And as if her giving Gandi the movie to him was not tramping it up a bit. Trying to stir up old memories! Tisk tisk! Can't stand Summer's boyfriend!
  7. frankied

    Need Puppy

    Hi there. I would suggest you check with your local boxer club as they could recommend a breeder who does all the necessary health testing so you will have a healthy pup/dog. Or check with boxer rescue in your area :) Good luck!
  8. frankied

    The O.C.???

    It is nice to see that there are some good shows still out there. I have not seen Point Pleasant yet what exactly is it about? We also watch Lost and Desperate Housewives, oh and then there is CSI, Medium and ER LOL As soon as the OC comes on the tv on Thursdays the phone gets turned off, it...
  9. frankied

    The O.C.???

    Oh man do I love this show! I am so guilty! LOL It brings me back to the 90210 days. But I have to admit recently my MIL came over and saw the season one DVD set and asked me if I like the OC (DUH) and then she tells me she loves that show and watches it every thursday and "She loves that Seth...
  10. frankied

    What small breed playmate would you get for a boxer

    I also have a Boston and I don't know if I just don't see it but he doesn't really have bug eyes. I think Pugs are more bug eyed than Bostons. Either way he is like a mini boxer and he gets along so well with Angel.
  11. frankied

    Hi from Ontario

    Welcome to BW! Good vibes for Buddy. Keeping fingers crossed for the results.
  12. frankied

    Breeding to Calm Agressiveness

    Agressive dogs should never be bred as you stand the chance of making bringing more aggressive dogs into the world and that would be irresponsible since breeding should only be undertaken to better the breed. For her health it would be best to have her spayed.
  13. frankied

    Problems Accessing Site

    Spoke too soon! I am having the problem again. I have both adaware and Spybot btw :) My internet service provider can't figure it out either. They say there is an IP address issue as from what they can tell the server is not accepting it. I will just have to keep on trying to figure it out. Took...
  14. frankied

    Hello from Ontario

    Welcome to BW fellow Ontarion! What is your baby's name?
  15. frankied

    Registration and Purity questions

    She kind of looks like she could have some other breed in her lineage (especially with her long slender nose) but she is very, very cute! lovicon
  16. frankied

    You kids are driving me crazy!!!

    I feel your pain MacFish ;) I watched my friends black lab when Angel was about a year old or so and the lab was about the same and she was insane! She was constantly turned to on. But she inparticular was worse as she was a nipper and Angel was covered in little bumps where she has bitten her...
  17. frankied

    Problems Accessing Site

    Removing the cookies from IE has worked but Netscape is not being as friendly. I think I will uninstall it as I hardly use it anyway. It used to be faster than Internet Explorer but not anymore! Thanks!
  18. frankied

    A friendly Canadian Hello to all you boxer lovers

    Hello fellow Ontarion and welcome to BW!
  19. frankied

    Problems Accessing Site

    When I recieved notifcation that you responded to the thread I clicked the link and again it happened (same message) and I tried exactly 8 times and finally it let me access it. I have tried two different browsers :Netscape and Internet Explorer. Do you know if there is anything I can do to fix...
  20. frankied

    Problems Accessing Site

    I keep getting errors when I try to get on the site here. When I click on a subscription link it says: Hello, You have no authorization to access this page, you will be redirected to the forums in 5 seconds. Your browser is Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; .NET CLR...