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  1. Bailey and Riley's Mom

    Anyone in Calgary, AB???

    Hi there, my husband and I have two female fawns, one is 7 years old and the other is 8 months old. We live over by Edworthy dog park but can go to anydog park around. I also have a friend with a 6 month old male boxer puppy. It would be great to have someone to go to the off leash with. My...
  2. Bailey and Riley's Mom

    Where to find thd Squirrel Log toy?

    I am in calgary and have one from PetLand, I also got the bee hive with bees in it. I think my husband and I get a bigger kick out of it than our girls do :)
  3. Bailey and Riley's Mom


    I used it for a while and it also made me feel really wierd, like you are on speed. I also could not sleep at all and was always having to be moving (wigleing foot, kinking keys...) When I stopped taking it I got these terrible headaches like my body needed it or something. And I only took two...
  4. Bailey and Riley's Mom

    What Have I Missed

    We really did miss you. I am so glad that you are back! Hmmm...what did you miss, well Bailey almost died and she is all better now thanks to a 5 hour trip to Colorado State University Veterinary School. And, I am getting married, so Bailey and Riley's friends can stop telling them that their...
  5. Bailey and Riley's Mom

    It's not fair!

    HI Tulsa-Dan, I just saw tht your Maggie was born on my birthday, this year June 16 is also Father's day. So you and Maggie can share :) Hi Mandy! Bailey and Riley say hello too. :)
  6. Bailey and Riley's Mom

    Need lots of advice (arthritis, bone spurs, etc)

    Thanks Susan, unfortunatly the closest holistic vet is about 6 hours way so tht will be a later option. She is on a homemade diet now of beef and rice with veggies and missing link.
  7. Bailey and Riley's Mom

    Need lots of advice (arthritis, bone spurs, etc)

    Hi there guys, I just got off the phone with my very sad mother. Her one year old boxer, Annie, has been lame for months now and the vets kept telling her it was just a strain but last week she asked for x-rays because it was going downhill. Her x-rays show very severe arthritis with bone chips...
  8. Bailey and Riley's Mom

    Want to attend boxerbash in Colorado

    Hey there guys! I just now saw this thread. I am trying to get some sort of Bash together for May or June to benefit Ho-Bo Care Boxer Rescue. We are just now starting to plan so everyone is welcome to throw me some ideas. The last one was at Cherry Creek Resiviour and the location was not that...
  9. Bailey and Riley's Mom

    Anyone watch "The Osbournes" on MTV?

    Love It! I am addicted to The Osbournes. I don't even really like that type of music but that show totally cracks me up. All those is like a circus :) I think the bulldog is the best, I guess it is the smush face. I think they are reruning tuesday's episode this evening.
  10. Bailey and Riley's Mom

    Tatoos Piercings etc...

    Bella&Baxter The tat on my foot really didn't hurt that much and it is pretty detailed so you would think it would. Actually I wanted another right fter they finished it :)
  11. Bailey and Riley's Mom

    Tatoos Piercings etc...

    We BW members are "holey" Great thread! I have four peircings in each ear (only wear two earrings though, two ear cartilge peircings, my nose is peirce, and I have a tat of a ladybug on top of my foot.
  12. Bailey and Riley's Mom

    Crufts starts soon.........

    I saw one of those Leonburgers at a boarding kennel a while back, it was a huge dog and the woman had to travel all the way to Isreal to get the dog. Someone at the kennel made the comment that it looked like a cross between a german sheperd and a yak :)
  13. Bailey and Riley's Mom

    just have to gush...

    Keeper Keep this one, my mom always tells me that I should thank my lucky stars that Bob (my fiance) loves Bailey and Riley because anyone else would just think I was crazy!!
  14. Bailey and Riley's Mom

    I'm Engaged!!!

    You guys are great!! Thank you all for the congrats and the offers for help, I am sure I will need it :) I am definatly going to check out and I really like it has lots of ideas and advice. I think we are decided on Sandals Royal Bahamian but they all look...
  15. Bailey and Riley's Mom

    I'm Engaged!!!

    The ring is beautiful, I absolutly love it! Like my brother says, "you can't go wrong with platnium and diamonds" :) We are deciding between the last weekend in July or the first weekend in August of 2003 at The Grove in Nevada, it is really beautiful there, check it out at
  16. Bailey and Riley's Mom

    I'm Engaged!!!

    I just wanted to tell all my Boxerworld friends that I got engaged to the most wonderful guy last friday. Sorry it took so long to tell you, we went on a mini vacation :) Yeah!!! Bailey and Riley are really excited too :)
  17. Bailey and Riley's Mom

    Three Dog Bakery

    alison The treats at the bash were from Remington and Friends Bakery but Three Dog treats are just as good!
  18. Bailey and Riley's Mom

    Three Dog Bakery

    I just got an e-mail from Three Dog Bakery. Their food and products are now going to be avalible at Target stores nationwide. I m so excited because we don't have any dog bakeries in Grand Junction so this is as close as we can get. Yeah!!! :)
  19. Bailey and Riley's Mom

    Zoe the hammerhead

    Hmmm...I definatly would have to say that it was when I was leaning down talking to Bailey, out of nowhere comes Super Riley (the psychotic puppy) and she actually broke my nose. I don't think the doctor really believed me or not :) He obviously does not own a boxer!!
  20. Bailey and Riley's Mom

    Back to the vet we go

    Glad to hear it was nothing too bad. Bailey had the same thing a couple of weeks ago and it turned out to be an infected cat bite. Maybe now she will stop harrassing the cat :)