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  1. dbetz

    Baby gone. Puppy here.

    She's really beautiful. The first picture made me giggle. She's a keeper.
  2. dbetz

    3 solid days of RAINE!

    She is an absolute beauty and as others have said...a wild woman. Her video is precious. She reminds me of my Rudy, angel wings and all! Enjoy her.
  3. dbetz

    Pics From Thor's Birthday Walk

    Happy Birthday Thor! You are one HANDSOME gentleman. Wishes for many happy returns...
  4. dbetz

    A trip up a mountain

    Such beautiful girls - look like they had a blast.
  5. dbetz

    Sleep noises!

    We caught Rudy's tail wagging 100 miles an hour in her sleep the other day - it was so sweet - glad she was having sweet dreams. Both she and Duke wimper, yip and make little barks as well as run in their sleep.
  6. dbetz

    Yes, my white dog IS a Boxer, thank you!

    We get this all the time w/ Duke. I have heard too many times that he is a Dalmation/Great Dane mix....he is freakishly tall (27 1/2 inches) and is covered in spots!
  7. dbetz

    Proctor & Gamble have purchased Natura Pet Products

    Total Bummer - we just added EVO Salmon to our rotation a month or so ago....
  8. dbetz

    Wet Concrete!!

    That's great - her own walk of fame!
  9. dbetz

    Here is some pictures of my Jackson and Lola!

    Beautiful Babies!
  10. dbetz

    Diva turns 11 - a real milestone!

    Happy Birthday Diva! That is a wonderful milestone and makes my heart sing. Hugs, Kisses and Birthday Wiggles - from Duke and Rudy.
  11. dbetz

    Emergency Surgery - Rudy ate ROCKS!

    Just an update. Rudy is home. Vet took x-rays yesterday and says she is clear of rocks. is it that a Boxer after having 2 abdominal surgeries wants to run around? I will definitely need to sedate her - I am afraid that the Valium the vet gave for Rudy will not be enough. The vet...
  12. dbetz

    Emergency Surgery - Rudy ate ROCKS!

    Well, Rudy is home from 2nd surgery and is more out of it and much more sore than yesterday, but she is resting comfortable now. I have to bring her back all day tomorrow for IV fluids and possible Friday as well. I will get her through this trauma before deciding about my vet. I have a...
  13. dbetz

    Emergency Surgery - Rudy ate ROCKS!

    Vet just called. He admitted to me that he provided my baby with substandard care. He did not do all the necessary x-rays up front to know exactly what he was dealing with (he did not admit it - but I am sure he just went with the 1 view he took when we brought her in.) He had the 2nd vet in...
  14. dbetz

    My baby, bit by a rattlesnake

    How scary. I really hope your baby is ok. Please keep us posted. I will keep you and your baby in my thoughts.
  15. dbetz

    Emergency Surgery - Rudy ate ROCKS!

    Well - vet just called again. They did post-op xrays and now see 3 MORE rocks. He swears he pulled all out he could find and searched, and you could just hear the exasperation and guilt in the vet's voice - he feels awful and now Rudy will have another stomach surgery tomorrow to get the rest...
  16. dbetz

    Emergency Surgery - Rudy ate ROCKS!

    Vet called - she is out of surgery and one of the rocks was way too big for her to pass in either direction so surgery was the right choice, it could have been so much worse. She has never eaten rocks before and the vet explained that there are dogs he has operated on repeated times because...
  17. dbetz

    Emergency Surgery - Rudy ate ROCKS!

    Oh - we are so worried this morning. We have garden rocks around the fence line, and in the last few weeks an Owl has been perching on one of our trees and pooping down on the rocks. I knew the dogs were super interested and they spent a lot of time in that area late last week - but had no...
  18. dbetz

    Problems with back leg and neurological issues

    oh my goodness, I am so sorry for all that you are going through! Your poor baby, and poor you. It's so hard when you don't know. You are completely forgiven in my book for going off on the vet about the Ace...I absolutely would have done the same thing. Sending you our thoughts and healing...
  19. dbetz

    My little models!

    Really beautiful dogs, just love their coloring.
  20. dbetz

    SO proud!!

    Awesome and heartwarming. You should be proud. I love when they surprise us - in a POSITIVE way!