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    What are your boxers doing right now?

    my baby girl lola is sleeping at her mamma's feet...
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    terrible news

    bless your sorry for your loss
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    Leonard is not suffering anymore

    so very sorry for your time you will get the images out of your loved him enough to let him go.....
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    Had to say goodbye to....

    so very sorry for your loss...the greatest love you can give them,is to love them enough to let them go....
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    Boxer left out in the cold...:(

    this kind of thing drives me crazy! its 16 degrees here this morning,and lola is shaking,after a quick potty break...I to would try to educate,but I doubt it will help,please call animal contol,you may have to educate them...
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    Urgent advice needed!!!

    in loving memory of max...
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    1 year today.

    in loving memory of killian
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    2 years today...

    in loving memory of tossie
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    A year without my Harley :(

    in loving memory of harley
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    Please not a tumor!

    sending lots of positive thoughts your way!
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    More MST

    sending healing vibes and positive thoughts
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    3 years at the bridge today

    in loving memory of riley
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    Please pray for Josi

    so glad to hear of josi's improvement....way to go little one!!
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    Cody crossed the Bridge on 4 December 2007

    in loving memory of cody
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    Lily crossed the Bridge

    in loving memory of lily...gone to soon
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    Something very wrong with my dogs eyes (need help)

    I am wondering about horners syndrome also,our cocker spainel,had it,and it sounds very similar
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    Please pray for Josi

    so glad to hear that sweet josi is doing well today!
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    I lost Dexter today

    so very sorry for your loving memory of dexter
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    Sheba lost her battle with cancer.

    one of the great loves of my life was a cocker spaniel named loving memory of free at the bridge with my willie...
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    Bernie to the bridge

    in loving memory of bernie