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  1. packblt

    Thyroid Medication Question

    Hi Everyone, I know I have only been on here alot since our move but I could really use some help today. Bandit started acting very funny last week. He would start pacing like crazy and panting and shaking for what seemed like no reason. I thought at first he was going to throw up a foreign...
  2. packblt

    Arabella and Skully meet George. cute! They look so interested in him, almost like they're whispering to each other about what that could possibly be or how they should break him out, lol:) I'm sure as George grows they'll become great friends.
  3. packblt

    Queen of Sheba

    What a beautiful girl! I think she is drawn to Roge and wants his attention and until he sets the boundaries she will just carry on lol. I bet eventually they will grow to be great friends:)
  4. packblt

    Happy 3rd Birthday

    Happy Birthday fiestaicon Love her tiara:)
  5. packblt

    Juno has lymphoma.

    So wonderful!!
  6. packblt

    Selfie Sunday

    Such beauties!!!
  7. packblt

    Our boy turns 11 today

    Happy Birthday, that's awesome!! fiestaicon
  8. packblt

    Bandit and Lola are loving Florida!!

    I can't believe we have been in FL since November 9th! The drive from NY was much easier than I had anticipated and my boxer pups are totally ok with not having a fence and LOVE being walked multiple times every day. Luckily, we never had to stay in the extended stay hotel. We were able to...
  9. packblt

    Problems after neutering

    So sorry to see this, hope George is doing much better, and you also. It is so hard when they are not feeling well and even harder when we feel that our babies were not cared for properly:( Please let us know how George is.
  10. packblt

    George Boxer

    Great page! George is very adorable:)
  11. packblt

    Twice as cute!

    Such a pretty girl!!
  12. packblt


    birthdayicon Happy Birthday birthdayicon
  13. packblt

    It has been TOO long! Rocky and Dharma say hi!

    Congratulations on the upcoming baby! So wonderful that Dharma is still with you and how handsome Rocky is, they are both beautiful:)
  14. packblt

    Boxer natural prey drive

    Wow, I would be very afraid I'm sure. Crazy awesome!
  15. packblt

    Very worried...

    I guess that Stage 1 is the best that you could hope for under the given circumstances. I hope she tolerates the chemo well and the treatments give her lots more quality time. Sending hugs, prayers and healing vibes.
  16. packblt

    Hives/Swelling/Ears inflamed

    Oh no, poor Colt! Yes, head shaking can be from itchy ears. All of my three boxers had allergic reactions to yellow jackets. Bandit and Tyson would chase them in the lawn when the clover was in bloom and Lola actually got stung from one that found its way in the house and she chased it across...
  17. packblt

    Happy 1st Birthday, Jester!

    Happy Birthday Jester !! fiestaicon
  18. packblt

    Boxer natural prey drive

    Wow that is so cool! Not that they pulled you but that you can just happen to see moose. We see deer here but that's it and no where near my house. Our big excitement in wild life is a flock of geese that has taken a liking to our lawn and a pair of ducks that swim in our pool. The boxers...
  19. packblt

    Arabella was abit upset with me earlier....

    Oh yes, very happy to have her toys back! Such a cutie.
  20. packblt

    So relaxing!!!

    So lovely! I would definitely like to spend some time there:)