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  1. BetsyB

    Teaching Yard limits

    It's been 1 week exactly since we picked Roman up from the shelter. I decide this morning to start teaching him yard limits, like I have promptly taught my other two. Typically, it goes something like this... Put leash on dog, take dog outside, and walk along the perimeter of the yard with dog...
  2. BetsyB

    How much food is too much?

    The "breeder" obviously knew next to nothing about nutrition and growth stages... What exactly are you feeding him? Also would like to mention, that 7 month old Boxers "usually" look tall and skinny, gangly even! It is NOT uncommon to see ribs/hips/spine, and like all living things, it...
  3. BetsyB

    How to firm up their stool...?

    Pumpkin! Good ole canned pumpkin has a ton of fiber. Better to add a "natural" food than the powdered alternative. That may help firm up the poo, but they also may have an underlying digestive issue that needs to be addressed. Take a stool sample into the vet and have a lab run. It's a cheap and...
  4. BetsyB

    How much work is adding another puppy???

    We just adopted a new puppy last week! He is a 7 month old deaf boy. We already had 2 other Boxers, a male and female, both 5 years old. The first few days, our feelings leaned more toward the "what did we get ourselves into" camp. The last few days, he has learned a few manners, and started to...
  5. BetsyB

    5 hour car drive = NO BOXER!!

    Thanks Lisa! It was very smooth this time. I posted pics in the show off your dog forum titled Introducing Roman Pierce!
  6. BetsyB

    Summer bugs and products

    We live in the Southeast, where the bugs are always plentiful, and have been known to carry smaller dogs away with the picnic basket ;) JK... I haven't used any kind of preventative for 4 years, since switching my pets to RAW, and have never had a problem...until now! My dogs and inside cats all...
  7. BetsyB

    New Boxer Mix Owner in Georgia

    Welcome to BW from the crew and me! We're in GA too, Augusta area :)
  8. BetsyB

    Introducing Roman Pierce!!!

    We picked up our new puppy from the shelter today! He is a 7 month old white Boxer, and we have decided to name him Roman. He is super tall, and very skinny. We love him so much already!! I was a little worried about how Angus would react, given his history with some other dogs, but all three...
  9. BetsyB

    most recent vet visit

    Definitely NOT overreacting! Our vet's office used to be a 1 Doctor practice, and we were happy with the vet. They added a second vet, and she is a fool!! She told me I probably knew more about Boxers than she did... and I'm paying her?? They know at the office now not to schedule us with her. I...
  10. BetsyB

    5 hour car drive = NO BOXER!!

    Called the shelter earlier, and they said he was neutered this morning and is doing great! We pick him up at noon tomorrow. Stay tuned for pictures!!!! Thanks for all the well wishes :)
  11. BetsyB

    Question about a Boxer/Bulldog

    Try Pet adoption: Want a dog or cat? Adopt a pet on Petfinder type in your postal code and see what is available in your area. You may have to drive a little bit, but you can surely find a Boxer mix, if not a purebred Boxer online at a shelter that needs rescue!! We're driving 5 hours to adopt...
  12. BetsyB

    Sun Screen for dogs?

    Any "baby" sunscreen is usually hypoallergenic, and doesn't contain harmful chemicals. I just use that! Much cheaper than doggie sunscreen, and won't hurt them at all if they should lick it...
  13. BetsyB

    Flea treatment for puppies?

    Every topical flea preventative/treatment that I have seen says for dogs/puppies 12 weeks of age or over, so you should be good with any of those. Personally, I would recommend K9Advantix II over Advantage or Frontline. You could also try natural flea control. Sentry makes one called "natural...
  14. BetsyB

    Natural heartworm treatment

    That's what I was going to say as well! I have NEVER heard of a 2 year atbx regimen! 2 weeks of Doxy and a monthly, or bi-monthly dose of Heartguard/Iverhart depending on the if the dog tests low, med, or high HW+
  15. BetsyB

    Thanks for the great welcome

    Welcome to BW from me and the crew!! A turtle named "woof" :lol: That's too funny!!
  16. BetsyB

    Almost new boxer owner

    Welcome to BW from me and the crew! FYI: You don't own a Boxer...They own you!! :lol:
  17. BetsyB

    Hello from California

    Welcome to BW from me and the crew! Congrats to you and your wife on the birth of your new baby! Sounds like you will be very busy :)
  18. BetsyB

    5 hour car drive = NO BOXER!!

    Yes, he's in Anderson County PAWS. He is absolutely adorable! He's also filthy!!! They had 4 other pb Boxers there, and many mixes. I wanted to take them all home with me... We took him out of the cage and he was all wiggles and squiggles. He licked the kids and us and seemed SO happy to be out...
  19. BetsyB

    5 hour car drive = NO BOXER!!

    We were all so excited to be picking up our puppy today!! All five of us, me, DH, and 3 kids, loaded up into the van with the crate, blanket and supplies and headed out to drive the 2.5 hours to the shelter to pick him up. When we got there, the lady at the front desk informed us that they...
  20. BetsyB

    Petco has better food!!

    I had not been in Petco for quite a long time, and went today to look at collars for our new pup. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that they are now carrying "better quality" kibble!! They had Solid Gold, Merrick, Before Grain, and Innova. Yes, they still had Hills, Iams, Eukanuba...