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  1. Cyrus2005

    Justice turned 12 today!!!!!!!

    Happy 12th birthday Justic! Looks like you had a great day getting spoiled. :)
  2. Cyrus2005

    Neurological issues?

    So sorry... Keeping your sweet girl in our thoughts. Sending out some ((((VIBES)))) and a virtual hug as well.
  3. Cyrus2005

    Rusty got Skunked last night!

    Oh no! Skunk smell is awful!! We have skunks out here, but luckily Cyrus has never encountered one. I sure hope we get to see the photoshoot pictures. :)
  4. Cyrus2005

    Arabella trying to stay warm.

    :lol: That's super cute!!
  5. Cyrus2005

    Excited to be a member of the community

    Welcome to BW from myself and Cyrus! Glad you have joined us! :)
  6. Cyrus2005

    Hello from Colorado

    Welcome to BW from myself and Cyrus, your "neighbor" in Steamboat! Glad you have joined us here. :)
  7. Cyrus2005

    Possible osteosarcoma

    Sending healing (((VIBES))) to sweet Oxy. Hope it's just a touch of arthritis that can be controlled. Cute picture too BTW. :)
  8. Cyrus2005

    silly, silly boy!

    Oh my Gus!!! Ouch! Hope you keep your nose where it belongs in the future. We have porcupines out here too, so I worry about wildlife encounters. Feel better soon Gus!
  9. Cyrus2005

    Snatch and Oxy.. it has be a while!

    Great pictures! I can see why you posted so many because they are all so cute! Thanks for sharing your beautiful boys with us. :)
  10. Cyrus2005

    Sad story.

    I am so sorry for your friend's loss. How sad to lose a puppy to an accident. :(
  11. Cyrus2005

    Advice for 2 female household

    My parents have a Basenji mix and an American Eskimo, both females. When the Eskimo became about 2 years old the fighting started. My Step Mom was bitten badly trying to break up one of the many fights that ensued. They now keep Kenya (Basenji mix) on Valium 2x a day and they have to keep...
  12. Cyrus2005

    Prayers again for Thor

    Feel better soon Thor! Healing (((vibes))) being sent your way.
  13. Cyrus2005

    Earthborn Holistic problem AGAIN!

    I have been feeding Earthborn- the Great Plains Feast for a while now. I haven't had any problems with the food in general...(Cyrus is doing well on this) but the last bag I purchased the food was lighter in color and a good portion of the kibbles are broken, and the pieces seemed dry. Every...
  14. Cyrus2005

    Arabella turns 6 today!

    Happy Birthday Arabella! Sounds like a fun day of getting spoiled!
  15. Cyrus2005

    Christmas at our House

    Lol! The video was so cute. Cyrus would just bark at something like that! Your front entry is beautiful, BTW. :)
  16. Cyrus2005

    Waldo is 12

    Happy 12th Birthday Waldo! Sounds like you had a wonderful day being spoiled.
  17. Cyrus2005

    Odin's Pemphigus Woes

    Sending healing (((VIBES))) Odin's way. Hope you can get him off the steroids soon.
  18. Cyrus2005

    Good thoughts for Johann please?

    Hope Johann feels better soon. (((VIBES))) of healing being sent his way. (and a slobbery kiss from Cyrus)
  19. Cyrus2005

    Really bad breath.

    Cyrus had horrible breath so we took him to the vet. She found a bad tooth-one that was impacted and infected. After she removed it everything was much better. He even seems to enjoy chewing again.
  20. Cyrus2005

    Mali having surgery

    Hope everything turns out fine for your sweet Mali. (((VIBES))) being sent your way.