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    Poll: Can you trust your boxer off-lead?

    I've got two who would probably run if let off lead. Kobo used to get out and run like crazy, especially if we chased her. I've found that if I just sit down in front of the house she will stay in eye sight and come back when she gets the freedom out of her system. Kiki doesn't try to run likr...
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    Cruciate Ligament & Separation Anxiety

    My Kobo went through both of theses problems. Knee surgery and separation anxiety. Knee surgery took a long time to get over even now after more than a year there are days when she will favor that leg. But get her mind on something else and you would never know she had knee surgery. Separation...
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    come and stay

    Are my two boxers too old to learn these commands? They are 6 and 5. With a fenced in back yard we never needed these commands, but their lack of obedience to come and stay limits whatwe can do with them. How do you go about teaching these commands?
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    Second Boxer -- Several Questions

    We brought, Kiki, a 4 y/o male in from rescue as a companion for our Kobo, 3 y/o female who we have had from 12 weeks old, she was my Christmas present from my wife and kids. Prior to that Kobo had terrible separation anxiety and was somewhat destructive when left out. Kiki had an incredible...
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    You don't say what part of Tenn you live in. I live in north Georgia and my two boxers are inside dogs. When I am not home they are in the house, we let them out into a large fenced in back yard (about half an acre) and after about twenty minutes of running an jumping and playing back there they...
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    Picky Boxer Question

    Interesting question. We had to put Kiki on a diet so he's getting Science Diet lite, Kob seems to have a sensitive stomach so we put her on "sensitive stomach". You got it, he eats hers and she eats his and hers. He's 91 pounds and needs to shed about 15 lbs. per his vet. She picks at her...
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    Summer Warning

    Are you on a well? City water shouldn't have this in it.
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    this is for those who's boxer sleep on the bed

    My male doesn't go through this exercise, too much energy, he just plops down for the night. Our female has done this since she was one, we call it nesting, like she's building a nest for herself, fluffing up the bedding to stay warm for the night.:rolleyes:
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    Ear Control

    I thought natural ears just sort of hung where god put them. We didn't do anything with our girl when she came home.
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    Two Boxers eating out of same bowl

    My two eat out of different bowls. Kobo doesn't always eat breakfast so we need to see what she does eat. If we left the food out, Kiki would eat it. She's fifty-five pounds he's eighty-six pounds. Food bowls are never left out with food in them.
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    Agression ?!

    My 4 year old Kobo has been with me since she was a 12 week old puppy. I watched her play with her sisters and parents. I thought that they pplayed very rough given the noisy growls and stuff. But they were palying. She plays with my 16 year old son and our other male boxer in the same manner...
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    Ollie, It's funny, if it does not cost anythin or is relatively cheap, people become incredibly arrogant and mean spirited when they don't get what they want right away. Charge them a large sum of money and they can wait, I can't figue it out. Thanks for your efforts and fine job. Tom
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    Need help with the neighbor boy!

    It's sad that we have to resort to privacy fences to keep unruly children out of our dogs' lives. The teasing and cruelty to animals is a misdemeanor offense and I'd prosecute the parents for allowing it to happen. Get evidence, pictures, videos, etc. We were never able to catch him at it, ut...
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    Beanie Baby swiper

    Kobo's favoite is a stuffed Garfield. She loves to shake him up and throw him up into the air to play catch with. Sometimes she will bring Garfield to Kiki and try and entice him into a game of tug-o-war. They have't destroyed him yet. We have to watch Kiki and my granddaughter (3 y/o)...
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    How do you deal with the jealousy?

    You just have to let both of them know they are part of the family. Do the kids still play with the cocker spaniel pr did they turn to the "new puppy"? The cocker may feel left out and is a bit resentful. My first was and is jealous of our second but doesn't snap or act out against the second...
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    Should we bring a second boxer home????

    I'd do it in a heart beat. My Kobo a 4 year old female went through an incredible change when we brought home Kiki a 5 year old male. We've had Kobo from puppihood and Kiki joined us about 18 months ago. Kobo is a calmer, less destructive dog than before. Dhe doesn't have the separation...
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    What a Watch Dog!

    What a hoot This thread has been a real hoot... My tough 4 year old female, Kobo, trembles during thunderstorms, climbs up on th e bed, crawls in under the covers and literally shakes. The five year old male, Kiki, hasn't figured out that he can't catch squirrels. Both dogs protect us from the...
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    ...this made me laugh, made me cry...

    Thanks for a lovely poem, It's interesting that you quote Plato. My son has a book that refers to boxers as the philosophers of dogs. When I was studying philosphy I often referred to my two German philosophers, Kiki and Kobo, who gave me great comfort while studying the likes of...
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    Apollo update, need advice

    My Kobo will put her paw on my sholder to pull me down to give a lick. It's her way of being affectionate. I think that the people writing on this thread have identified a boxer who has adapted to a poor environment for a boxer. A change is seriously needed. Given time he should come around...
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    eating grass

    Both of mine will also eat grass on occassion. It just makes it that much more important to be sure they aren't grazing on pesticides or herbacides. Since the play in the back has essentially destroyed any lawn I might have had, I don't treat the back yard, no fertilizers, weedkillers or bug sprays.