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    Whats your Boxer going to be for Halloween?

    :D Ginger looks like she enjoyed this about as much as Summer enjoyed her hat!!! Too Cute! Ive seen those Harley hats before! Great Costume!!!
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    Whats your Boxer going to be for Halloween?

    Summer really didnt like her hat but it seemed like she kept it on because she knew I wanted to get a picture. I think she would do any thing for me. As I would do anything for her! Were perfect for each other! I love my boxer!!!! lovicon
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    Whats your Boxer going to be for Halloween?

    I wish I could do that with my front door! Its all glass. Every time I open the door for trick or treaters Summer wants to leap out the door and give everyone kisses!! She loves kids!! foolicon
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    What toy does your Boxer prefer most?

    Summer gets so territorial over this stuffed Scooby Doo doll. She tore it to shreds. We had to remove the eyes and stuffing but she still just loves it! Even if we hide it she always knows where to find it!!! So Cute! angelicon
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    Foamy nose!

    I am also quite familiar with the foamy nose. Ive never noticed Summer scoot on the ground when she gets dingle berries. LOL but it would be so funny!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    Whats your Boxer going to be for Halloween?

    Youre costumes are great! I love your costumes. I wonder, do our boxers know that they are dogs? LOL!!! lovicon I dont think Summer does!
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    Whats your Boxer going to be for Halloween?

    I bought Summer the cutest little spider hat that I know she hates but I couldnt resist. Just to get one cute little pic of my sweetie was worth it. Doesnt she look Happy??? Summer is thinking MOMsmashicon This image is pending...
  8. Summer's New Spidey Hat!

    Summer's New Spidey Hat!

    She really hated this hat!
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    My Female boxer seems small

    I am so sorry to hear about the hip dysplasia your dog suffers from. I guess it just varys in genes. Summer has been growing. When I first posted he only weighed 35 pounds. Now shes 43 pounds. I got her a new halloween hat. (she doesnt like it very much but I couldnt resist.) Shes a...
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    My Female boxer seems small

    I had previously stated that I had over exagerated my dads boxers size. Hes 63 pounds. Ive decided against breeding with him anyway though. ;) I didnt need my vet to tell me that my dog was good looking. Just look at her pics. Shes a sweet pea. I know what you mean about the size though...
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    Do Kongs work for Separation Anxiety?

    I know your intention was to help but why do I always feel like when ever I ask a question on this site im put down. My attempt might have been pointless but I just did what my vet told me to.
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    Do Kongs work for Separation Anxiety?

    I just bought a Kong for when I crate Summer and she suffers from separation anxiety. Have they worked for anyone else? My vet recommended it because im really not wanting to put her on medication but she is actually making sores on her head! I have to do something. Any advice?
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    separation anxiety

    I know what your going through. My dog suffers from separation anxiety. I really do not like the idea of having to put her on medication so what my vet suggested was Kong. It is a Rubber toy with a small hole at the top and a bigger hole at the bottom. You might have heard of it. You can...
  14. Summer and her friend Scooby

    Summer and her friend Scooby

    Summer and her new friend Scooby!
  15. Leave Me Alone Mom!!

    Leave Me Alone Mom!!

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    My Female boxer seems small

    I just went out and exchanged my Iams for Nutro. (I really love my baby and you all had me worried!) I gave her, her first bowl and she really seemed to like it. Maybe I will see her gain a little weight also with this change. Thank you all!
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    My Female boxer seems small

    What type of Nutro do you choose, there are so many. Summer is 1yr and 3 months and weights about 40 pounds.
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    My Female boxer seems small

    Thank you all! I guess I just trusted my vet, I had never heard that Iams could be bad for boxers. My dad also feeds his boxer that. Any recommendations of a food that has worked well for you? All I meant about people thinking I didnt like my boxer was that, pretty much everyone replying...
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    Check out my baby!

    Wow! Such a beautiful dog. He has markings like Summer! Wonderful pics!
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    Summer Bobs for Ice

    Hello everyone! I know its been a while! nice to talk to you again! Hope all is well with your babys! -Sara