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  1. twoboysnmygi

    Bad experience at Kennel (long)

    I'm a petsitter and rarely see depressed dogs, I believe this is b/c they are HOME in their own environment. I would suggest to any of you that have had issues with kennels to see if you could have a petsitter make visits to your home (some even do overnights) to watch your babies...maybe they...
  2. twoboysnmygi

    Dog bed recommendations

    We got ours at Sams...I think they are 40X40 by Poochplanet and were not only inexpensive (around 20$ I think), but pretty, comfy, & environmentally friendly I think too! :)
  3. twoboysnmygi

    Real or artificial tree?

    I'm a treehugger, so I have no intrest in watching a gorgeous tree die in my home over a period of a few weeks. We buy a real tree to plant on winter solstice and have a fake one indoors to decorate! :)
  4. twoboysnmygi

    Timberwolf Organics price drop

    Huh, it still has it listed as 52$ for me...are you sure you didn't accidentally purchase a 16 pound bag???
  5. twoboysnmygi

    Early signs of hip displaysia issues??

    Max is not even 8 months old, BTW. My husband and I noticed that every so often when Max gets up from laying down he's hobbling slightly and looks a little uncomfortable. Is this a bad sign of things to come already??? If it were a person or an older dog, I wouldn't think much of it b/c...
  6. twoboysnmygi

    Boxers Extra Intelligent??

    I'm the oddball again this time...I think I have a freak pup! LOL. Don't get me wrong, I ADORE Max, he evokes something in me that many of my other dogs have not. I've had smart dogs (I've found mutts to be super smart) and grew up with goldens who were pretty smart. We had a german/collie...
  7. twoboysnmygi

    Boxer Stuffed Animals

    I got my daughter one for christmas, I just did a search on Amazon and found a really cute one! I know she'll love it. :)
  8. twoboysnmygi

    Wow 18" on snow in Mid-MO

    We had about 8 here too! It was the ice below the snow that caused a lot of the trouble! I'm a petsitter and had to go out in it, luckily I have 4wd or I wouldn't have made it. My dogs, however, are LOVING it! Max just burns and burns around the yard, you can't even get him inside once he's...
  9. twoboysnmygi

    Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow.????

    We got 8 inches and it's the first snow Max has ever seen...he LOVES it! He was outside with Sapphire for at least an hour burning around the yard! I had to beg and plead with him to get him in! Got some great pics!
  10. twoboysnmygi

    How many tennis balls do YOU own??

    In order for me to count them I would have to go walk all over the yard, look under the dresser and the bed, oh and the kids tell me there are a bunch under the stove! The numbers are staggering though, no doubt! :) I would love to know how they actually puncture and chew up tennis balls. I...
  11. twoboysnmygi

    National Dog Show on Thanksgiving Day

    I know. Grumble. My daughter and I were so excited and then...CUT...they skipped right over him?!?!? He was pretty, what I got to see from afar! :)
  12. twoboysnmygi

    How do they do in kennels?

    Have you looked into a petsitter? They will come to your house and take her on walks so she'll still be in her own home and getting more exercise too. I'm not sure what petsitters charge in your area, but it's worth looking into! :)
  13. twoboysnmygi

    How are your babies with cats?

    Oh gosh, I'm in no way allowing him to play rough with the cats. I use the leave it command, he's pretty good about it, but still has to be redirected quite a bit. I was just wondering if anyone else had this issue with their boxer b/c my other dog didn't ever have this issue with the cats.
  14. twoboysnmygi

    How are your babies with cats?

    I'm asking b/c Max is now 7 months old and he's still a little aggressive with the cats. I get a little nervous that he might hurt them on accident, he seems like he wants to play with them, but grabs them around the neck/back and it worries me a little. When he looks at them, he looks a little...
  15. twoboysnmygi

    Catch me if you can game

    Absolutely! I prefer when he does this with a toy, however, instead of when he does it with himself and won't come when I try to call him in (or even more fun, when he's digging holes in the yard) :rolleyes
  16. twoboysnmygi

    Boarding and won't feed raw

    Have you considered a petsitter? That way they can stay home and also continue to eat their normal diet. I'm a petsitter and we do things just like the owners do, that's part of our business! You might consider it!
  17. twoboysnmygi

    Think Hobart was trying to tell me something?

    What a smart boy! ;) I'm a petsitter too and whenever I come home I apologize to my dogs profusely for *cheating* on them...they are always sniffing me like mad! :)
  18. twoboysnmygi

    My serious boxer boy

    So, ever since I got Max when he was 14 weeks, he's been different than any of the other boxer's I've met. Serious is the only way I can describe him. Don't get me wrong, when I've been gone for a few hours, he still wiggles and I see that stub wag, occasionally he gets excited...but he's not...
  19. twoboysnmygi

    Boxer rescue in St.louis or KC???

    Yay! I found a rescue that could foster her, I just have to give her an evaluation to make sure she's not aggressive (since she was labeled that way). The foster is only about an hour away, so I'll be able to get her there! I'm so happy that sweet baby will get the home she deserves now! :)
  20. twoboysnmygi

    Tummy Rub???

    Max is ticklish and acts uncomfortable (shakes his leg like he's itching) when you rub his belly! Pooh. He seems to be the opposite of every other boxer about everything! :p