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  1. BrownieMom

    fostering a heartworm positive dog

    Brownie is on her third week of rest after being treated for heartworms (we found out she was positive after we adopted her). She has definitely become more playful and energetic in this last week. We crate her during the day and at night, and we keep her on a leash when we take her into the...
  2. BrownieMom

    Thinking of adopting a dog with high prey drive

    I can totally sympathize. Brownie has an extremely high prey drive and gets very distracted by other dogs. She pulled me down in the middle of the street the first week we had her---just to chase after a squirrel. Needless to say, you have to be hyper-aware of your surroundings. This doesn't...
  3. BrownieMom

    Hi from Texas

    Hello from fellow Texans!
  4. BrownieMom

    New in ATX

    Welcome (from a fellow Texan)!
  5. BrownieMom

    Pulling during walks - Help

    We have started to get Brownie's pulling under control, but we are still having problems with her prey drive. She fixates on squirrels and other dogs, and she pulled me down in the middle of the street while trying to go after a squirrel. I was scraped up pretty badly. That said, this incident...
  6. BrownieMom

    New to BoxerWorld

    Thank you all so much for the warm welcome! I have a picture of Brownie as my avatar, so I can spread the cuteness around. :) We found out after we adopted her that Brownie had heartworms (animal control found her wandering in a field, and it looked like she had recently had puppies). She...
  7. BrownieMom

    New to BoxerWorld

    Howdy (from Houston, Texas): I have enjoyed reading your forums very much. My husband and I recently (right before Hurricane Ike hit us) adopted a fawn boxer from our local shelter. She's about 2 years old, and we named her Brownie. It has been very helpful for me to come here and find...