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  1. CA Boxer Dad

    baby teeth!

    I managed to find 9 of Maximus' teeth ,some tiny and some big molars . Got em saved in a little jar .
  2. CA Boxer Dad

    Boxer on TV show next Sat 3-29-08

    So did you all see the show today ? Zulu the boxer was beautiful , his issues were easily fixed . He just needed some daily exercise to wear him out and some basic obedience training . And he got to make friends with a girl boxer too .
  3. CA Boxer Dad

    Boxer on TV show next Sat 3-29-08

    Hey everyone . Theres going to be a 98lb boxer on the Animal Planet TV show "Its me or the dog" next Sat 3-29-08 . Out here on the west coast its on at 5:30pm and again at 8:30pm , check your listings for your time .
  4. CA Boxer Dad

    why is it soo hard!!??

    Maybe try looking for a rental duplex , they seem to be more OK with dogs and there will be a backyard too .
  5. CA Boxer Dad

    Dog Patio Doors

    I have used these for over 12 years . I use the "PetSafe" brand . I believe they are sold at Home Depot or maybe its Lowes , can't remeber . The flap size is 10"x15" with a 5" rise at the bottom . Heres a link to them at , I've bought replacement flaps thru them before ...
  6. CA Boxer Dad

    Attention ...TV show upcoming with boxers featured

    Just a heads up ... on Animal Planet this Sunday the show "Breeed all about it" it's the Boxer's turn . I've been wondering when they would get around to featuring the Boxer . Out here on the west coast its on at 6:30 AM and ... WILL NOT BE REPEATED . Set your Tivo/DVRs .
  7. CA Boxer Dad

    Twitching and grinding teeth when sleeping

    Maximus ginds his teeth while asleep . It makes me cringe , sometimes I nudge him to make him stop . He also does the other crazy stuff like snorting, whimpering , flailing his legs , twitching etc .
  8. CA Boxer Dad

    Free KONG Blue offer

    I'm not sure I'm going to give Maximus the free Ziggie because its first ingredient is Wheat Gluten . Thats the stuff that was in the recalled dog food . Maybe I'm just overly cautious . Anyways Maximus got his Free Blue Kong from my mom today and he loves it . I put little pieces of banana...
  9. CA Boxer Dad

    Free KONG Blue offer

    Yay ! . My mom got hers delivered today for Maximus , she had sent her check in about a week after me . WooHoo . My sister also got hers (a super big size) for her Mastiff delivered yesterday and he loves it . Her Mastiff can usually destroy any toy in hours but hasn't damaged the Blue Kong...
  10. CA Boxer Dad

    Free KONG Blue offer

    I called the post office and they said they can't do anything for me , it would be between me and the shippers insurance on the package (which there was none) . But they were sorry for the theft of my package .
  11. CA Boxer Dad

    Free KONG Blue offer

    UUgghhh... I'm So F*cking Pissed . UUUGGGHHHH My mailbox in my subdivision had a key left by the postman so I could open the bigger door because I had a package . I was like WooHoo my Free Blue Kong is finally here . Yay . Well the keyhole I was supposed to stick the key in was all pryed...
  12. CA Boxer Dad


    My Zeus was called : Zeus Moose Monster Wubin Carpet Shark Bat Man Maximus has a couple so far : Max Fecal Freak Poop Monster Wiggle Worm Mr Crazy
  13. CA Boxer Dad

    Free KONG Blue offer

    Just found out my check was CASHED by them 1-23-08 so it looks like I'll be one of the lucky ones to get the Kong . Yay :)
  14. CA Boxer Dad

    Brindle Boxer in February Maxim

    this thread is worthless without pics :)
  15. CA Boxer Dad

    Eating shrubs & landscaping?

    Maximus is my little gardner , he eats all the bushes , flowers , trees , bark ,digs in the grass , etc . He likes the Japenese maples the best ...
  16. CA Boxer Dad

    I should've named him Starbucks

    I couldn't imagine Maximus hopped up on caffine , he'd turn into a tornado . Hes a ball of energy as it is :) .
  17. CA Boxer Dad

    Animal Planet.

    I remember seeing that last year I think it was aired the same day/time as the superbowl . Pups rompin around on a little indoor football field :)
  18. CA Boxer Dad

    Help .My poop eating pup Mr Fecal Freak

    So Maximus has a disgusting habit . He likes to eat his poop . I catch him all the time , its nasty . He eats Canidae kibble so he should be getting all the nutritional neeeds met . So how do I stop this behavior . I go out 4 or 5 times a day searching for his poo to pick it up before he...
  19. CA Boxer Dad

    no solicitors!

    I hate solicitors . My new baby Maximus dosen't freak out like my old boy Zeus used to YET . But they are so damn annoying . Heres my sign for now , seems to be working .
  20. CA Boxer Dad

    How do bulldogs and boxers get along?

    You better not chance it . You should just get 2 Boxers :)