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  1. Betty Cavender

    How your boxer entered your life

    kingicon Mac enter my life, via my son. I am a dog lover, I was a dog lover until I meet Mac. Now I an head over heels in love with Boxer's. We had just moved into our new home, white carpet and all. I had told my son we were not going to have any more house pets. As all kids he...
  2. Betty Cavender


    Thanks - Dan I had just relaized I put in the worng area.
  3. Betty Cavender


    I have posted picture of Mac on the Member Gallery, You can find him by usernname - Cavender. I think he's beautiful. Betty
  4. Regal Mac

    Regal Mac

    Mac and all his regal ness.
  5. Cool Hand Mac

    Cool Hand Mac

    Mac getting ready for a Sunny day outting.
  6. Mac our Guard Dog, His day off

    Mac our Guard Dog, His day off

  7. Betty Cavender

    A Slight Need to Vent

    I agree with you, there are no bad dogs only bad owners. I can not say no to any dogs that come around or that my son brings home. He has brought to Pit Bulls home. One I saved its life, We live in a rural area, and some dog owners should be jailed for there treatement of animals...
  8. Betty Cavender

    MY Boxer doesn't Jump what about yours

    Thanks for all the repiles there such interesting stories, I could listen to Boxer stories all day. kingicon kingicon
  9. Betty Cavender

    MY Boxer doesn't Jump what about yours

    I read about all the boxer traits and Mac seems to have all them, but one. He does not jump. I have to pick him up to put him in the bed.
  10. Betty Cavender


    Thanks for all the repiles, Dan you are probably right on. :) I tend to spoil Mac. I feed him Lamb and Rice Dry Kibbles. But at any meal time he is right beside me looking with those adoreable facial expressions, I always give him my last bite. He never brothers my husband when he is...
  11. Betty Cavender


    I wonder if this is typical for a Boxer. Our Boxer Mac has a fenced in Yard and a very nice dog house. We both work so we do not want to leave him stuck in the house all day. I was concerned about him being lonely and wanted to get him a mate. My husband said it would never work. He reason...
  12. Betty Cavender

    Does your boxer sleep in bed with you....

    Does your boxer sleep in the bed Mac has a bed, on my side of the bed my husband and I cover him up and kiss him goodnight. Sometimes we can tell he wants to sleep with us, luckly that does not happen to often. Mac takes up most of the bed, he starts at the foot, and ends up in the middle of...
  13. Betty Cavender

    Boxer and Full Moons

    I have a question, I know it is strange one, and no I do not beleive in Werewolves. Mac seems to act strangely around full moons, very restless and wants to go out at night more than normal. Just wandering because Boxers have so many traits that my other dogs never had. Thanks for any feed...
  14. Betty Cavender

    Westminister Dog Show alert

    Go Jake Thanks fot the information we were planning to watch and get a glimpse of the best breed of dogs, boxers of course. Mac and I wish Jake all the best. Betty, David and Mac
  15. Betty Cavender


    Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome. Mac will be 2yrs in June. His a great dog with a bit of a attuide. Kinda of like dont sweat it no big deal, just chill. Other times he just a baby who wants to sit in your lap and be cuddle. No matter which personality he is wearing we LOVE him...
  16. Betty Cavender


    Hello my Name is Betty I have been looking at this site for a couple of months. I wanted to join in on all the delightful conversations. I came about owing my boxer by luck. We had a Shitzu that we had to put to sleep she was very old and not in good health. I had told my son that we were...
  17. Betty Cavender

    Boxer Traits

    Just want to add my boxer does most all the things mention and when I get home he so glad to see me that his head and tail or both looking at me, I think this is referred to as the wiggles. This is my first Boxer, but as all of you this is the love of my life. I have had lots of puppy dogs...