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  1. vaboxer

    Heading to Atlanta! too! My hubby and I are going at the end of September for a Braves game...Id love some suggestions on what to see and do!
  2. vaboxer

    Knew how to comfort me....

    My boy Hook has been with me through the most difficult times (we went to college together, graduated together, got Dayla...then moved and got married!) Lately Ive been very depressed and the ONLY one that can make me feel ok is Hook...he's my heart and soul that boy. He knows when to come...
  3. vaboxer

    Can Boxers Swim?

    You bet! My kids love the water.
  4. vaboxer

    Digital cameras resolutions

    we've got a Canon Powershot G2, 4 mega pixels, and it does have a great optical zoom. we use a HP PSC 750 (printer, scanner, fax). my pictures print out beautifully...but I tend to use the online services for printed out versions. it has nothing to do with the quality of my printer...but my...
  5. vaboxer

    Dave Matthews Band!!!!!

    How fun! I LOVE DMB! But...I used to see him play in little dinky bars...cant bring myself to see him in huge places and paying the price...I loved seeing him back in the day though...and still support him by buying his music. Dave was a huge part of my college experience
  6. vaboxer

    Breaking the windows!

    had to pop in on this thread cuz I thought we were the only ones! dayla has broken one window pane which was easy to replace...but it scared the heck out of me. she hasnt done it im assuming she learned her lesson...
  7. vaboxer

    Simba's "Chewbacca" sound CRACKS me up!!

    not only do my two make chewy sounds...but my hubby "talks" to them in chewy too :rolleyes: it's quite funny...they will "talk" to each other like that for hours if you let them
  8. vaboxer

    Under the Tuscan Sun

    Read the's 10000000% better than the movie :D
  9. vaboxer

    Why Oh Why.....

    i have issues too... i leave the office at 3:30 but am staying late because the girl scout is here delivering as we speak :D 6 boxes thank you!
  10. vaboxer

    Train a boxer to "speak?"

    We are working with Dayla on this now. Hook will speak more than tell him "speak" or "talk to me" or <kinda embarassing but the hubby taught him> "who's your daddy" :eek: But Day's been hard because she looks to Hook for everything she doesnt understand. If we say...
  11. vaboxer


    This is sooooo my Dayla girl! She's got certain times when she wants lovin'...and if we try to kiss her when she's not in the mood...she turns her head as if she's saying, "no thanks" then we kiss her smushies (jowels/cheeks) :) She's her own little person. Hook...on the other...
  12. vaboxer

    Dewclaw Removal on 11 weekold

    I know you already made up your mind...but I had to chime in and add that my Dayla just turned 4 and is just about the craziest boxer Ive ever met...with her crazy running...playing...she is continuously bouncing on her toys and using her hands...and NEVER has she had a problem with her dews...
  13. vaboxer

    Indecent proposal!

    we always get offers for Hook...none for Day though :rolleyes: but I feel the same as you do...there's no other dog in the world like Hook...he's priceless lovicon
  14. vaboxer

    Web Hosting

    Thank you all for your help! I am putting together a fansite for my good friends that have a band that is starting to take off here on the East Coast USA... I get CDs from tapers that go to each show and tape the show...they then send me the CDs...I convert them to mp3 and then put them on...
  15. vaboxer

    Web Hosting

    Hello All :) I am in the process of putting together another website and have decided to change hosting companies. Ive looked online for the best hosting companies, but then read an article yesterday that said sites about the best hosting companies are usually run by those hosting...
  16. vaboxer

    1 year since Dixie's jaw bone removal

    Oh what a wonderful update. Its amazing how the years fly around here at BW ;) Here's to many more wonderful years with precious Dixie! And here's to a most incredible mommy! :D Merry Christmas!
  17. vaboxer

    Goliath Knowles

    Debbie ~ I am so, so sorry for your loss. I will say a special prayer for Mr Goliath tonight...and for you and Jack as well... :(
  18. vaboxer

    Sweet Goliath turns 13 years young!!

    Debbie the pictures are just precious! Here's to many more years Mr. GK kingicon birthdayic
  19. vaboxer

    Unsuccessful Halloween Pics

    The kids were not cooperative this year with their costumes :( And we wanted to get our pumpkins in the the lighting is a bit off. But you can see my crazy kids as a mouse and a cat
  20. vaboxer

    Diamonds and Rubies....

    Pam ~ Ginty and your girls are so precious! Ginty is the most adorable best friend to them and I can just see them growing up with her always around and it makes my heart say awwwwwwlovicon