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  1. Oscar&Champ

    If you EVER kick my dog again you WILL regret it (longish)

    I agree. They come over uninvited then have the gaul to kick your baby. They owe you the apology and quite frankly they owe your baby one as well. Poor thing probably thinks he did something wrong. I hope he got lots of treats after they left.
  2. Oscar&Champ

    Help Dew Claw Question!!

    Oh I never thought of that. It might actually hold better than just gause and tape too. Good idea. We do have a TCS and I think I have seem some in the pet sections of the petsmart and stuff. Thanks. He seems fine as long as it is wrapped up if the bandage comes off then he is knocking it...
  3. Oscar&Champ

    Help Dew Claw Question!!

    No he never had them removed, he was a rescue think maybe he was from a byb. His tail was super docked though, it's just a tiny nub. But the furry skin part is still attached it is just the nail part that broke. I think when they trimmed them at the vet it split or something. I have it wrapped...
  4. Oscar&Champ

    Help Dew Claw Question!!

    Ok so I just noticed that Champ has torn his dew claw. It is hanging well...still attached but very loose, like bent in the opposite direction. I can't get him into the vet until the morning and I need to know how I can wrap his foot up and what with or what I can do for him cause I know it must...
  5. Oscar&Champ

    They Think WE'RE The Bad Neighbors

    Well Oscar is a jumper. And now seems to have taught himself how to open the gate. :rolleyes: Go figure. I bought a chain to rap around the gate so even if he opens the latch the door won't open but that doesn't mean he won't try to jump over it. He has been good at this house and hasn't jumped...
  6. Oscar&Champ

    They Think WE'RE The Bad Neighbors

    Ok so when all the kids came home from school today what was the first thing I saw, a little white poof ball running for my yard. And of course my boys were outside. I bribed Champ in really quick with a hot dog but Oscar was having none of that. He stood intently at the gate and watched it. So...
  7. Oscar&Champ

    They Think WE'RE The Bad Neighbors

    That's what I told hubby I wanted to do sooo bad. Put the candy cane lights up right smack dab in the middle of the yard with a big santa or something and leave it there till June or something.
  8. Oscar&Champ

    They Think WE'RE The Bad Neighbors

    Ok so the dogs in this new neighborhood we have moved into are just the most annoying little boogers on the face of the earth. We have already had problems with our neighboors GS on the right side of us so now it is the left side neighbors little white fur ball of annoyingness dog. If they put...
  9. Oscar&Champ

    He slapped my baby girl!!!!

    I think a slap on HIS nose is in order since he seems to think that is the appropriate way to handle an aminal.
  10. Oscar&Champ

    Please help, need advice about winning custody of my boxer!

    If you paid for her and she is registered to you then I don't think she can take her from you. Laws are different everywhere but I would assume that would be the major factor. Plus, why woud she want her anyways if she doesn't even take care of her or want to from the sounds of it. She's better...
  11. Oscar&Champ

    My Messy Bed!

    Dito for me too. I gave up on making the bed the day Oscar was old enough to not have to stay in his crate any more. I only make it when company comes over for show. Other than that there is no point really or it would drive me insane trying to keep it straight. That is their favorite place to...
  12. Oscar&Champ

    What's going on in the boxer's mind when

    I usually end up having to lift my leg and turn to keep from getting run into. Sometimes they will miss me and one goes on either side of me. And you can sure feel the breeze as they run by. It's like standing right in the middle of a track in horse race.
  13. Oscar&Champ

    Long, overdue, update!

    Wow the stairs shot is great! You can deffinately tell he is good as new. I'm so glad he made a full recovery and had a wonderful Christmas. Hope Santa Paws was good to him. :)
  14. Oscar&Champ

    I think Teagan will be tiny!

    If she's only 8 months she's got a while of growing left to do. Boxers don't completely fill out until 2-3 years of age so she still has lots of time to grow yet.
  15. Oscar&Champ

    What a bad boy!!

    I've come home on more than one occasion to torn up blinds so I get the cheap ones so they are not expensive to replace. I thought Oscar was actually trying to tear them up but after watching him one day I realized hat he was doing.... when I left I happened to see him up in the window with his...
  16. Oscar&Champ

    Just had to howl

    That is too funny. Maybe she was just checkin to see if you would get up.
  17. Oscar&Champ


    I bet you he has been thinking about that jump for a while now. Like taking measurements in his head getting ready for the big moment. I bet that was funny to see and scary at the same time. Just like a normal boy, gee I bet jumping from way up high onto the couch will be fun.
  18. Oscar&Champ

    Where is his Big Boy Face?

    Oscar will be 4 this year and I think he still has his baby face. He never seemed to grow out of it. Now when he gets in stance and gives his big boy bark it changes a bit but other than that I think he has a puppy face with a big boy body. I think its his eyes that do it. They look at you so...
  19. Oscar&Champ

    Poor, Poor Josi :( Kinda long...sorry

    Poor sweet baby. I hope everything goes well with the surgery and hopefully she will have a great 2007. We will keep her in our thoughts.
  20. Oscar&Champ

    aaahhhh the sweet smell of revenge

    That is too funny. I actualy laughted out loud at that one. Did she actually roll around on the floor? Ha ha. I can just picture it.