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  1. Jade's Mom

    Worried about leaving Jade home alone for the first time...

    Thanks for the reassurments, I will ask my aunt if she can come over and check on her. Dawn
  2. Jade's Mom

    Question about neutering

    I am sure that Rocky is going to be just fine and good job researching about the ace, that is dangerous stuff. I was terrified when Jade went in for her surgeries. I told the vet that I would call and check up on her several times, and they told me that was alright. It made me feel better to...
  3. Jade's Mom

    What Mom, were just having fun!!

    Jade also needs an umbrella to go out in the rain, she loves the lake though... go figure.
  4. Jade's Mom

    Worried about leaving Jade home alone for the first time...

    I am a little nervous about leaving Jade home alone for the first time over night. Jade goes to work with me every day and also on vacation, so in the 1+ year that we have had her, we have never spent the night apart. She has been home alone a million times when we go out at night or out...
  5. Jade's Mom

    Introducing Peyton!!

    Congrats on your new baby. I am so glad that she has a good loving home now and that you will take care of her and get her well. Cant wait to see pics!
  6. Jade's Mom

    My dog wants to be a professional!? (long...)

    I'm glad that he is was ok.
  7. Jade's Mom

    I went insane!!!!!!!

    Congrats! That is a great accomplishment!
  8. Jade's Mom

    Kaybie's Surgery =(

    She will be ok. I know that it is scarey. Jade just went in for surgery two weeks ago for a cyst and I was very nervous. I think it is only natual to worry. But I am sure that she will be just fine. Just remember that she will be weary if you are nervous, so put on a brave face and tell her...
  9. Jade's Mom

    Help - broken leg & vet bills (sorry long)

    Good Luck with the credit card offer! I hope you get it! And I am so glad to hear that Emma is going to heal up just fine. I do hope that they found a better pain killer for her though.
  10. Jade's Mom

    Do you let your boxer on...

    DH never had animals growing up, but has been a part of my dog loving family for 7 years now. He could not wait to get our very own dog after we bought our house and Jade, like all the other dogs in the family, is allowed anywhere she wants to go. That is why we bought leather furniture. It is...
  11. Jade's Mom

    Help - broken leg & vet bills (sorry long)

    First let me say that I am so sorry and that Jade sends lots of licks and wiggles. Have you thought of a line of credit through your bank?
  12. Jade's Mom

    Jade has a cyst :(

    Jade is doing much beter today. Yesterday when we brought her home all she did was sleep. I couldn't get her to eat or drink anything. This morning she woke up thirsty, hungry and happy. She has been full of wiggles and kisses all day.
  13. Jade's Mom

    surgery or not??

    I'm glad that his surgery went well. I hope that all of this makes him better and not in pain anymore. Good Luck! Jade sends lots of slobbery kisses from her recovery bed to keerofs!
  14. Jade's Mom

    Jade has a cyst :(

    Jade is at home now. Her surgery went fine. The cyst was bigger than it looked and it was multiplying. The doctor said that he got it all though and it is going to be sent out to be biopsyed. She is sleeping off all the meds right now. Thanks for all the boxer world vibes! They really helped!
  15. Jade's Mom

    Vote for Jade!

    I am trying to get my sweet baby Jade's picture on a soda bottle. Will you please vote for her at these address:
  16. Jade's Mom

    Jade has a cyst :(

    Thanks, for the ace advice. I talked to the vet and they agreed not to use ace on her. They also made a notation in her file.
  17. Jade's Mom

    Jade has a cyst :(

    My sweet baby Jade is going in for surgery tomorrow morning. She has a cyst that is growing on her beautiful head right between her ears. I am very nervous about her being under anesthia. I am sure that she is going to be fine, but I can't help but worry. I know that boxerworld healing vibes...
  18. Jade's Mom


    Jade licks things all the time. She really likes things that taste like soap, so she will lick all the clothes when they come out of the dryer and she tries to steal the dryer sheets. She is such a nerd.
  19. Jade's Mom

    Does your boxer hug you?

    Jade loves to hug. Even at 50lbs. she still wants to be picked up and hugged.
  20. Jade's Mom

    Cookie is 13 today!!

    Happy Birthday Cookie! Jade sends you lots of slobbery kisses.