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    protecting me when I'm home alone!!

    J.J. also started doing that this Sat. Hubby went on a fishing trip and I was watching this thing on MSNBC. It was about the Michigan Animal Control and their efforts to break up dog fighting rings. (Very sad stories I might add, the conditions those dogs were in was heart wrenching) Well...
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    When will he lift his leg

    I have heard that the lifing of the leg is only learned by observing other male dogs do it. I see now that I was misinformed, but it was true in my case. J.J. lifted his leg for the first time about a month ago. He was about 7 months old. We were visiting a friend and her neighbors dog came...
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    What to do?!

    We had this same problem when J.J. first came home with us, he will be 8 months next week. I had never had a young puppy before so I was really worried when I saw him nipping, chasing the kids down (ages 3 and 5) and growling at them while they were playing. I kept asking my husband, family...
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    Fawn - Brindle - White

    I think that we can all agree that we love the Boxer, overall. If we didn't enjoy more than just the color, then we would not be members of this wonderful place, Boxerworld. I understand both points of view. I wanted a fawn also when I started my search. I never really seen a brindle up...
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    eating poo

    I hope that this helps a little. My dog has always eaten his poo if given the chance. I have also read a lot of things here at Boxerworld about other dogs eating their's also. (and anything else that they can get in their mouths.) Then again, I have also read that it could mean that they are...
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    Mr. Innocent, I think not!

    Today J.J. and I went to the basement so I could finish up some laundry. We go down there often and we also have a family room down there. Just in case a kitty gets locked down there I put a litter pan down there. I always catch J.J. trying to have a snack. I scold him and he usually leaves...
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    Does your dog drool.

    not too bad here either! J.J. only drools when, like the others, there is food and exercise in the picture!! My impression when I was researching the breed was that they drool all the time! I pictured that they would be running around with big, long strings of drool hanging from their lips...
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    Getting divorced need temporary home for Cola

    Hope this helps I am considerably far away, however I could help you out! I could watch her for you for about a month, maybe a little longer. I would not have a prob giving her back at all. I have been almost in the same shape, years ago. Someone had to watch our Rottie for us and it was...
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    Hurt Feelings

    I get that a lot with both of our dogs We get this a lot because our Rottie is shorter than most, but we think she is beautiful!! Everyone loves her that knows her because she is so sweet and loving. When I told everyone that we were getting a Boxer they were like EEEWWWWWWWWWWW those dogs...
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    Too many Kobe's

    Isn't it funny? When we were looking for and waiting on our Boxer I swore that he would have an awesome unique name. I thought about this and spent many, many hours searching for a good one. He was going to be Roscoe, Tank (lol, thank goodness, it isn't), all sorts of others. Well on the 6...
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    A Call to Boxer Lovers in MD DC VA areas

    I can't believe that I missed the first one. Shoot!!!! I was MIA for so long with the move, kids in school, 2 computer crashes, etc. that I completely did not read about it until just now smashicon I would love to join in on the second one and I bet J.J. would just love it!!!!!!!!! He is...
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    Please pray for sweet Sarah

    I am sorry to hear about your grandaughter. My daughter also last week had the same issue with the white blood cells, thank goodness it was just a virus and she is better. It is a completely horrifying thing!! Every bad thought possible was consuming me. We will keep you in our prayers...
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    Won't Bark

    J.J. will soon be 7 months and he has barked since we picked him up at 7 weeks. We heard him barking at the breeders. He won't bark at the door yet, but stares at it with that "look" like he wants to. We taught our Rottie to go into "alert" mode by saying "watch it"! (in a whisper tone) He...
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    Does your boxer try to bite your hair?

    J.J. likes to chew on my hair, the kid's, and hubby's. When we got to the breeders to get him, I picked him up and that is the very first thing he did. He doesn't do it as often anymore, but he will if he catches you off guard. He would just chew the dickens out of it, make it all slimey and...
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    MY Boxer doesn't Jump what about yours

    J.J. jumps all the time. We also call him Jumpin' Jack Rabbit. He hops along after all the toys we throw, it is so cute. He also will jump onto and into anything. He doesn't care what it is, he is going to check it out. I also find it amazing how he jumps so high from a sitting position...
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    Hello All

    How adorable!! The puppy is just beautiful! Congratulations, hope to see more pics soon!
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    Boxer First or Baby First

    We have a mixture I have always had cats. I am a serious cat lover and when my first daughter was born the cat had a new buddy. He forgot all about me. Then, the dogs started coming after all the skin kids. The Rottie came just a few months after I had my youngest daughter and we got some...
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    Anyone elses boxer roll off the bed?!

    J.J. will fall out of the bed, off of the couch, and over his own 4 feet! He is so clumsy! When he lays in bed with us, he will just slide slowly and all of a sudden BAM!!! He is on the floor looking at us like we pushed him out! He is a silly boy!
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    Hiccups ?????????

    J.J. had them a lot also when we brought him home. I was concerned with it because I too, thought he was having them too much. When we were at the Vets getting his check up and shots, the Vet said that this was normal. I am so glad he had a set of them while we were there. I was really...
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    Love the kIsses

    There is nothing like those sloppy Boxer lips. My puppy doesn't always let me, he is too busy trying to chew everything to peices, but I steal them.:D Sometimes, as he is getting older, I notice he comes to me to get lovin's. I call him my saggy lip boxer baby and he loves it.;)