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    I was trying to make a poll but I messed up! sorry
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    Where does your boxer baby sleep? 1. On the couch 2. In the floor 3. On your bed 4. In a pet bed 5. In a crate 6. Outside
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    Peeing AND pooping in the crate....HELP!!

    I would def. use the divider pannel and also take the pups out by them selfs every other time!
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    Me and kilo are thinking about taking obidence training classes--well me. She does really well about sitting and a few others but I was wondering about price and where --we are in NC. Have any one else did it work?
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    New from North Carolina

    Welcome to BW from Kilo and I. We are also in NC
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    Aloha from the Big Island

    Welcome to BW from Kilo and I.
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    Hey fellow Boxer lovers, an intro.

    Welcome to BW from Kilo and I. I am glad the surgury worked out good.
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    New Boxer Parent in Kansas!!

    Welcome to BW from Kilo and I.
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    How Many Boxers?

    I wish i could have another boxer. A puppie though. I wish you the best luck!!!
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    New puppy Koda is home

    He is very dark. I love all the pics...I also miss having a pup around. the snowing pic is so cute on the dark.
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    What's the craziest thing YOU have ever done...

    I have gave up my bed and my hubby but I like it better with kilo. I have also gave up having a clean house from all the shedding. My papa thinks she is outside but we sneak her in while he is gone because he wont be back for a month and thats just for two days!
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    Crazy Quirks!

    Arent they sooo cute. You cant help but laugh your butt off.
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    I had a HORRIBLE dream!!!

    I am sure that its just a bad vibe due to your subconciouns. Maybe you are just worried about how you are treating him? I had a wierd dream last night too...Kilo went under the bathroom door. IT was closed and she just wanted to drink from the toilet. lol :eek:
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    ok thats ok I made one at work and it fell apart.
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    What do you think?

    Kilo does well with most other dogs. However one boy fiest/chawawa mix always tries to fight with her. luckly kilo is a big baby and scared of everything. and the other dog is tied.
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    Sorry I just got that. I only have the internet mon to fri. but on Saturday I workd 10-7 and Sunday 9-6. I will be working in produce. If you want to just come over that way and go to the bakery. You can ask any one for deonna and they will point me out!
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    New Boxer Mom & Dad

    Hello welcome to bw from kilo and I. Cant wait to see pics of Mr. Shaq.
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    New Member from Utah.

    Hello Welcome to BW from kilo and me. I bet Zehno is a doll baby! cant wait to see pics.
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    Boo Hoo

    She had to go because my papa said that there were too many animals--most of which were his. He has four coon dogs. I have Kilo and her and stupid. But stupid is a family dog. He belongs to all the family.
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    Kilo alone~

    yesterday I went to school. My hubby was with my baby so I figured everything would be ok. when I got home the house was horrible and you would think it was kilo--wrong it was the hubby. Kilo was laying on the couch probally thinking god what is this man up to he is going to get me in trouble...