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  1. kjames7148

    Silver boxer needs help in NC!

    Oh, this poor, sweet guy. Can't somebody take him in? Karen
  2. kjames7148

    Help Brina find a new home

    Also, please don't offer her as "free" to anyone. There are lots of bad, bad people out there who do not have your dog's best interest in mind. They will make themselves look like the BEST choice for you, but often are a VERY, VERY bad choice. ALWAYS ask for some type of adoption fee and then...
  3. kjames7148

    help me to adopt

    Hey, I just wanted to add one thing......Most people that work in rescue are VOLUNTEERS and there is alot of turnover in volunteering; which makes the people who run these things even more busy. Please be as patient as possible with them. They may lose your e-mail or your applications, but...
  4. kjames7148

    help with new rescue..

    Also....maybe for these first few days....give Bella some of her own ALONE time with you (or even by herself) so that she has some down time where she doesn't have to fight off the happiness of Otto. KJL
  5. kjames7148

    HELP! Demodex question

    I agree with Jan totally. I WOULD be your responsiblility to tell PetSmart if your dog had a contagious infection or disease (kennell cough for example), but since he doesn't; it's none of their business. Just get through your last two classes and your home free. Re: Demodex. Been...
  6. kjames7148

    New Pics of Sapphire

    Hey Fellow Illinoians......and Cubs fans. Your sweet baby is just her dark fur. Very sweet. Karen
  7. kjames7148

    A Tribute to her life... she is greatly missed

    She sure sounds like your "once in a lifetime" dog. Your tribute was beautiful and i know she feels the love that you still have for her. Condolences, Karen, Bonnie, Clyde and Chester
  8. kjames7148

    2 boxers now!!!

    Oh boy.....I remember that.!! It WILL get better. I know how hard it can be when you are nervous, they are nervous and everything seems like chaos (rather, everything IS chaos). Hang in there. By this Friday, you'll be calmed down, they'll be getting along much better and all will be...
  9. kjames7148

    Can Boxers Swim?

    Two of mine can swim.....however, not well and very clumbsily but my big male sinks like a stone. I walked him out into the deep water, carrying him along. He paddled while I held him, but as soon as I let go, down he went. Be cautious while you try and be ready for a rescue!! karen
  10. kjames7148

    Vaccinating suggestions!!!

    In Cook County, this is only true if you get the "three year" vaccination. If you get the "one year" dose, you must do it ever year. Karen
  11. kjames7148

    OK, KS, MO and IL Transport help Needed

    No, thanks though. I get these requests about once or twice a month and I try to post here as much as possible. Keep checking, if you are available. Karen
  12. kjames7148

    Kiddie pool for the furkids

    I found mine at an ACE Hardware; however, my three boxers wouldn't play/or lay in it. They would get their toys out of it, if they accidently got dropped in the water, but that was all. Karen P.S. They eventually chewed a hole in the bottom and that was that.
  13. kjames7148

    Covers or No Covers?

    Anyone ever do this? Chester loves being covered so much that sometimes, when it's really cold....I'll throw the blankets in the dryer to warm them up and then cover him. He just LOVES it!!! We'll cover him at 9pm and then come down at 5am and he's in the same position completly covered...
  14. kjames7148

    Transport help MO, IL, IN, OH, PA, NJ

    There are 4 adult and 3 puppy Golden Retrievers that were pulled from a puppy mill and need transport to various rescue groups. The leg details are as below. If you feel like you may be able to help or would like further information, please feel free to PM me and I'll forward on the...
  15. kjames7148

    OK, KS, MO and IL Transport help Needed

    I know it's not a boxer, but these dogs need help. The most URGENT part of this transport is to get Deputy Dawg from Oklahoma, OK moved this weekend. He was scheduled for euthanasia last Thursday and I begged them not to put him down. We are also moving 2 female Pointers out of Kansas...
  16. kjames7148

    Complete Disaster Area (BIG surprise)

    Did you take any pictures of the "redecorating" that they did? If so, I'd love to see them. K
  17. kjames7148

    AARP - What do you think?

    That's what I thought too. Is this "journalist" new to the world, or what?? Karen
  18. kjames7148

    I must admit -- I enjoyed it

    Last night, we had some crazy storms in the Chicagoland area. Although I feel bad for my babies because they get scared; I have to admit that I love that they get close to me. I was sitting up on the couch and Bonnie was half on my lap, pushing her head against my chest (and she's normally...
  19. kjames7148

    AARP - What do you think?

    Below is an article that was on the AARP website on ways to spend your tax return. This makes me mad because it sends some really poor messages. Basically, they are saying, don't adopt a dog from a shelter, you can earn money for studing your dog (more BYB's??) and they didn't even mention...
  20. kjames7148

    My first time volunteering (sad)

    I know....I sucks, but it's soooooo worth it. These guys have a chance because of you. Please don't let this turn you off from future volunteer work. These types of things are not real common. You'd be unlucky to every see anything this bad again. I've done tons of...