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  1. jimseabee

    Game-Continued :) Keep one-drop one

    pork ribs
  2. jimseabee

    Dakota is gone

    Last Friday Morning 2:30 am after be had to take him to the ER vet, Dakota's heart, Just Gave out. We knew he was not doing well, that afternoon he collapsed in the yard. I was out of town of course, but I raced to the vets just to see what was going on. They said he had a mass on his heart...
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    The end of an era

    sorry for your loss
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    beds preferred by boxers

    beds I took a memory foam topper, 3 in thick cut it the size of his existing bed and now he sleeps on the floor. He loves the bed now. Just A spoiled rotten boxer.
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    Leaping Boxer...

    I had a rescue that would clear a 6 ft fence :lol:
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    Dog parks..yes? No?

    I don't go to dog parks not because of the dogs but the owners. they don't control their dogs, just like their own life. They think it it easier to throw them out and there not be problems. Just saying.
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    Inside or outside while at work?

    inside . he is safe that way
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    found boxer

    I found another boxer he in OKC OK. His new name is IO (E O) I have him listed with a boxer rescue here. He smart but was abused and is all scarred up.
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    Found in OKC

    I found a 2 year old male boxer that was tied up a pole. He was severely dehydrated and was very glad some one came and got him.
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    Toys for Boxers.... recommendations and post what your dog likes

    Dakota likes to tear up boxes. He will tear them up then play chase with the pieces. grin2icon Silly boxer.
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    Boxer along side freeway

    Son saw another one yesterday 12-18 My DS saw a boxer yesterday in a different location, of course beside the freeway. He chased it across a field and down a side street into a neighborhood, then he lost it. Hopefully some one will get it. No, did not call animal control, they don't care.
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    Boxer along side freeway

    I just saw a boxer along the freeway in OKC OK. I tried to get him but he/she would not come. I did get him to go back under the fence into the field. Drives you crazy,
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    Game-Continued :) Keep one-drop one

    up stream :lol:
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    Nighttime routine: what time does your boxer go to bed?

    Dakota will not go to bed until the DW goes. He usually starts getting tired around 9 pm, he will go in where the DW is, lay down and make long sighs. If she gets up he bolts for his bed, waiting for her to get there.
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    Can a boxer be too friendly?

    yes the easy walk harness is a life saver, (no more choking) and a 6 ft strong leather leash. Dakota is 90 lbs and can pull you down the street if he wanted to. the harness pulls them back into you and makes it difficult for them to pull against it.
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    Can a boxer be too friendly?

    Dakota is 4 now, and is super protective of the DW and the home, car where ever he is with his family or extended family except for my SIL, he does not like him. :D Dakota only barks when someone come near the home, comes to the door. I believe he would attack someone who broke in...
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    Complaints from the babysitter...

    :lol: looks like he enjoyed the time with them too
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    George 2001-2010

    we are praying for you.
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    MICROCHIPPED - should i tag him or not

    1. Here in Oklahoma the shelters pounds don't scan for microchips. Needless to say I was very p____ ed and went off on the twit director. Her answer was if they lost the dog they don't deserve it. Well you don't want to know my answer to her. 2. Always have them tagged, I found a boxer the...
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    Merry christmas everyone

    thanks for the Christmas greetings loviconappicon