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  1. Ingrid

    Still skinny at 17 months

    I am not an expert in any way, but I understand that boxers are just very slim/trim dogs in general. I would not worry much, my baby is 15 months and only about 47-48 lbs, and 23 inches. As long as they're getting a good quality food, and the right amount of exercise. (and of course aren't...
  2. Ingrid

    Might be getting a 3 year old...

    I have never adopted a boxer that age, but a few years back we adopted a 4 year old lab mix. She was wary at first, and she had been in the same situation as the boxer you want to adopt. She was left outside a lot, and the owners didn't have time for her etc. It just took time, care, and love...
  3. Ingrid

    Glossary of boxer terms

    OOps...I can't post that link can I? Sorry.. It's only a glossary with terms, nothing bad or advertising wise.
  4. Ingrid

    Glossary of boxer terms

    Hi all, Forgive me if this has been posted before, but it was so funny that I couldn't take the chance of not having it posted. I had to hang on to the counter as I laughed at some of here you go! Enjoy. :) http://*************************/glossary.html
  5. Ingrid

    Self Tan ~ Which brand do you use?

    I agree with the few comments on smell. I can't stand the strong, strong smells of some self-tanners, so that's one of the main factors in choosing a lotion for me. Did any of you find some good ones with light smells? I've been using jergens face for a while, but I don't like using it everyday...
  6. Ingrid

    Boing! Boing! Boing!

    Such cute videos! Your kaybie reminds me so much of my dog. I guess boxers are very similar all around the world. :) I loved the video of kaybie trying to get her ball, and her whining and looking at you.. sooo familiar, ;)
  7. Ingrid

    Help! I hate RX food...

    Good to hear! Hope your baby gets better.
  8. Ingrid

    New pics (Just goofy)

    That's funny that you call him doodlebug, my parents have a female chow chow that is named Doodlebug. Also easily called doodlebuggers, doodlebuggy, or just doodle. (Don't ask how she got the name...:)
  9. Ingrid

    Help! I hate RX food...

    Regardless of what a vet told me, I would never put my pup on hill's or the other one you mentioned. There are many other types of foods out there that can help with allergies. Have you tried canidae chicken? It has only chicken as a source of protein, making it easier to track down which...
  10. Ingrid

    cracked pad, literally

    That sounds like a good idea. I do that when my fingers split from too many dishes. Crazy glue is a miracle! :)
  11. Ingrid

    Mom do something !!!!!!!!

    Cute. :) Isn't it great having two dogs? I only have Elsa right now, but I've had two in the past, and it's just so much fun!
  12. Ingrid

    Can you train your dog not destroy toys?

    OOhh...those tuffies look really good. I'm excited. Elsa destroys about one toy per day.(because that's all I'll give her per day.) Does anyone know if stores stock them, or do we have to order them online? I also like the t-shirt rolled in a ball idea. Thanks!
  13. Ingrid

    male or female friend

    I think, don't quote me, but, I think that male and male is not a problem if both are neutered, the real agression issue can come in with two females. So you're probably okay to go with either another female or another male. I'm sure other BW people will know more on this issue. I've had to...
  14. Ingrid

    Daisy was bad at the park

    I suspect she just had too much energy, and remember: dogs have good days, and bad days just like us... Try not to get angry at her. :) I know it can be tough sometimes, when you know they can be such well behaved dogs. Next time will be right back to normal I'm sure. Good luck and stay in...
  15. Ingrid

    Well it was bound to happen sooner or later...

    Elsa is very prone to pimples. I was shocked when I first heard about "puppy acne" and I just burst out laughing. But the point is, it's there. I bought her metal dishes, but she still occasionally drinks out of a ceramic one, and still gets some pimples every now and again. I guess like humans...
  16. Ingrid

    Hello Everyone from Canada!!

    Hello! and welcome to BW from Elsa and I, in BC. I'm positive that you'll love this website as much as we do. It's very helpful, full of information, and a source of support whenever needed. Looking forward to seeing your pup's pics.
  17. Ingrid

    Safety Breakaway Collars

    I'd never heard of these collars until today. I went on their website, and it seems like a really good option if you are going to leave your dog with a collar on all the time. Has anyone else used these?
  18. Ingrid

    Caspers quite aggressive

    I don't believe that dogs' feelings can get hurt. I think they can feel a sort of lethargic/sad feeling when we get mad at them, but not for long. So my point is, don't feel bad about making your pup sit and stay for as long as needed. Elsa is very attracted to toes and fingers too, I have to...
  19. Ingrid

    New Member

    Elsa and I welcome you to BW. Hope you find this website as helpful and friendly as we did! Congrats on your baby.
  20. Ingrid

    Training treats

    I use the rollover dog food. It's like a big fat sausage that you cut up into little chunks, you have to keep it refrigerated, but Elsa just loves it. She'll do anything for it.