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  1. Sam S


    Thank you all so much for your lovely replies. Ali is doing fine, she was a little lost for a few days but seems settled again. Matt and I on the other hand are still missing Eric terribly, but we know he's pain free now. Yes he was!!
  2. Sam S


    We got Eric when he was 9 months old, after a brief show career. The breeder we got him from was the same one we got Ali from and said that she had decided not to show dogs anymore and wanted Eric to go to a good home as he was such a lovely dog. Well he was better than lovely, he was warm...
  3. Sam S

    It's been a while!!

    Hi all It's been a long time since I've been around Boxerworld, so I wanted to say Hi to some old friends and hopefully introduce myself to some new friends. My name is Sam and I'm from Melbourne Australia and am owned by two beautiful boxers (Ali 11 yo & Eric 10 yo) and I also still look...
  4. Sam S

    Long time, no write!

    Hi everyone, It's been such a long time since I've been around and so many new names etc., that I thought I should introduce myself again. My name is Sam and I am owned by two beautiful boxers, Ali & Eric. My husband Matt & I have an eight month old baby girl, Sarah (gee I can't believe...
  5. Sam S

    Maybe I am shallow but how do you not favor one to the other?

    I suppose it's like having 2 skin children, you just don't favor one over the other. You will find they both have very different personalities and it just works out. We had Ali for about 15 months before we got Eric & I can honestly say I love them both the same amount just for different...
  6. Sam S

    Planning a trip to Australia

    Both Adelaide & Townsville aren't as "touristy" as alot of other places in Austalia (perhaps that's why you've chosen them ;) ), and both are completely different. Adelaide is the "City of Churches" very pretty with easy drives to some of the best wineries and best landscapes in the world...
  7. Sam S

    TV Shows

    I enjoy any reality show ie Survivor, Big Brother, Wife swap (english version is the best) etc. I also enjoy CSI (las vegas), but the 2 shows I watch most everyday are Neighbours and Days of our lives. DOOL is one of the funniest shows on TV, the girls at work kill ourselves laughing at it...
  8. Sam S

    Oh My God!! Its CCCCCOLD!!!

    Now I can't even imagine what you guys are experiencing! Today it's 35degrees c / or 95 degrees F so it's almost too hot! Stay warm ... summer is getting closer for you guys. :)
  9. Sam S

    Jed 3.1.97 - 17.12.04

    Wanda, Our thoughts are with you, Bryce and Hannah at this difficult time. We wish you all the best with the upcoming birth of your first baby. With deepest sympathy, Sam & Matt
  10. Sam S

    Safe age for a choke chain

    Since they have been discussed before (well, in the almost 3 years I have been on the boards) and since I don't consider there use to be - then this is news to me. Thanks for clarifying :)
  11. Sam S

    Safe age for a choke chain

    This does not mention check/choke/correction chains, so it is my understanding that this can be discussed on the boards. I used to used a Halti (which is like a GL) but Ali HATED it!!!! ... in fact it is my belief she has hidden it, since I have seen it for nearly 12months :) I now use a...
  12. Sam S

    Curious about this boy's coloring

    He is absolutely beautiful! He would be technically "incorrect" for showing (more than a 1/3 white or white on ears is considered incorrect). He is a flashy boxer, not necessarily poorly bred, many well bred boxers are white or have too much white ... that's genetics & thats a whole...
  13. Sam S

    An ear for music?

    I play the clarinet & have had no reaction from my 2 (they usually leave the room). When I started learning the French Horn, Ali would still leave the room, but Eric would put his head up the bell to see where the noise was coming from. I actually think he liked it (even though I think he &...
  14. Sam S

    Its Not difficult to make a woman happy (LOL)

    & Feed Him
  15. Sam S

    The Loud Sigh...

    Both of ours sigh, I fact I've caught myself doing it too! (maybe that's because I grew up with a boxer!) We know it's time to sleep when Eric lets out his final sigh for the day, it seems to be a bigger sigh & it makes us settle down too. (I know it's weird!)
  16. Sam S

    Mexican Chicken Pizza...easy!

    Sounds yummy, except can I ask what "Cilantro" is? I assume it is some kind of spice?? As soon as I find out what Cilantro is I'm gonna try it .... Thanks :)
  17. Sam S

    Def Pup???

    Deafness can be common in white animals in general. If Kaiser has the white gene (ie if he has white on him) then he can display this trait. Some flashy boxers are only deaf in one ear therefore most people wouldn't even know that their dog was partially deaf. - this is good advice.
  18. Sam S

    Heart mur mur in 6 wk old

    I would be very wary of who is giving you this information at 6 weeks. Most vets don't really know what they are listening for so if you are concerned I would get your puppy checked out by a specialist. We were told Ali had a grade 1 heart murmur at about 16 weeks & then at 12 months...
  19. Sam S

    A dream to become a breeder

    No we don't breed, altough Eric has been used at stud quite a few times, after speaking to breeders I don't think I could go through all the heart ache that goes with breeding. If you can try to go to the Royal or the 50th Anniversary show then you should be able to see plenty of Boxers and...
  20. Sam S

    A dream to become a breeder

    Welcome to Boxerworld. John's advice to join obedience is a good start. The Boxer Association of Victoria currently meet each Sunday at 10am at the Dorothy Laver Reserve in Glen Iris , you need to join the club to participate & cost $2 each week after...