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  1. BaconBits

    Consumer Affairs complaints on Canidae

    It doesn't surprise me that their reasoning for changing the formula is to cut costs...but why does it cost the same for less the amount (about 5 lbs less) and cheaper ingredients?? I am sure most of us including myself have pinched pennies during this economic crisis except for the quality of...
  2. BaconBits

    I have joined the ranks of the boxer-stalkers! :)

    I always wonder if the other person thinks I'm crazy for stalking, but then I realize...maybe they are stalking me too!! ;) I recently found out that a neighbor down the road had a fawn boxer, which they don't know I have 2 because I live at a dead end. (as if the huge boxer flag wasn't enough...
  3. BaconBits

    Dog doors and winter ?

    Mine has 2 flaps with a magnet. So far it hasn't let it heat during the summer. At least not what the door normally lets in. It's a God send! After training one of the boys to use the bell, it was all we could hear! And when they wanted back in, they would scratch our door. Now they come in as...
  4. BaconBits

    Cuz must die!

    :lol: I am thankful that a Cuz doesn't last very long in my house! The boys detroy it. They either knock the squeaker loose or they bite a hole through it. it is cute seeing them run around and squeak it. but then you regret buying it!
  5. BaconBits

    Behaviorist in need in Richmond VA!

    They have gotten nicked on the head and ear (which is the worst). I have been bitten on the arm stepping in which could have been a dog's face, head, or neck. They fight like they WANT to hurt each other. The latest fight Bacon hurt his paw and has been limping. Well Thor wants to play and will...
  6. BaconBits

    Behaviorist in need in Richmond VA!

    I was wondering if anyone could recommend a behaviorist that works in the Richmond, VA area. I was hoping maybe someone had experience working with one in particular. I am having problems with our 2 boys that it is getting to the point where DH wants to have one leave. I do not want that to...
  7. BaconBits

    Boxer on TV show next Sat 3-29-08

    I watched this too and absolutely loved Zulu because he reminded me of my dogs(full of energy). What head collar did she use? It was like a gentle leader but the lead hooked around the back. Same concept to prevent the dog from pulling. I thought she mentioned that it was for dogs with short...
  8. BaconBits

    They pick the strangest things to eat...

    I remember getting in the shower and wondering where my soap bar went!! That's the least of what the dogs have eaten in my house. Once it was a tube of hand lotion! (and his stool was not pretty after that) It's also amazing what you find in their stool too. I have found eyes from a stuffed...
  9. BaconBits

    Head tremors? What's wrong with my dog!

    This may be a little late, but I was doing research because my baby had head tremors over the holiday. It freaked me out!! His wasn't as bad as yours. Only his head was shaking back and forth. He was alert. We gave him some water and that snapped him out of it. He only did it twice and once a...
  10. BaconBits

    Uninvited Guest

    I just had to comment because I agree 100%. I have three and people know we do. I'm not changing the way I run things or "putting them up" as people would ask. I would never ask them to put up their kids (if they had them)? (Sometimes I wish I could!) I tell people that I have 3, you're going to...
  11. BaconBits

    Kaybie & Atreyu

    So adorable!! He looks just like my Thor! Mine turns 1 next month. They don't stay small long. I can't even remember the last time I could actually pick him up.
  12. BaconBits

    Having a boxer is great....

    I have two boys and they can be a handful. They play constantly. But they keep each other company. They have 2 totally different personalities too. One is never far from the other. Actually, right now, one is outside and the other is inside and they are whining because they want to play...
  13. BaconBits

    Why Aggressive Now?

    I don't know why my dogs have started to become aggressive towards one another. And it's not a specific dog. One is a shelter dog, one will be 2 years old and one will be one next month so they've been together for approximately 1-2 years incident free up until recently. I just had to break up a...
  14. BaconBits

    Medium Size Dog

    My friend just lost her beloved lab of 13 years. She's thinking about another dog since she's always had a canine companion. She was thinking of a medium sized dog since her lab was about 70 lbs and she's an older woman and had trouble lifting her the last days of her life. She was thinking...
  15. BaconBits

    mello boxers ?

    I don't know what that is! :lol: My two boys are at it all the time unless they're sleeping. My older one has gotten a lot wiser though with age. Maybe turning a year older and getting a little brother made himi wise up. But they do have different personalities. The older one is a brat and the...
  16. BaconBits

    Broken New Camera

    I've had it since June. It's too late to bring it back. It was my fault that it broke since I put it in my purse and not a camera bag. I guess I might as well attempt to send it to manufacturer since I have no other choice. Thanks for the advice.
  17. BaconBits

    Broken New Camera

    My new digital camera's LCD screen broke. No one seems to have part for me to repair nor are there any camera repair shops around me. Has anyone ever sent a camera to be repaired by the manufacturer before? If so, how long did it take. I'm still under warranty, but I don't want to send my...
  18. BaconBits

    Play Pal in Richmond, VA

    Really close to Carytown. It's next to Dogwood Dell which is near Maymont off of Boulevard if you know where that is. It's called Barker Field. A lot of people go there to socialize their dogs. They also have a small area for smaller dogs. I usually try to take my boys there every weekend just...
  19. BaconBits

    Not this time

    :lol: My girl lays upside down in front of the fan all the time! She loves it especially when it gets hot. She would definitely ignore me for some A/C time.
  20. BaconBits

    Play Pal in Richmond, VA

    I'm from Richmond. I have 2 boys, whom I do take to the dog park. I try to take them there to socialize with others. I try to take them there early morning because the amount of dog increases during the day. They are quite submissive to other dogs. If you would like, I could introduce you to...