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  1. paysmom

    Recent photo's

    Fabulous pics!!! I have missed seeing your babies! I can't believe that Casper is all grown up!!! How old is he now?
  2. paysmom

    How are boxers with strangers?

    If you didn't know Pay you would think he was a vicious mad dog seeing him at the door- He's terrible- It's almost embarrasing. I always have to put him into a sit stay, then when the person actually walks in the door and things are settled down, I release him. Then he's all wiggles, beans...
  3. paysmom

    Falko the pit bull!

    I agree with you! Me too! LOL Falko is beautiful BTW!
  4. paysmom

    Showing off my boys Bosco and Otis

    Great pics! Your Boys are sooooo handsome! I'm in Wisconsin too! :) Where are you from? I live near Madison.
  5. paysmom

    Riley Playing at About 9 Weeks Old.

    What a cute video!
  6. paysmom

    Timberwolf change of formulas

    I feel the exact same way about the price and ingredients! They went up over $9 a bag here! I too switched to Wellness Corealso and my dogs love it! They've never ate with such gusto!!
  7. paysmom

    Is there a reason?

    Payton does the exact same thing... I think it's a "boy thing". My female shihtzu isn't like that at all!
  8. paysmom

    Some recent pics...

    Great pics Erin! I loved the videos too!!!
  9. paysmom

    Welcome Tank to the family!

    What a cute baby!!!
  10. paysmom

    Family picture with Santa.

    Very nice pic of all of you! :)
  11. paysmom

    New Pics

    Nice pics! I LOVE this one...
  12. paysmom

    First Xmas

    Oh my Gosh! Beau is getting so big!!! Looks like he had a wonderful Christmas- Hope you all did too! :)
  13. paysmom

    I need my boxer friends to say many prayers for my DH

    What great news!!! Thanks for updating all of us!!!
  14. paysmom

    Any idea what she is crossed with?

    My first thought that came to mind was fox terrier, because of those ears....
  15. paysmom

    Muffin, my sister.

    RIP Sweet Muffin.... angelicon
  16. paysmom

    Meet Logan - a match meant to be!

    Congrats on your new baby- can't wait to see pics!
  17. paysmom

    I need my boxer friends to say many prayers for my DH

    We'll be thinking of you and praying for your DH on Tuesday. *hugs*
  18. paysmom

    Prayers and healing vibes for little Molly Ann

    Our thoughts and prayers will be with Molly Ann... She sounds like a sweetheart- Bless her!
  19. paysmom

    They surprised us!

    What a wonderful thread! thanks for putting a smile on my face- Oh yeah- HAPPY 25th!!! fiestaicon
  20. paysmom

    Cooper makes nine!

    Makes you wonder if they were trying to hide something from you... Hope all goes well Tues at the vet- Please keep us updated!