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  1. sasmeow

    How thin should an 8 weaker be?

    Izzy was only 7 pounds at 10 weeks old. I think boxers can be thin at times, but as long as she doesnt look like Izzy did, I am sure she will be fine and fill out. Izzy is doing great now, but I was worried for a while. I would also switch to a better quality food. Keep us posted. skinny...
  2. sasmeow

    How does your boxer sleep ?

    Izzy and Gus both sleep in my bed, and are the biggest bed hogs! I guess thats normal for a boxer from reading others posts :lol: I usually wake up on the edge of the bed. If I am on my side, usually Gus is all stretched out and against my back, leaning into me. I think he is actually almost on...
  3. sasmeow

    Favorite Halloween costume

    So, with Halloween a month and a half away, I have been thinking about what Izzy and Gus should be this year. Not sure if we will just recycle old ones. Anyway, I was thinking of things they have been before, and remembered what Izzy was as a puppy... a baby! :lol: She was in her first obedience...
  4. sasmeow

    boxers in the bathroom

    Gus will follow me in and sit on my feet :lol: He will also lean against the shower doors when I am showering, and sometimes will stand and stare and try to see thru the door. Izzy will walk in when I am on the toilet, but doesn't stay long. Its a game for them that I started a few years ago...
  5. sasmeow

    nicknames =) what endearing names do you give you pups ?

    Izzy: Baby girl Baby doll Izzy boo boo (because of all her booboo's) Izzy rooster (my friend started this) Izzy wizzy Izzy-bella Iz Knucklehead And when she is in trouble, she gets called by her full name : Isabella Gus: Gussy Gus Gus Gussy Wussy Big boy Snuggle butt...
  6. sasmeow

    Gus got another raccoon!!

    It was probably 2 years ago when Gus caught and killed a raccoon. That one bit him in the mouth, but other than that, he was fine. Well, tonight, I had them in the backyard with me, while I was scrubbing litter pans. I looked up because I could see both of them out of the corner of my eye and...
  7. sasmeow

    Cute story about Izzy

    The family that I am now working for full time, I have known and worked for off and on since the oldest child was born and she is now 8. The other kids are 6yrs old and the baby is 7 months. When the oldest 2 were younger, they loved me to bring Izzy when I would babysit (they still do). Erika...
  8. sasmeow

    Healing vibes for Gus

    Update Gus is doing so much better!!! Thanks for all the prayers and healing vibes! I thought I was going to have to take him for more fluids, but he finally drank!! I went to Janet Jackson's concert last night, so my mom checked on him. I asked her to mix chicken broth in his water, but...
  9. sasmeow

    Thor is at the vet with pancreatitis

    YEA! Isn't that great when they finally drink!! Gus finally did and I called my mom all excited, LOL! I was like, "Good boy, Good boy!!":lol:
  10. sasmeow

    Healing vibes for Gus

    Gus seems to be doing better tonight. He got a little more energy after the fluids. I can't believe how fast it absorbed. Tonight, I put some chicken broth in his water and he drank some! Not a ton, but he drank. He usually drinks a lot. He was acting like he was afraid of water, poor guy! I...
  11. sasmeow

    Healing vibes for Gus

    They gave him sub q fluids and he already absorbed it. They said if he doesn't drink tonight bring him back in the morning and they will do iv fluids. He is resting now.
  12. sasmeow

    Healing vibes for Gus

    He has had no urine output for 18hrs now. We are on our way to the vet again. Ill update later.
  13. sasmeow

    Healing vibes for Gus

    Gus has still been coughing a lot on the cough suppresant. He is sleeping now, so hopefully he does all night and no more episodes during the night so we BOTH can sleep. He did finally eat tonight when I put some canned food on his dry food. He hasn't really been drinking much water today. He...
  14. sasmeow

    Healing vibes for Gus

    Just got back from the vet and Gus has pneumonia! :( Poor guy. He was up all night coughing. We are both exhausted. He is on 2 antibiotics and a cough suppresant. She wants to do recheck xrays in 2 weeks to make sure his lungs look better. Also, she mentioned something about his trachea looks...
  15. sasmeow

    Healing vibes for Gus

    I started to research online and am now wondering if its something else. His cough is a little different sometimes, it sounds almost like a goose "honk". I read that can be tracheal collapse, a congentital issue and doesn't usually show up until they are older. He is 4.5 yrs old. It said it was...
  16. sasmeow

    Healing vibes for Gus

    When I had to board Izzy and Gus back in May, a week later, Gus came down with kennel cough. Now, he has it again!!! UGH! Izzy had surgery almost 2 weeks ago and now this. I wish they could both be healthy! I hate when they feel bad! I don't know where he got it this time. He did go to do the...
  17. sasmeow


    OMG!!!!! If I ever have kids and someone said anything like that to me, I would go off!!!! Having a baby changes nothing how you feel about your dog! WTH!!!!!! One of my friend who is expecting involves her dog in everything related to the baby. She loves him more now than ever! People...
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    appicon Congrats!!!!! appicon How exciting!!! My dogs love babies and especially Izzy is very protective and concerned for the kids that I nanny. Can't wait to see baby pics :)
  19. sasmeow

    Thor is at the vet with pancreatitis

    Just now catching your post. So glad Thor is feeling better and is home! I bet his sister missed him so much if they are anything like my 2 :) Prayers, postive vibes and big slobbery kisses and wiggles from Izzy and Gus and I for continued healing for Thor! lovicon
  20. sasmeow

    Izzy's surgeries

    Good news!!! YEAH!! NO cancer!!!! I called the vet today since I hadn't heard anything, and they called me back hours later. That kind of pissed me off because who knows how long the results have been siting there! But, I am happy that her lumps are not MCT's or any type of cancer. The one on...