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  1. Gronar

    Long time no post!

    Personally, no I haven't. They get along really well, sometimes they will squabble over toys but nothing that ever gets out of hand without a quick "NO". They live together with a third female, my older Rottie Vallejo. I do know from reading around here that this is not the norm, but I...
  2. Gronar

    Long time no post!

    Hi all, been a lllooonggg time since I posted so I thought I'd share a video of my MONSTERS! They'll both be 4 next month!
  3. Gronar

    Sleeping on bed

    Cuddles and Toots are WAY to big now to get in bed with me and the wife. They sleep on there doggie beds by our side. Plus we got the doggie door installed now and they just go out when they need to potty, no waking dad necessary!
  4. Gronar

    Did anyone see...

    I ordered this for the wife for Christmas, click on the boxer one of course. It looks just like my Toots.
  5. Gronar

    Is Casper a big b*gger?

    Toots is a good 4 inches taller than her sister, Cuddles. She'll be 3 next April, and is weighing in at a whopping 80 lbs right now. My girls are HUGE!
  6. Gronar

    He's Afraid of the Big Bad...

    Toots was terrified of the box of butter I got out of the freezer the other day!
  7. Gronar

    How much is your boxer worth?

    My 2 are "priceless".
  8. Gronar

    You let your boxers sleep in your do you

    I don't worry about the hair, it's all the DIRT that gets in our bed that gets to me!
  9. Gronar

    New pictures at the top of the page?

    I believe that is Henri, Gmac's dog. Can you tell us what type of harness that is, Gmac?
  10. Gronar

    Studies show tail wagging to right is happy dog

    I have to say, I've noticed Cuddles wags predominantly to the right. I thought it was a neurological disorder until I read this!
  11. Gronar

    What are your boxers afraid of?

    LOL, cardboard boxes are on my two's list also. Cuddles is scared of empty trash cans on our walks, they don't bother Toots too much. And Cuddles is also scared when we get the Nintendo Wii out and play Wii bowling, she thinks we're going to smack her with the controller or something!
  12. Gronar


    Jolly balls are good, but it only last 2 weeks. I had it tied to a tree branch on a rope, Toots bit right THROUGH the handle on it, then popped it! She still likes to toss it around though.
  13. Gronar

    Any ideas as to the mix here

    He looks all boxer to me. *edit* Lola's right, I think he has a slight beagle look to him. He looks a lot like my Toots facial wise.
  14. Gronar

    Happy Birthday Sophie!!

    Happy Birthday Sophie!!!! It was Cuddles and Toots second birthday on Tuesday, and they're at doggie daycamp right now celebrating it also!
  15. Gronar

    Play Time

    I love the one of Dino in the air with his ears straight up, I about fell out of my chair laughing here at work!
  16. Gronar

    Cuddles and Toots are 2 today!

    Happy birthday my girls, momma and I love you dearly!
  17. Gronar

    Bouncing straight up in the air!

    When I give Cuddles a treat she usually prances around with it in her mouth, drops it and gives it a couple for jackhammers, then sproings strait up, all 4 feet at the same time! It's freaking hysterical!
  18. Gronar

    Jake has died

    The girls, wife, and I all send out condolences. Godbless, Jake.
  19. Gronar

    Seasonal allergies / itchy scratchy

    Same as you, Heather.
  20. Gronar

    Seasonal allergies / itchy scratchy

    Well, Toots got so bad I had to take her into the vet on Sat. Antibiotics, steroids and some form of doggie antihistamine (can't remember the name) for her for 2 weeks. She looks and feels SO much better after just 2 days.