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  1. JackDawg

    New, Bad Behavior

    Advice please: Jack is a 3 year old, fixed male. He is a latch key boxer unfortunately as my wife and I both work. I get home when I can at lunch to allow him to eliminate, however, this is not everyday. He gets a 40 minute walk in the mornings and at least an hour walk in the evenings, in...
  2. JackDawg

    Guarding instinct?

    With me, I think Jack is more an instigator. With my wife, he is very protective. Some strangers he likes right off the bat, some it takes a little more time to warm up to, and some folks he has met, he still doesn't like (I don't blame him on a couple) watching them intensely, hair on back...
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    I am more of a reader than a poster, but I wanted to share our good experience. We finally got the nerve to let Jack off leash (only in certain areas) on walks. He is doing really great! If gets more than 10 yards away, he comes running back. And to really tire him out, my wife & I will get...
  4. JackDawg

    Rescue Pressure?

    Thanks for the feedback. You guys have confirmed my decision. Wish me luck as we continue our search...
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    Rescue Pressure?

    We are working with a rescue to find a second dog. We met with the foster family and the dog over the weekend. Their meeting was not as positive as I had hoped. They kept their distance did very little playing and she had several instances of growling/barking at our male. I did not take it...
  6. JackDawg

    Harness = Blisters

    Wasn't sure where to post this... We have been going on more frequent, longer walks and Jack's current harness has rubbed blisters on his chest just outside his "arm pit" on both legs. It is a "TUFF" brand. Has anyone else had this problem or know of a better type?
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    Foreign Bodies - Stomach Surgery (LONG)

    UPDATE: Jack has been home since Monday. My wife and I just sulked around with him not in the house. Good to have him back. He has an appointment for his staples to be removed tomorrow and he seems to be healing quite well, just sleeping a little more than usual. Oh, and as for the daycare...
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    Foreign Bodies - Stomach Surgery (LONG)

    My wife & I woke up Friday morning to Jack vomiting all over the bedroom floor. Once the light was on, I noticed that all the vomit was tinted with blood. Knowing something wasn't right, I made an appointment first thing with the vet. After taking X Rays there was some indication that Jack...
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    The Greatest American Dog - Presley??

    Presley won!!! All of our Boxers are cousins to the Greatest American Dog!
  10. JackDawg

    The Greatest American Dog - Presley??

    The previews from last week show that tensions will be high. I think I heard one of the judges ask "why should a 16 month old dog be the 'Greatest American Dog'?" And Travis sounded very defensive. Come on Presley, pull through....!
  11. JackDawg

    Rocky woke this morning to HUGE Welts on his back

    Did you bathe him recently? Jack used to do this until I switch shampoos. I now use Pet Aromatics "Woodsy Woof". Just a thought.
  12. JackDawg

    Adult or puppy?

    When we got Jack, my wife and I worked totally opposite shifts. I only worked 14 out of every 28 days. This allowed me plenty of time to spend with our little ball of excitement. We now both work dayshift and I don't think we could do the puppy thing again. I would like to add another from a...
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    Canidae changing formula??

    Sorry to get in on this late. I bought a bag of lamb and rice formula and noticed that the kibbles were of a different shape and color. Jack's stool has not been the same since the new bag (and definitely not for the better). As for the packaging changes, at my supplier the regular ALS has...
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    Paws & Blisters

    Thanks for the tips. He is typically there for approx 9 1/2 hours. The Day Care owner says he plays non-stop, from the moment I drop him off until I pick him up. I asked her to isolate him a couple of times a day to let him rest, but she says he plays even harder when he joins the group...
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    visited vet today

    We use Frontline Plus for the fleas & ticks, but only from spring thru the fall. You may have to use it year round in Texas if it is warm enough for fleas. As for heart worms, we use Heartgard Plus (the chewable kind) once a month. Jack eats it like its a treat. Good luck and hope the itching...