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  1. Burton'sMa

    Skin help for my TyTy

    Update Thank you all for the replies.....I spoke with my vet about the testing, but he said it is expensive and only really works about 50% of the time....after using the dinovite and keeping my boy on the meatloaf diet....he is doing great!! He hardly licks/scratches any more...his hair is...
  2. Burton'sMa

    Skin help for my TyTy

    My boy is going through the same thing....he has lost looks like a moth go to his is dry and flaky.....It has been this way for a month and a half.....and has not improved....I have him on antihistamines....and have for years....I think it may be getting ineffective....he...
  3. Burton'sMa

    Question about Veggies and Stool on Meatloaf

    Thanks for your replies.....I just put in the red ground hamburger meat (93% lean).....beef broth, brocolli, large carrot, and green squash.....but his stool is still really dark....I read in the book that was recommended on this forum that sometimes the body has to detoxify from the bad stuff...
  4. Burton'sMa

    Question about Veggies and Stool on Meatloaf

    I am using the Meatloaf boy loves it......but, I have been grating in one head of broccoli and a carrot in the mix (I also use brown rice instead of white).....but I was wondering of any other vegetables I could add to this recipe that would be safe? Are there really any harmful...
  5. Burton'sMa

    Just Got Started

    Thank You Simmons! That was very helpful:) I am now ready to get my pressure cooker and get started!!
  6. Burton'sMa

    Just Got Started

    Need Help in this Area My Boy is 6 and he has just begun to loose hair, has been dealing with bad ear infection (in both ears) and eye trouble (I believe as well as the vet) as a result of allergies.....may be both seasonal (as I live in the South as well as food related)......He was on...
  7. Burton'sMa

    Merrick food switch?

    Well I just picked up the Merrick Turkducken and my boy loved it.....I am switching him off of Wellness Lamb and Rice......he was very gassy with the Wellness.....I just fed it to him and he tried to pick it out and avoid eating his Wellness....I found a place that sold me a 5lb. bag to...
  8. Burton'sMa

    Seasonal allergies / itchy scratchy

    Thanks X19er.....I took my boy in for the Cortizone shot....I also ordered the generic form of Tavist through vet suggested that may work better on his allergies than Benedryl....I did a google search and found the same info. my vet said about it......but it was difficult to find...
  9. Burton'sMa

    Shaylea started regurgitating her food

    Glad to hear the good news:)
  10. Burton'sMa


    Yes, my baby has seasonal allergies too.......I give him Benedryl several times a day, but I will be speaking to my vet about other options....this year has been terrible with pollen......I have horrible allergies too....I get dr. told me not to go outside with fresh cut grass until...
  11. Burton'sMa

    Heightened Anxiety with No Apparent Cause?

    Please let us know......since you haven't changed diet....I would also think something health related....seizures?....possible tyroid trouble......the tounge color lets us know it has to be more than, I am no doctor....but I don't think anxiety alone would change the color of your...
  12. Burton'sMa

    Dr. thinks it might be cancer!

    Best wishes go your way......please keep us posted and let us know what another vet says.....your baby seems very young for least my vet tells me that cancer in a young boxer is rare?, I would definitely get a second opinion......if you can, you might also want to contact the...
  13. Burton'sMa

    Seasonal allergies / itchy scratchy

    I was glad to find this post....sorry for your fur babies allergies......but my boy has the same seems to be much worse this year.....of course, being in the seems only degrees of how bad the allergies will be.....I give my boy Benedryl several times a day......his chin...
  14. Burton'sMa

    Shaylea started regurgitating her food

    I have had that problem in the past with my boy....when he could not handle a food.....sometimes, he would be fine for the first two weeks....and then....he would do the same thing you described.....he didn't act sick or lethargic....he would just regurgitate the food......I switched him to...
  15. Burton'sMa

    thickened/calleoused nose

    My boy is almost 5 and he has had the same problem....I usually try vaseline....but I put it on before he goes to bed at helps if you stick with it.....but his nose is still, I am glad to hear about this post...b/c I am going to try some of the remedies....Thanks you all:)
  16. Burton'sMa

    Gerber Baby Food

    Thank you very baby is doing much better. He has healed very quickly. We have a great vet. We appreciate your well wishes:)
  17. Burton'sMa

    Gerber Baby Food

    My boy just had surgery and is being a little picky about eating.....instead of giving him some of my husband's turkey luncheon meat (high in sodium)....which of course, he will eat a couple slices....I began mixing in Gerber Turkey and Turkey Gravy baby food in with his Natural Balance Duck and...
  18. Burton'sMa

    histiocytoma again

    I know how you boy had an ACL very young (7mo.) when he began playing on the stairs (with himself) and fell.....we still feel badly b/c we felt we should have known better and kept the stairs closed off to him.....anyhow, he is now 4 1/2 yrs. old....he has had the histocytomias (sp?)...
  19. Burton'sMa

    Won't Stop Licking Paw

    just as a side note.....a good thing for the ears...I use alot to keep my boys ears dry and clean is the PetCo PetGold dry ear powder......I use it on the outside of his ears.....from itching on the outside is antibacterial too.....I like it better than the R-7 (although I know the...
  20. Burton'sMa

    help with kennel caugh

    Well, I am an idot.....I called my vet, b/c my boy's leg after surgery and missing a dose of the Rimadyl really blew vet (who is wonderful) said that there was no worry with my, he is back on it and it has been prescribed for 10 days.....he is doing much better and the...