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  1. MaggienDeuce

    Best part of New Year's Day....

    You can find them at Petsmart, though you have to start looking in Sept/October the previous year for them. They are always sold out if you wait until December like my DH did this past Christmas. Luckily the calendar place in the mall had one left for all the malls in Jacksonville, so he...
  2. MaggienDeuce

    Best part of New Year's Day....

    is getting to open my new boxer-a-day calendar. 365 more days with pictures of those adorable smooshy faces! DH gets me a new calendar every year for Christmas and it's always my favorite present.
  3. MaggienDeuce

    Water/Honey to Treat Wounds

    Honey does have natural antiseptic properties though I have never used it myself or for my dogs. As for the warm water, I feel your vet is correct. As I child I had a bad cut that required stitches and later got infected really bad. My doctor instructed my mom to soak the wound in warm, salty...
  4. MaggienDeuce

    Can you think about having a baby with dogs in the house?

    Everyone here has given great advise. I have a 21 month old son and a new baby due in 2 months. Believe me, our family gave us a hard time about the dogs before our son was born. But with the new baby on the way, not a single word from anyone about the dogs. Everyone has seen how awesome the...
  5. MaggienDeuce

    Northeastern Florida

    Well Mayport is actually very close to the two parks I mentioned in my previous post. Also, I read in the paper today that St. Augustine and St. Augustine Beach have passed ordinances this week to allow dogs on leash at restaurants with outdoor seating - so long as the restaurant gets a $25...
  6. MaggienDeuce

    Northeastern Florida

    I'm in Jax and it is a dog friendly city. Hannah park and Huguenot park (both on the beach) allow dogs on leash. There is a city sponsored dog park in Jax Beach which has separate parks for small and large dogs, the local Humane Society also has a dog park. There is a city ordinance which...
  7. MaggienDeuce

    J.C. at the bridge....

    I am so very sorry to hear about J.C. My jaw dropped when I read the headline for the thread. I can't imagine how hard it is for you and your family right now. I'm sure he is at the bridge completely healthy and thinking that he had the best life on this earth that a dog could ever have...
  8. MaggienDeuce

    Biggest Boxer Mess...

    I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. I'd say you've won the biggest mess contest hand's down and I'm not envious one bit about your win!
  9. MaggienDeuce

    Wild Boar?

    Thanks for making this post. I have been wondering about this as we have friends who hunt and want to give us some wild hog but I have the same concerns as you. Hopefully someone will have an answer.
  10. MaggienDeuce

    Harness = Blisters

    Maggie's harness used to do the exact same thing. If you and Jack otherwise like the harness or don't want to shell out the money for a new one, here's what I did. I went to the fabric store (JoAnn in my town) and bought a 1/4 yard of thick sherpa fabric - it looks like wool on a lamb. I hand...
  11. MaggienDeuce

    There is hope

    I wanted to post this for anyone that might be having behaviorial issues with their boxer towards children. Several months ago when my DS Noah started crawling, Deuce starting showing agression everytime Noah got near him or touched him, he would snap and snarl. We were panicked to say the...
  12. MaggienDeuce

    Cleaning stains caused by "puberty"

    No experience with this type of stain as my male is neutered. But, I've always used Nature's Miracle for pet stains and I've always gotten stains out with that product - even if it took several applications. Happy cleaning!
  13. MaggienDeuce

    Do your boxers like hugs?

    I read the same book and had the same thought - as my Deuce will beg for a hug. He gives the best hugs and will wrap his neck around my neck and put one paw on my arm. He hugs better than some people! Maggie will tolerate a hug, but would rather give kisses. I have read several of Patricia...
  14. MaggienDeuce

    Jax, FL

    I'm in Jax, on the westside.
  15. MaggienDeuce

    New baby plus 3 dogs

    Congratulations on your new baby. We brought home a new baby last year to two crazy boxers so I know the anxiety you are feeling. A year later and all is going just well with dogs and child. I would check out the boxers and children forum on this site and you will find lots of helpful...
  16. MaggienDeuce


    Yes, Walmart is great. We buy all of our meat there as they have the best prices in town. Unfortunately the meat has gone up with all the other grocery prices. We usually get chicken leg 1/4s by the case, pork neckbones, beef liver, chicken gizzard/heart mix, and whatever cheap stuff they...
  17. MaggienDeuce

    A.J. has made friends with the neighbors

    Okay, I'm jealous. I want to live in your neighborhood. If I left my door unlocked for a minute my house would be emptied!!! That is really sweet that your baby has a buddy while you are out. Maybe Abbie can get in on the lovin'.
  18. MaggienDeuce


    Deuce leans, in fact he does the leaning while he is beaning! I guess you might call it a beaning lean.
  19. MaggienDeuce

    Proud, Proud, Proud!!!!!

    That's awesome, good job Aasha. Very scary I'm sure. Glad that no one was hurt and Aasha is okay too. I think he has earned a steak dinner!!!!
  20. MaggienDeuce

    Staining on white fur

    Maggie is a flashy fawn. Under her chin she has some saliva stains (brownish red color) kind of like tear stains. I use a blueing shampoo but it doesn't really take the stains off. I know you can get a product to remove tear stains, but I wasn't sure if it is safe or which kind works the...