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  1. Gabejliserio

    Adult Dog Food

    Yea i was curious about that even the petco's dont have it. The only brand that i see over here in SA that has fish is blue buffallo but i was wondering if there is somethin else that has less grains.
  2. Gabejliserio

    Adult Dog Food

    I had called 4 stores and none of them carry that ocean type of the wellness brand as far as ordering i had to pay shipping and handling.
  3. Gabejliserio

    Adult Dog Food

    I have been researching at some different type of dog foods and i found out that my 11 month old girl likes fish a lot. So i was doing some research to find out what to switch to for her adult dog food. I was goin to go wellness core the ocean brand but nohbody has it in san antonio. So i was...
  4. zoey_laying_down_1


    Zoe relaxin and enjoyin the wind
  5. zoey_next_to_chair_1


    Zoe waiting for a treat
  6. puppy_face_1


    Zoe at 12 months showing her puppy face
  7. Gabejliserio


    yea i got a new bruise on my nose. I was feeding her a treat of those sausage links that you can cut into patties. Well i give her pills with those treats. I gave her the pill with the treat and she takes off "zzoooom" there goes the pills rolling on the cement ground and i go try to pick up...
  8. Gabejliserio


    I was wondering if anyone has got fell face foward or on their back. The other day wow i fell face first into the ground big time. I was playin keep away from her in my backyard. I give her a stuff toy and i always try to get it from her and she always try dodge me from gettin her with the toy...
  9. Gabejliserio

    Demodex Mange

    Yea i have seen that but i was comparing that to blue wildernes and canidae. Do ya'll now how much that canidae is for like a 14 lb bag i checked the places tht sell but they wont answer the darn phone.
  10. Gabejliserio

    Tearing up things

    Here in San Antonio does not get too cold like low of 40's is the lowest. Whats a dog walker?
  11. Gabejliserio

    Tearing up things

    Well where the wind blows its blocked by the fence i built. So hardly wind blows through there. As far as her dog house i built to with insulation on the side.I work at a air conditiong warehouse so i got some spare piedces. I look into that strap layer coat ive seen those. As far as bring in...
  12. Gabejliserio

    Tearing up things

    Hey i have a 10 month old boxer name zoe she is a very very very playful girl who will zoom back and forth. Well i live with my in laws for right now because my wife and I go to school but i cant have the boxer inside the house. So we built a big kennel which is about a 6ft wooden fence in the...
  13. Gabejliserio


    Tom Skerritt who was in M*A*S*H with.......
  14. Zoe at 10 months with my wife

    Zoe at 10 months with my wife

  15. Zoe at 10 months with my wife

    Zoe at 10 months with my wife

  16. Gabejliserio

    Demodex Mange

    Reporting Back with info Thank you for the info. I came to report that that her battle wounds are closing up and growing hair on her cheeks. I changed her food to Ultra Nutro. Im bathing her everyday with some special shampoon. Letting her run around in our 1/2 acre backyard to get some...
  17. Gabejliserio

    Puppy Sick :( Blistered, swollen, red paws- Have you seen this before?

    I know your feeling our 10 month old boxer zoe has demodex for the second time too and its a pain in the but to cure. I talk to vet and she told me they are little mites that all dogs have but they break out when the dog has a very low immune system or its stress out a lot. My dog almost died...
  18. Rocky CHillin

    Rocky CHillin

    Here is my mother in law 7 month old shitzu. We are relaxin at the Guadalupe River
  19. Gabejliserio

    Update..Please post weight and age of your dog

    zoe just turned 10 months and she weighs 48 pounds
  20. Gabejliserio

    Oh No! A Pit Bull!

    Yea that happens to me at the park when i walk my boxer for some exercise. I have not been around a lot of pitbulls in my life but i know for sure that most pitbulls are short. When i first got introduce to boxers i thought they were agressive looking but most are all bark no bite. Now i think...