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  1. aeroeck

    A Collage of Presley!

    Nope, that's Presley's mommy! He is laying on my in the bottom left.
  2. aeroeck

    A Collage of Presley!

    Here is a collage of Presley;
  3. aeroeck

    Central Jersey

    I'm about 3 hours from Wantage Dog Park, just a little too far. I am down in Gloucester Co, about 20 min east of Philadelphia.
  4. aeroeck

    Prayers please

    Words can not express how sorry I feel for you and your family. I will be praying for everyone, and wish you all the best in the future. We wish you the best.
  5. aeroeck

    Presley Has Little to No Hair Behind Ears

    Hey all, I am attaching a picture of Presleys ear, and wondering if this is normal. He never scratches at it, he never does anything to let us know it would be bothering him. His next vet appointment isn't for about 3.5 weeks, so I figured I'd post on here to get a quick feedback. The vet...
  6. aeroeck

    spilling food

    You can try to wet the food a little, that will keep it from sliding out of the bowl so easily. Presley spills his all over, but will eat it all up.
  7. aeroeck

    Need Help Understanding..

    Thank you for such a sweet and thoughtful reply. I can't stop feeling guilty, even though I know there was nothing we did to cause Jetson's sudden death. I just feel so bad. I grew up with the dog over the past 7 years. (My parents got him from rescue when he was estimated to be around 2...
  8. aeroeck

    Need Help Understanding..

    Hey all, It's been a couple months since I last posted, but I needed someone to talk to, and you all seem to be a great place to start! My boxer's name is Presley, and he is just over a year old. My parents Husky is named Jetson, and between 9-10 yrs old. Last night, we took Presley over...
  9. aeroeck

    How do I get my puppy be more vocal?

    My Presley was just like that when we first got him. I am sure he thought he was giving us signals, but we couldn't catch them because he wasn't vocal. We tried the bell at the back door, didn't work. What I noticed now though, was giving him a cookie each time he pee'd outback. In doing so...
  10. aeroeck

    Update..Please post weight and age of your dog

    Presley is now 1 year old and is 60 lbs!
  11. aeroeck


    Sarah and I are currently fostering our first boxer. She was set to be put down at a kill shelter if she wasn't saved. The rescue we are working with had no room in their kennels, and we offered to help her out! She was severely underweight, and looks like she just had some pups. She is a...
  12. aeroeck

    We helped someone learn about good food!

    whoo hooo!!! :) :) Presley is doing wiggles right now reading this with me!!
  13. aeroeck

    Is This How Boxers Play?

    My parents have a Siberian Huskey, and we take Presley over there at least once a week. Mainly to steal their huge back yard to go wild in, but with it raining a lot lately, he has been inside with Jetson (The Siberian Huskey). Jetson's tail is always wagging, and his ears are never pinned...
  14. aeroeck

    Peeing AND pooping in the crate....HELP!!

    Being so young, make sure you are taking them out about every 2 hours.. I know it sounds tedious, but it's a good way for them to know to go outside when they do their business.. They will eventually be able to hold it in.
  15. aeroeck

    Interested in Boxers

    Jeff, Sorry to hear about the attack on your Sphynx.. Some dogs just aren't good with cats, or children, or other dogs, etc. However, a vast majority of them are GREAT with the aforementioned. I know looking at your kitty right now, it has to be difficult to think of getting another boxer...
  16. aeroeck

    Elvis went to the bridge yesterday :(

    Aw I'm so sorry to hear of Gus and Elvis.. I don't know what I would do without Presley in my life right now, we've only had him for a month and he is a part of the family now. I wish you the best, and will keep you in my prayers.. -Brian, Sarah and Presley.
  17. aeroeck

    Madison - Memories of Tour

    Welcome! Presley says hi as well! -Brian, Sarah and Presley
  18. aeroeck

    Rogue - New emaciated foster - birth defect?

    Wow he has gotten so healthy looking!! Nice job on getting him up to speed! -Brian, Sarah and Presley
  19. aeroeck

    Pictures finally!!!!

    Great pics! I love the "huh2" picture! She looks like shes thinking "Aw, Rats, moms coming to get me off the bed again!" -Brian, Sarah and Presley
  20. aeroeck

    We've applied for a rescue!

    Whoo hooo!! :)) We adopted from AABR last month, and it was a wonderful experience! They are great people to work with, and their dogs are WELL taken care of! Here's to the best! -Brian, Sarah and Presley